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Happy Ending For My Wife

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Bought my wife a special surprise for her birthday


My wife and I have often fantasized about her being with another woman or man and also about "happy finish" massages. Neither of us has had the courage to do anything about any of these fantasies. We have enjoyed sharing them as part of our sex life together though.

But as she was 40 this year I thought we were running out of time to ever fulfill them! So I bought her an erotic massage for her birthday. I met the girl online after much googling, she was operating privately from her flat. She offered the "full range" from therapeutic massage to "happy endings". I arranged it all with her and didn't tell my wife the deal I had struck. She thought she was just getting a normal massage. In fact she mentioned it was weird that the girl worked in a basement flat rather than in a proper massage parlour.

Anyway she went along on the day and I stayed home. As soon as she left I had to masturbate at the thought of what was going to happen!! She came back with a smile on her face and told me all about it.

She said the girl was curvy with big boobs and gave her a really good top to toe massage, spending ages and lots of massage oil making her feel good. She had a proper massage bed with a hole for your head and clearly was a trained masseur. She spent ages on the calves and inner thighs and then whipped off the towel to massage and knead my wife's ass, which I know she loves. She said she was getting turned on even more than she has in massages before (something we have both talked about as it happens with us both).

Then when she turned over, the girl started at her toes, moving up to her thighs again and my wife said she was actually wet by now. Then she started on her shoulders, neck and head before finally moving to her tits. Well if the ass bit had been a surprise this was a proper shock as the girl poured loads of oil over my wife's boobs and ran her hands all over them, even pinching the nipples. My wife said she could feel her hips starting to thrust and that it was hard not to moan aloud. The girl said "Just relax, it's all paid for" before moving down her body and staring to massage around her tummy, hips and finally moving her hands on to my wife's vulva.

She said at that point she sat up as she was so surprised and the girl said in this very sexy way, "Ssssh! Remember it's all paid for. But tell me if you want me to stop."

Well she didn't of course and the girl very expertly massaged her pussy, moving her fingers inside and rubbing the wetness over her clit. She had some technique of massaging the clit in a rolling motion between her fingers that drove my wife wild. As she got closer to orgasm, the girl stripped out of her gown and was naked underneath. She lay on top of my wife, rubbing her boobs against my wife's and her whole body against her. She stayed on top and returned to the awesome clit massage and my wife just exploded then. She said it was the best orgasm she's maybe ever had, because it felt so illicit and taboo. She even asked the girl if she wanted her to return the favour but the girl declined!

She wasn't annoyed that I gave no warning but says she wished I had in a way as she would have known what to expect. I said I wanted it to feel natural and like it just happened. The upshot is she has told me I should look forward to my own birthday later this year!



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