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GX and her lonely night

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by Robiel
She was tired of no one ever touching her. She was lonely and felt a desperation taking hold of her life. She longed to feel the hot fired edges of lust burn deep into her. She craved the gentle sensitive fingers from someone who might want to probe the depths of her longing. An emptiness echoed from far inside of her and she heard the muted pangs of crying coming from her loneliness.
As she lay in her bed, she found her own fingers tracing the burgeoning outline of her big nipples. She ran in small circles near the crest, then down one side and ever so lightly up the other. Something stirred within her. She cupped each breast into her hands and squeezed, bringing them up high on her chest.
Laying back into her pillow with her knees brought up just slightly, .
She felt as a sudden breeze made its way into the room fanning her exposed labia. Again her fingers tugged on the hardened nipples, then circled them and pinched them. She gasped. It was small, but suddenly there was a tiny spurt of wet from her pussy. A smile appeared on her face. It might have been the first real smile in a long time.
She brought her knees up higher. Her creamy skin glistened with the beads of perspiration building. Her body seemed on fire. She found herself biting her lips and her fingers traced down her belly and over her hips. Small circles that touched and came away gently, only to return with a firmer caress. Her undulating hips moved in a frenzied tempo.
Her entire body cried out from deep within her, sounds of her lust for herself. Her fingers slowly grazing over her swollen clit and down to her pussy lips which she spread apart, dipping inside with her index finger coating her index finger with her sweet juices. she moaned with the pleasure of her wet finger sliding over her swollen clit.
She caressed the tip of it, slowly going back and forth. She gushed again, this time it created a puddle underneath her. She loved the feel of the liquid so hot, so wonderful that flowed from her. She moved her ass in the sticky puddle.
Now she pressed harder against the shaft of her clit and moved it up and down and back and forth increasing the momentum with each stroke.
Her body writhed on the bed, all the while her index finger toyed with her big beautiful swollen clit. The need was overwhelming. She reached over and found her favorite dildo a red one which she slowly slid down her tummy and down to her sweet pussy. spreading her labia apart she slowly slid the love toy inside of her gasping as she felt it going inside of her. deeper, deeper plunging in and out as she stroked her swollen clit. Her breathing became labored. Each breath brought her closer, deeper into her heaven, where she explored the explosive vibrations that rocked from her. Her head jerked from side to side, her body almost lifting from the bed. Her feet tangled in the wet and wrinkled sheets. Volcanic eruptions shook her and she erupted into spasms of pure hedonistic pleasure.
She kept her fingers sunk deep into the dark heat of herself, while she caught her breath. It was minutes before she resumed a quite breath. Her mouth still dry from the wild erotic fantasy. She cried out loud, just to let the world know how great the experience had been. Almost like something had been released in her. A weight had been lifted, among other things...



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