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Gone Fishing

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Gone Fishing by
As I was growing up I can't really say we were nudists, but nobody was certainly modest about their bodies in our home. The family was small just Mom, Dad and myself. Mom and Dad always slept in the nude and as soon as I was out of diapers I joined the club. Actually I started out in pjs but on the nights I went in to Mom and Dad's bed to sleep I saw that they were nude and since they were I wanted to be too. Nobody cared and I've slept that way ever since. At any rate nobody bothered with a robe or other clothes on late night trips to the bathroom or kitchen. Many times I would stroll bare butt through the living room on my way to the kitchen while Mom and Dad watched television. There was also no concern if I sported a woodie in front of my parents.

Of course this attitude caused a bit of concern when I had a friend sleep over, but that's another story and later as you will see things changed a bit. Ok you've got the necessary background now on with the story. I was 14 when we moved to Central Florida. Since we considered ourselves pretty dedicated fishermen Dad and I were soon visting all the hot fishing spots in Florida. It wasn't too lot till we got into Surf Fishing and that's what led to the gist of this story. Being involved in surf fishing we of course headed for Canaveral National Sea Shore, the southern end of which is known as Playalinda Beach. At the time of our first visit we knew nothing about it's reputation as a nude beach and actually didn't find out till about our third trip. The first 12 or so parking areas are reserved for non nudists or as they are called "textiles". Since we didn't bother driving very far down the access road, we were too concerned about getting our gear set up to bother driving very far when we didn't need to. But one day.........

........we got there quite early, the sun wasn't up yet but just minutes away from breaking over the horizon. Dad was in one of his "I wonder what..." moods and said, "I wonder just how far this road goes?" The beach a national park was about 27 miles long and ended at Apollo Beach up in another county. Well we didn't get that far. After about a mile or two the road ended at lot #12 or 13.
There were a few car already there. We got our gear and ended to the beach to set up. As we getting our lines out we noticed a person or two passing by as the sun came up but we didn't pay too much attention. A little later when there was plenty of light I turned around to check my bait bucket and observed that the people setting up an umbrella and blanket were naked. I didn't say anything, just stared. I looked up and down the beach and saw several other naked people both male and female struggling with blankets or strolling in the surf. I was just about to say something when a couple ran into the surf right in front of Dad. "WHAT THE HELL?" he cried and looked first at me, I think I had a silly grin on my face, and then up and down the beach left and right. Then he just stood there with his mouth open. I was wondering just what he would say but wasn't expecting just what he did say.
"Boy! Wait till your Mom hears about this! We see to have landed right in a nude beach. Wow! How do ya feel about this kid?"
I didn't quite know what to say and just grinned and shrugged.

Dad look around for a minute and then looked at me and said, "Well when in Rome do as the Romans do, Right?" I shrugged and watched as he removed his shorts (we of course weren't wearing shirts) and was as naked as everyone else. He looked at me and said, "Come on kid, might as well blend in with the crowd."
I just looked at him unsure just what to do. Remember I was only 14 and the whole situation had aroused me to full mast. In other words a raging hard on.
Dad was no dummy, as I found out many times in my life. He knew exactly what my problem was. "Got a hard on, kid? Well don't worry about it. It's normal. No different that at home."
"Well," I managed to say. "It's not exactly like home."
He took another look around before commenting, "No, I guess it's not. But don't sweat it. From what I've seen already you aren't the only hard on on the beach. Besides I'm not exactly a softie as you should notice."
Actually I hadn't, but when I looked at his dick it certainly didn't look they way it did around the house. Sort of half committed I'd say.
"Ah.....mine's a little ....er...."

"Harder than mine?" he came to my rescue. "Don't worry about it. At
your age you get hard at the drop of a hat. Or haven't you ever noticed that?" I sort of laughed. "So what's it going to be? You going to keep your pants on all day and be miserable or get naked and enjoy yourself?"
It didn't take much more persuading. I was soon as naked as everyone else. I even sort of forgot about my hard on, but it never completely went away. Although I noticed that after a bit Dad's did as he concentrated on the fishing. Frankly I was no longer paying too much attention to the lines. I was more interested in the lovelies passing by our lines. Dad got a big kick out of this. At least for awhile. It was soon evident that we were on the main drag. It was getting much too crowded for fishing. But that depends on just what you were fishing for. At any rate we pulled up our gear and moved on up the beach to where it would be less crowded.

