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He Masturbated For Me On Webcam

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Finally met someone online who showed me. And what a turn-on it was.


A few days ago I had a long weekend off and had been busy doing things around the house. That evening, while taking a shower I felt a bit weird, as if excited but different. I washed myself using the soft liquid soap that always gets me feeling soft and warm, but when I lay on the bed after drying off I couldn't somehow get myself in the proper mood. Now usually I have no problems, I often masturbate before falling asleep, and only rarely can't seem to get wet and excited enough. I was still feeling horny though, so I slipped on some sweatpants and a bathrobe, and went downstairs to my computer. Reading some stories usually helps me out but I couldn't find any exciting new ones and I've read all the older good ones multiple times already.

Almost like a flash of insight a thought entered my mind..I wanted to talk to someone, or have someone else tell me a story or a past experience. I browsed some websites but couldn't find what I was looking for, when I remembered I used to chat online when I got my first computer. I connected to the chatrooms. There were thousands of rooms. Most had long names with weird characters, but I eventually found a room on masturbation. I felt excited and a bit afraid, as if the whole world would be notified of me being in this chat room, but I entered it anyway.

It was obvious most people were male. A lot of "jacks" and names like that. A couple people sent me messages but they all assumed I was male too. I figured it was probably my name they mistook for a play on "Mike". Some guys were openly discussing how they were at that very moment busy masturbating, which somehow did get me feeling a bit more excited and curious. After about 15 minutes or so someone sent me a whisper in my native language...I froze instantly, I could barely breathe. After what seemed like a long time I managed to say hi, and he continued by asking some completely normal question.

We chatted a bit, and after a while the topic went to masturbation, which was after all the chat room we'd been in. I confessed I liked to read stories, how I couldn't find any that day, and what brought me to that room. After a while he let on how he was getting excited by our talking, that he was getting an erection and was just wearing a t-shirt. By that time too, I was already getting more excited. I could feel my nipples against my bathrobe, and I caught myself shifting in my chair a few times to make my sweatpants feel more comfortable. When he said how I was getting him horny I felt a wave of excitement go through me. The thought of someone else getting horny and excited for me made me feel desired, sexy and hot. We continued chatting and I confessed that my nipples were hard. In fact, I was getting really excited and felt myself get wet. A few minutes later he asked me to take off my sweatpants. Actually, he didn't ask me, he told me, or rather he ordered me. Another wave of excitement hit me..this man was really horny, and he was masturbating because of me. To me. I complied and took of my sweatpants. It was the signal my body had been waiting for.. my hand wandered round, feeling the small patch of hair. I could feel my clitoris, or kitty as I like to call it, and my own wetness. I was really, really aroused.

We continued chatting, but with more frequent pauses in between. It was clear he was masturbating and so was I. He picked up on it, then suddenly he asked if I'd like to see him on web cam. I almost had an orgasm right then, but I managed to pull myself away and say I'd love to. He sent me a link to a site with webcams and there he was. I said "Hi, I can see you..". He waved his hand in response. The camera was looking down a bit, at his penis. It was hard and pointing upward a bit and his hand was wrapped tight around it. When he moved it it blurred the screen. I finally had the nerve to actually say it and tell him..I said I was masturbating. I said I had two fingers stuck inside me and that I was rocking back and forth on my hand. Another wave..not of excitement but pure lust. If I'd been with him, I'd have sat down on his hard penis and I would have made him cum inside of me. I wanted to see it, I wanted to see him orgasm and I wanted to see his sperm. I told him. my heart was bouncing in my chest, I was breathing hard..he didn't say anything but stood up, adjusted the camera so it was focusing on his penis, and slowly stroked it. He was masturbating and about to orgasm for me, because of me..a moment later he came and shot his sperm over the table. Three seconds later, I orgasmed like I hadn't done in years. It just came with such power. I shouted out, my body was shaking all over and I almost fell out of my chair. It took me at least a minute to recover. He was still sitting there, his penis slowly shrinking to its normal size. I made another confession, I told him I had just orgasmed.

He cheered..he was glad I'd orgasmed for him too. But I wasn't done...I was still feeling excited and horny. I thanked him, but felt it was rude to just leave now so I made another confession, the fourth or fifth one that evening of the kind I wouldn't have normally made to anyone. I told him I was going to go upstairs and stick my vibrator inside me. I didn't even use normal words..I literally said I'd go upstairs and shove my vibrator inside my pussy. He said great, and see you next time. I quickly closed the chat room window and rushed upstairs where I wasted no time. I grabbed my vibrator and within no more than 10 minutes I had orgasmed twice more. I continued playing a bit more, and even took some pictures using my phone of the vibrator or my fingers deep inside me.

What I did with those pictures is the subject of what happened the next day...

Note: I hope you enjoyed this story and I told it correctly even though English is not my native language.



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