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Great Time With Friends

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My friend Tony's parents were goin out of town for the weekend, so he invited me and my other good friend, Tim, over to sleep at his house.

When we got there, his parents had already left. We played pool and poker for a while until it got kind of late. Then, we headed up stairs and decided to watch some TV. He has a ton of channels and as we were flipping through them, we caught a glimps of some porn so of course we flipped right back.

We watched for a while, laughing and talking about sex and masturbation. We had all done it together before and had a great time. Tim suggested that we change into our sleep clothes and watch a little more of the porn. Since we all sleep in boxers only, it wasn't long before we were all standing only in our underwear.

After watching the porn for a little while longer, all of us were 'pitching a tent'. I was the first one to make a move I slid off my boxers and let my penis free. The feeling of being naked and aroused in front of my friends gave me a huge rush and my already hard erection got even harder standing about seven inches out from my body with a big deep purple head and a set of very nice medium-sized testicles. I was very proud of my boner and very aroused.

Next up was Tony. He pulled off his boxers and his raging dick slapped against his stomach. While it was shorter than mine, it was very thick. Tony's penis stuck straight up and was extremely hard. He, also, had bigger balls than I did with blond pubic hair covering his crotch.

We both looked at Tim and laughed. Tim smiled and pulled off this tight boxers. Tim's penis was a lot like mine. We even joked around and said our dicks were twins. But Tim's penis was leaking a little precum that night, so we sat there for a while admiring each other's raging hard ons. But then Tony asked how we should proceed.

By that time, the porno had ended and an infomercial was on, so we all decided to head to the bathroom. It must have been funny to see three teenaged boys walking around with boners flapping between their legs.

When we got to the bathroom, I shut the blinds and turned on all the lights so we could see each other's cocks better. We decided to orgasm one at a time so we could see and compare our semen and what our penises looked like during ejaculation.

Tim went first. He lie on his back and started to stroke. In no time, we noticed his balls suck into his body and the head of his penis turned redder and redder. He then raised his butt off the ground and the first wave of orgasm passed through him. The warm white semen shot out of the end of his penis and ran down his fingers but he kept stroking and still more semen poured out.

After he was through, Tony and I moved in to inspect his penis which was going limp with exhaustion and the semen was covering his balls and fingers. Tony and I scraped some jizz off of him to take a look.

I was so horny, I couldn't wait so I volunteered to go next. With Tony and Tim watching, I sat against the wall and started stroking away. I could feel the orgasm building and I tried to hold it off but that didn't work. I came very hard and spurted cum all over my penis.

Tony went next and like me, lasted only a few seconds. We laid there covered in our own cum for a while, just touching and stroking our dicks. A lot more fun stuff happened that night that I will tell about another time.



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