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Growing Up

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I grew up in a small Midwest town with only a few houses out in the middle of nowhere. There were two families with kids. My family with myself and my brothers, and the neighbors with three girls and two boys. One of the girls was my age, and her two brothers were just a year or two older so I hung out with them a lot.

Mary, the neighbor girl, and I would run around and play and would often 'beat each other up', then the loser would always threaten to tell their Mom... we never did (yes, she'd get the best of me from time to time). We grew up very good friends, but nothing really sexual ever developed... I think!

I started masturbating probably around 9 or 10 years old, even though I really didn't know what I was really doing or why until I was probably 12 or 13. It was about this time I started paying more attention to the neighbor girls. Whenever I was over by their house later in the evening, they would always be prancing around in panties and a tee shirt. Having nothing but brothers, the female form was always something of a mystery.

At about 10 years old, a couple of us boys went with Mary into some woods nearby, and out of our childish curiosity, stripped naked. The idea was to check out the difference between boys and girls. It didn't help much as, other than our obvious little boy penises, we really couldn't see any differences. We even made Mary climb a tree so we could see 'up' her pussy. We still had no clue what we were looking at or for.

In any case, I happened to be over at Mary's house one summer night when I was 14. I originally went there to see her brother, but when I found out he wasn't home, I stayed and watched TV with Mary. Their TV room was in the back of the house and since it was converted from a bedroom, had a double bed and a couple of chairs.

Mary was laying on her back on the bed and I sat in a chair. As usual, she was wearing light blue panties and a tee shirt. She had the tee shirt pulled up over her belly button, just laying there watching TV. I would steal glances at her beautiful young body. I could see her pubic hair under the silky smoothness of her panties. My cock grew hard in my pants. I'd cross my legs to try and hide the throbbing boner making the tent in my lap.

At one point, I had to get up and get a drink of water... she was unknowingly driving me crazy... upon reflection, maybe she knew exactly what she was doing!! On the way back to the TV room, she had gotten up and we met at the door, about running into each other...

This was truly a 'Crucial Moment'! We stood there, face to face, for what seemed like an eternity, not knowing what to do...

I wanted to kiss her... I was nervous... we'd grown up together... she was almost like my sister... I didn't want to piss her off... but I was horny too... I had a hard dick in my pants... we looked into each other's eyes... it was only a moment... but it could have been hours...

My nerves prevailed... I stepped aside, excused myself, and sat back in the chair. While she was out of the room, I took the opportunity to give my cock a good squeeze and adjust myself in my pants.

She came back and resumed her enticing position. Neither one of us moved for the next hour. I simply continued to gaze upon her beauty... my mind racing... my cock hard!

By the time I got home, I swear I had been hard for hours. I went to the bathroom and jerked off... it didn't take long...

A couple of months later my family moved away. I remember that day vividly... and every time, just like now... it gets me hard and I usually end up jerking off and always a huge load of cum.

Hopefully she's grown up to be at least as horny as I generally am, has discovered Solo Touch, and finds this story familiar...

Gotta go... happy jackin' & jillin'



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