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Got There in the End And Loved It.

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I've never stuck with anything before. But I know I'll be masturbating for the rest of my days.


Hi my name is Sam Fletcher. I've read your site since late last year, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the site. I'm almost fifteen now and have been masturbating for six months. My cock is 6 inches hard and rather fat, well thick. At first I just read your site but then I was in so much pain not being able to relieve myself I went wandering in the technique department on your site. I was just after something simple. I came across one where you just rap your fingers around your dick and slide your fist up and down. Simple enough. I found some space and time to myself and attempted to successfully jack off. I started going and the sensations were amazing. I was overloading on pleasure. I went at it real hard for awhile but I got tired. I was really disappointed. I went back to the computer and brought up the Solo site for some encouragement. I found a raunchy story and pulled down my pants. My jaw hit the ground. My dick was all swollen. I was so shocked. I picked my dick up and examined it. It was really fat and my foreskin (I'm uncircumcised) was engulfing my head. I pulled it back a bit but let it flop back. I just stared at it for ages. Mum came back from shopping at the market so I packed my bits away. I was afraid of what might become of my penis. I asked myself should I tell mum and go to the doctors? I thought I would sleep it away. I went out to clean the car and did a good job 'cause I was so nervous about my dick I ended up taking the whole afternoon. I went back inside and went to my room and pulled down my pants. My dick was still enlarged but the swelling was subsiding slightly. I smiled and decided to try again tomorrow. I slept it off and in the morning I cautiously revealed my cock and it was healed. I was ecstatic. Mum was out again today so I thought I'll try again. I stripped down and sat on the edge of my chair. My balls were just hanging off the edge. I started slow and kept it up unfortunately I got tired once more and was deeply depressed with myself. Then and there I swore to myself tonight I would successfully masturbate. Night time came and I was in bed. I pulled off my sheets and shirt 'cause I don't sleep with bottoms on. I took hold and slowly masturbated. For what seemed like and hour past by and I got these powerful sensations in my lower region. I continued slowly. I sped up a bit and continued. The feelings surged inside me. Sweat was dripping all over me saturating my bed. My legs were spread out like wings. I grunted and moaned out load which was disconcerting since my mother was only 10 feet away in my neighbouring bedroom. But the feelings were raging inside me and I didn't care if she could hear me. It was almost a turn on. I was concentrating on what was happening and an immense surge of pleasure swallowed me and I for the first time came on by myself (I had previously had numerous wet dreams). I shot numerous long strands of cum all over my chest, sheets and even some shot up to my face. I relaxed for a moment and being in the dark didn't know what I looked like drenched in sweat and beads of cum. I reached over to switch on my lamp with my left hand since my right was still holding my slowly shrinking cock. I switched on the lamp and found myself with huge deposits of cum all over my body. I was intrigued and even sampled some of it. My semen was sweet and the sperm was not yet repulsive but chewy and I knew I didn't want anymore of it. I got up and walked to the bathroom. In the mirror I saw a flaccid, red raw pecker and a flustered 14 year old me. I hopped in the shower and lightly cleaned myself off since my cock was sore. I dried off and walked back to my room. Mum asked me what was wrong and I told her I had a shower since I was so hot. (It was a very hot summers night). I took a towel out of the linen closet and laid it on the bed. I slept very well that night. I awoke to a not so enlarged penis. Ever since then I've ritually jacked off. I've found more self control lately and now bottle up any sexual feelings I have and unleash them on the weekend. I hope you enjoyed my story. I told a girlfriend (a female acquaintance) about this site and she finds it fascinating. Hopefully she had read my story. Hi C. Alright peace out everybody. Happy masturbating. I hope you found my story intriguing (Sorry for the length and any boring parts) Take care. Later.



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