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Good Neighbor

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New revelations while helping a neighbor.


My wife and I live in a suburban neighborhood with our kids; lots of young families moving in as new homes are contructed. Moving in 2 years ago, with a 4 and 2 year old was very stressful and exhausting so we could empathasize with the neighbors moving in next door with a newborn. We offered to help however we could. They asked if someone would be available when they had furniture delivered as they were going to be out of town to visit her parents. I hate waiting around all day for deliveries, but I offered nonetheless. When the truck pulled up I walked next door to let them in and intruct them where to place the furniture. They began carrying the heavy piece upstairs with some difficult turns. When they reached the top, I hear a thud and went to make sure nothing was damaged. They had only knocked over a box, but its contents spilled out. I pushed the items aside until the delivery guys left, then began re-packing the box. It must have been the contents of his nightstand, because there were some porn mags, condoms and lube. I chuckled as the contents resembled my own, then a stack a photos fell out that had been tucked inside one of the mags. They were pictures of my new neighbors naked and playing with themselves and each other. While I should not have, I discovered more than I needed to know about my new neighbors. While it was obvious she was a looker dressed, I got to see her lean, tight body and nice perky tits with a completely shaved pussy; it was so pink and juicy I was getting hard despite my better judgment. I think all men like to think they're hung like a horse, but I was impressed -- shocked even -- at the size of her husband's cock; he had 2 hands wrapped around it one photo and there was still some inches untouched. Other photos showed her using a dildo and playing with her nipples; I was surprised to see a photo of him doing the same. I have never stuck anything up my ass (alright a finger a few times when I jerked off! but nothing else; it was kind of gross and yet intriguing. I started to feel guilty despite being horny. I repacked the box hoping it wouldn't look disturbed. I couldn't wait to jerk off when I got home. After some fierce stroking thinking of my naked neighbors, I remembered him with a dildo up his ass and stopped to look for something which to try it. As I had read about, I raided the vegetable bin. I decided the cucumber was too big, but the carrot looked managable. I slipped a condom over it for sanity and lubed it up. I lay spread out on the bed, slowly inserting this long, thin object into my butt. It hurt at first, but once my hole closed around it and sucked it in further, it felt good. I actually got hard again and continued stroking, pulling the carrot in and out. When I hit my prostate, the deed was done! I shot a huge load, it flew over my head and hit the headboard -- I hadn't shot like that since I was a teen! We're becoming good friends with the neighbors, but sometimes I find myself smiling when I imagine them naked. I occasionally still indulge in butt play am slowly working up to the cucumber!



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