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Guys, Who Has Seen You With An Erection?

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Where have you been seen, or who has seen you with an erection?


Besides your significant other(s), who has seen you with an erection? Your doctor? A massage practitioner? A sibling? A parent? An educator? A co-worker? A whole roomful of people? Please answer in the comment section below, and of course feel free to describe as much detail as you'd like. If you're a woman, please feel free to jump into the discussion with your similar experiences.

In my case, a few things come to mind. I'm sure there are others that I can't remember just now.

At the Thursday evening tantric massage 'classes' at Body Electric in Berkeley, California, I got a big old erection in front of the other guys when I was being worked on.

I traded handjobs with a roomful of guys at the biweekly San Francisco Jacks meeting.

I jerked off along with more than a hundred people of both sexes at the annual Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco.

One time I was having sex with my girlfriend, and my roommate came home, but forgot his key. He kept banging on the door, so I dropped what I was doing with her, went over to the door and opened it for him. When he came in, he saw me all oiled up, with a big boner waving in front of me. I had been meaning to come up with an excuse to show him my willie for a while. Unfortunately, he acted disgusted. It was in a time and place where straight guys felt they had to act disgusted to cover up any 'homo' tendencies they may have. I just laughed.

When I was 14, my 13-year-old sister, the 13-year-old girl across the street and her 14-year-old brother got together every few days in our 'sex club.' We didn't know what we were doing, and just did simple little things, like gently tickling each others' genitals with paint brushes.

I've had a number of jack buddies over the years. We don't generally kiss, do oral or anal or anything like that. We usually just watch some porn and jack off next to each other or jack each other off. A few of these sessions have involved several guys at once. In one, I was introduced to the guy's beautiful wife, who watched him and I give each other hand jobs the first time. The second time I got together with them, she joined in the fun. We didn't do anything penetrative other than that I put my finger in her ass. Instead, we all gave each other long, edging hand jobs.

I have discovered that I enjoy a good hand job at least as much as any other sexual activity, and so have focused on that over the years along with my friends, since masturbation, whether solo or mutual, is far healthier than more 'intense' activities, yet gives an equal and sometimes better orgasm - or multiple orgasms. But that's me. What about you?



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