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He Is Not Gay.

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A life long friendship turns into a bromance

It was a busy day riding in the truck around town. We had a nice lunch and a few beers for lunch. It was one of those chain establishments where the waitresses are scantily clad. 


As usual conversation covered many subjects always woven with sexual thoughts, and comments of the sexy bodies of the waitresses.  Adding to the heightened sexual tension in the air, as did the flirting between us.  



Masturbation seemed to be the subject most covered that day and spilled into the flirtatious requests of what the waitresses's enjoyed in their private time. Our waitress (Young enough to be our grand daughter brought another waitress into our conversation. However push up bra's have this effect on us all. It was an interesting conversation peppered with spicy chat  but always respectful. Needless to say by the time the check was paid and our waitress had a very nice size tip and we both were sporting chubbies. 



We decided to head to my place and watch some porn. 



I knew I wanted more than the friendship we had enjoyed over the years. It seemed to simply progress for me to a sexual desire.  Ok a steaming fire of lustful intent for sex with my long time guy.


While viewing I just couldn't wait and decided to stand up and simply strip off my clothes. I knew I wanted him there and then and I was going to have him.


While watching some woman get banged, He was rubbing himself through his shorts. He stopped while I was removing my clothes watching me. What are you doing? My heart was pounding. My cock was completely stiff so much so my string bikini could not contain it. I remember him saying wow, nice cock!  Without another word he stood dropped his shorts. He always goes commando which we talked about often.. There he was nude and gloriously sexual also sporting a fully erect dick. 



I admired his aged but toned body. His cock was  thinner than mine, and somewhat longer.  He was cut  and his shaft had an oh so slight curve upward. His pubic hair was trimmed and very sparse almost like a light auburn fur. His scrotum was large. much larger than mine. I couldn't take my eyes of of it. Ii was in a trance. I wanted to touch him and so I asked, he nodded his approval and stepped closer to me. He stood there while I fondled and admired what I had wanted but only managed to see the imprint of his manhood through his shorts for so many years.  



He moaned periodically. as did I. He also would say I am not gay. I would never let another man touch me. Whatever dude. was my reply. Just enjoy the moment. He stepped closer.  He would say hey you can't threaten me with pleasure. So now his cock was over mine he is slightly taller than I. 



Pushing my hand away he grasped both of our shafts.  oh they were hot, hard and throbbing. it was wonderfully exciting. he had a few droplets of cream cresting and I immediately dipped my finger tip to taste him.  Mmm sweet man cream!  He smiled. 



That first grasp of his hand felt like it was electrically charged when he took hold of my cock. He pumped them as one, slowly at first. Oh words can not explain the intensity of this moment. We both moaned and he took my nipple with his other hand and twisted it oh so gently. It was all I needed. I felt my cream rising. It only took a few moments more of this and I whispered I can't hold back, He said go for it.  I let go all over his fur covered belly My  first spurt was His trigger and he said Oh fuck! and he came equally as intensely. We seemed to squirt all over each other it was slippery and felt wonderful. He never stopped pumping us until there was nothing left coming out of either of us. I will remember this forever.  We were covered in cream.



I got some towels and we cleaned up. I was so turned on I wanted to take a shower together. I am a bit of a clean freak. But also I wanted to do even more with him. But he said that was fun. But I am not gay so this wont happen again. But thanks it was a great and unexpected day. 



Well He was partially correct he nor I are gay. I am not attracted to men . But I was attracted to him. He was wrong in that we enjoyed a few more years of sex until he moved away. Sadly I miss him. His body, the sex  but his friendship even more. 



We are both married. But the bond that developed over many years for me is priceless. The sex we shared seemed natural. It was not weird or uncomfortable at all.  He admittedly felt the same way. 



After moving to another state We had phone sex and we sexted for awhile and discussed the pleasures we had shared.  Over a period of time he stopped calling or texting. I miss him everyday. 


There were many brief but sexy times we shared. this was the first one.  Oh he would want me to tell you he was not gay. lol I loved his beautiful cock and gloriously full size balls. if that makes me gay so be it. I still find women absolutely gorgeous and a smorgasbord to be enjoyed deliciously.


I hope I didnt go on so long as to bore you. Thanks for listening to an old man lament over his one and only Bromance.






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