As we walked we passed scores of naked people all shapes and sizes. To be honest I wasn't looking at them however. My dick was back at full mast as we walked flopping from side to side. At that age it was a full six inches (I know I measured it frequently). Eventually it grew to equal Dad's 7 1/2. Anyrate, it was flopping from side to side and I was a bit uncomfortable and AROUSED. Dad never said a word to me although he was well aware of my current state. Odd thing, nobody or almost nobody seemed to notice or mind. At least they pretended that they didn't. I caught a couple of men giving me admiring glances, but since Dad was there nobody bothered me. Occasionally a girl or woman would make eye contact with me and smile. And that just made me get harder, if that could be possible. I've often wondered why I didn't come all over the sand as we walked. But then that kind of thing never happened to me. Never had a wet dream either. I jacked off so much there was never any need to have one.

We began to move into a less crowded part of the beach and I began to notice men openly playing with themselves. They appeared to be rubbing sun lotion on their dicks but they really were playing with themselves. Not masturbating, just playing with themselves and getting quite hard in the process. This only prompted Dad to dig in his pack get a bottle of sun oil and suggest we put it on ourselves. I tried not to make a spectacle out of myself when I put it on my dick. But I knew how those guys I had seen must feel and wished that I could jack off. I thought that maybe later I could go out in the surf and beat my meat so no one would notice. Based on the way I felt I knew it would only take a couple of strokes to get my rocks off. It was at this time I noticed that Dad was getting a bid stiff again. Possibly from rubbing on the sun oil?
We moved on, the beach got more deserted. Once back on the dune I saw two guys. One was laying on his stomach while the other knelt beside him and rubbed sun oil on his back. SUDDENLY I realized that the guy rubbing the oil was right in front of the other guys face and he, the guy laying down, was GIVING THE OTHER GUY A BLOW JOB! I couldn't believe my eyes. This was stuff I hardly dared to do with my buddies and here were two adults doing it in public! I looked to see if Dad had noticed. He had.
And he couldn't help noticing how big my eyes were, (not to mention my dick).
"Well," he said. .....long pause...."I guess this isn't like home, is it?"
"No," I laughed. "It definitely is not." We both laughed and moved on.
When the couple were out of sight Dad finally said, "This looks like a good spot. Let's set up"
While I was setting up my bait bucket I got a good look at the head of my dick and it was oozing precum. I couldn't wait to get in surf and blow my wad.
After we were set up Dad took a long look down the beach then said, "I don't know exactly how to bring this up.....(long pause)......but based on what I see I don't think you're none too comfortable right now.
"I guess," Dad continued. "This wouldn't be too much of a problem if I wasn't here.......but.....based on what I've seen ......I don't think I should leave you alone to take care of it.......I guess I could move down the beach a bit.....but you'd still know I was there......and I don't know just how you'd feel about that."
"I don't understand. At least I don't think I do."
"You need.....need? Want is more like it. well, need to masterbate pretty bad and I don't know how you feel about doing it in my presence. But if you don't do it soon you're gonna blow up all over yourself. And you might as well enjoy. But I don't know if you can with me around."
The truth was neither did I. Jack off in front of my dad? Even if he did move away a bit where he couldn't see me he would still know what I was doing. Hell! I couldn't even slip off into the surf now! He'd know. But he was right. I did want to beat off! And how! After another minute or so he had the solution.
"Look, there's no reason for this to be a barrier between us. If you weren't my son and I wasn't your father we'd just be a couple of guys jacking off." My mouth must have dropped open because he continued with, "Yes, I've done it and still do it. You'll understand why as you get older. I'll stand watch while you do it and then you watch while I go at it.......Or.....would you feel better if we do it at the same time.
We'll have to keep a sharp eye for someone coming down the beach."
I didn't quite know what to make of the situation. But my dick was making up my mind for me. But still to jack off in front of my Dad. I didn't know. I just didn't know.
