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The hottest day ever, in more ways than one...


It was the hottest day of the summer and I was alone at the family beach house for the day. Now I enjoy being naked, and so I frequently spend time in the nude when I am alone. The beach house has many windows, but I never worry because our neighbors are never there and we are otherwise surrounded by woods and, of course, the beach.

On this particular day I got up, poured myself some cereal and sat down to eat while watching TV. As I flipped through the channels I happened to come upon a movie with a passionate love scene playing. I stopped to watch and although it was quickly over, it turned me on. My nipples were hard and my pussy was dripping wet, leaving a small puddle on the hardwood chair. I couldn't take it anymore. I just had to do something about this.

I began to finger my clit quickly, but it wasn't enough. I was so horny and I ached to be filled inside. I began to finger fuck myself, thrusting my fingers into my dripping wet pussy. I still wasn't satisfied. Frustrated, I looked for something to use as a dildo. I just couldn't wait. I needed to cum. I had accidentially left my vibe at home and it had been days since I had last gotten myself off. I opened the fridge and grabbed a cucumber I had bought at the market the day before. Screw salad, I had more pressing issues.

I thrust the cold vegetable into my soaking wet pussy, filling my ache with an ice cold tingle. It was amazing. On such a hot day, being so turned on, this just felt amazing. I wanted it hard, so I got down on all fours and began pounding away, crying out and moaning as the pleasure filled my body. My breasts were bouncing hard as my hips thrust in motion. Suddenly, I knew I was going to cum. Feeling naughty and still not full enough, I slipped a finger in my ass and moaned. It felt so good. I could feel the orgasm building slowly until suddenly, bam! I collapsed to the floor, screaming in ecstacy as my pussy clenched hard around the cucumber. Wave after wave went through me until I slumped to the floor panting.

A few moments later I reached down to remove the cucumber, and as I did I hit my g-spot, still aroused from the previous orgasm. There was no way I could stop myself now. Slowly, I slid the cucumber in and out of my pussy, making sure to massage my g-spot every time. The pleasure was almost too much to handle. By now I was panting again and my free hand pinching my firm, hard nipples. All the sensations were making my breath come in gasps as the next orgasm began to build.

I slipped my hands down from my breasts and I fingered my swollen clit softly. A shock ran through me and I inhaled sharply. I didn't know what had come over me, but I had never felt this good. I thrust harder now, my pussy aching for relief as I hit my g-spot again and again. I pushed the cucumber in as far as it could go, filling my tight pussy with it's thickness. The orgasm kept building as I thrust in and out and fingered my clit, and I thought I would pass out before I got to cum. It seemed to take forever as I thrust hard and faster, all the while panting and moaning. I had never felt this way and my whole pussy pulsed and tingled until, just as suddenly as the last one, I came. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My pussy tightened around the cucumber and I squirted for the first time in my life. As I continued to move in and out, I squirted again and again, making a puddle on the floor and soaking my hands in cum. My whole body shook and I literally screamed as I climaxed over and over, for what seemed like forever. It felt so good I never wanted to stop.

When I finally stopped cumming and I regained my breath, I sat up, amazed at the wetness on the floor and the shakiness of my body. I stood and turned back towards a window just in time to see the man who reads meters for the electric company walking by. I could see through the fabric of his pants that he was sporting an impressive erection and there was no doubt in my mind that he had seen me cumming. I guess, while I was having all my fun, I hadn't heard him come by. I tapped on the window, my breasts up against the cool glass and I waved. He just smilied and got into his truck. I hope I made his day a little better, because knowing I was being watched made the whole thing hotter.



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