Finally Dad said, "Would it be better if I went first. Or do you want to go off by yourself,.....maybe out in the water?"
What was this? Could he read my mind?
But at that moment I somehow knew it was alright. He really did jack off. And he had told me a few years ago when we had a "facts of life" talk, back before I could even come, that it was normal and that ALL men and women did it. Ok, let's go for it......but I still held back.
"What say I go first? Will that make you feel better?"
"Yeah, that sounds ok," I sort of said.
"Want me to go out in the water or stay here?"
"No .... er..stay here."
Dad still standing took hold of dick which was by this time a little more than half hard and and began to slowly pull on it. After a minute of this he sat down on a towel and said, "keep a look out."
I did my best but my eyes were mostly on him as he slowly pumped his dick. Up and down. It seemed to get stiffer as he worked it. Up, down, up, down. .....then faster ...he closed his eyes......up, down faster
and faster and faster,fast fast fast and then he stopped suddenly breathing hard.
"You ok" I asked.
"Yeah," he muttered still out of breath. "That was a false orgasm."
"I sort of came but I really didn't. That's something else you find more about as you get older. (I did)"
He then started pumping again, up, down, up, down, faster then faster. The false orgasm happened again. I realize now that he wasn't near as horny as me and much more nervous about the whole situation. If I hadn't been along he probably would be sitting on the beach beating his meat......or would he?
He kept pulling on his dick after the last false orgasm. up, down, his dick got harder, up, down, it looked like it was going to burst. I noticed a few drops of precum begin to ooze out the end.
"You watching for people?"
"Yeah", I took a quick look down the beach and then glued my eyes back on his dick.
Up, down, faster, faster, up, down, more precum, faster, faster, ...he moaned.....faster, fast, fast, fast, HE CAME! A thick was of cum flew out of his dick arced and landed on his belly just missing his navel. Four more spurts followed, not as powerful but I remember each one them better than my own the first time I came. I've played them over and over in my mind thousands of time in more vivid detail than any video camera could ever capture. Each one of them short up a short distance from his dick and then feel back on it untill at the end his pole was coated in thick white cum.
Dad seemed more than a little sheepish when he finished, but...... "IT'S MY TURN!" down on my towel I flopped without giving him a chance to stand up. I was ready for this and there was no stopping me now. My dick was throbbing and my head was full of scores of erotic images.
One stroke, two, three.......it didn't take very many. I don't think I ever came as fast in my life. (Of course if you stop and think about it I had just had a couple of hours of real intense fore play.....sort of)
Up,down, up, WHAM! CUM ALL OVER! The first wad hit my face, not my eyes, or mouth...but my nose! Right in my nose! The second and third splatterd everywhere. When I looked at myself when I was done there were thin strings of cum all over my chest and belly, sort of like a spider web. The last two just ran down the side of my dick and into my pubic hair.
I looked over at Dad. We just looked at each other for a moment then at the same time we both laughed.
"Come on," he said. "Let's clean up" Then he jumped up and ran into the surf.
Later we talked about our session and a lot of things I won't go into here. But I'll always believe that my closeness with my father really began thant day. It was sort of a bonding experience. We went back to Playalinda a lot. I'd like to say we never masterbated together again. But there were at least two more occassions. (Tell you about those some other time.) Eventually Mom began to go to the beach with us. She loved it and got naked as soon as she it the sand. We became more nudist around the house. We joined a nudist camp. Dad put up a privacy fence so we hardly ever had to wear clothes at home again..........and as I said at the begining, that certainly caused problems if I wanted a friend to spent the night. I had to choose between having my friend over or being naked. Guess what I chose.
I certainly don't ever plan to have a jack off session with my son. But I will certainly see to it that he is never ashamed of his body or any of it's functions. And he will be raised as a nudist. And I have NEVER regretted the session with my Dad and have many times let him know that.



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