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Going Nudist

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The day my dad announced we were going to a nudist camp in two weeks, our world changed overnight. Except for the names, this story is completely true!


It was an otherwise unremarkable early summer day at our house. It was a big, rambling late 1800's farmhouse in an area that had long since turned suburban. Our house, a three-story, 15-room monster, was situated on a partially wooded half-acre lot with our neighbors' newer ranch style homes right close by.

In a conventional, stay-at-home-mom, 9-5-dad neighborhood, we were the odd family. Dad was a creative professional with a love of fast motorcycles and expensive cameras. Mom was, in fact, a stay-at-home mom, but one with a quick wit and many outside creative interests.

We had a big family, seven in all, and the cultural revolution that was the late 60s had made its mark. Our older brothers and sisters were older teens and very progressive themselves. Most of them were still around the house, but only vaguely so. They all had mysterious lives of their own with their friends in the youth counterculture of the day.

The group of three younger kids were myself (15), little blondie CiCi (14), and brunette pixie Kimmie (13). It was the three of us who made up the second tier of kids that was the family core at that point.

So when Dad called a family meeting, a rare experience, it was only natural that the 'family' in question would consist of Mom, Dad, myself, Kimmie and CiCi.

Now, Mom and Dad had been disappearing for long weekends of late. They were, they told us, 'going camping with friends.' It seemed plausible enough, though their new found passion for camping seemed a surprising turn.

Still, we never could have dreamed What Dad planned to tell us that day.

How exactly he couched it, I don't recall, but he must have talked about how nudity was natural and not shameful and blah, blah, blah. You can guess the rest.

But it was when he made the announcement, that we were all going to be going to a nudist camp, in two weeks! that he really got our attention.

We weren't a nudist family at home to begin with. We were, when I think about it, pretty modest, even by the standards of the day. I remember once seeing my mom naked getting out of the shower, and my older brothers on one or two occasions, but nudity simply was not part of culture.

Dad laid another bombshell on us when he said, somewhat tentatively, not sure himself just how this was going to work, that we should probably get used to nudity some before we went on our trip.

Then he addressed some questions he thought we might have. Is it okay to wear some clothes? No, not really he said. The idea is to be nude. What happens if a boy gets excited? (Despite the fact that this was addressed to me, Kimmie and CiCi's ears perked right up when they heard this one.) Dad said that while this was normal, one should do his best to limit this reaction, something that would be, he said, easier over time. In the meantime, cover with a towel or jump in the cold pool if you need to.

When the meeting broke up, we three kids retreated to my room post haste to debrief. Our first, wordless reaction was, 'What the fuck?' After sitting, staring blankly into space and trying to come to terms with this concept, we started to talk about it.

We had concerns, real concerns. First off, could we opt out? Kimmie, our emissary, went to Mom to find out. She came back, stern faced, and reported to us, that, no, there was no way we weren't going. If mom was that certain, we knew not to think about going to Dad on this one.

That settled, we turned our attention to how we were going to pull it off. Cici surprised both me and Kimmie by advocating right off for the trial nudity approach. We talked at some length about how we'd pull that off. Finally, we agreed we'd start tomorrow when Dad was at work and Mom was at her classes. Even more, we'd get ready for the next day by sleeping in the buff, something I already sometimes did, though I didn't admit it then. We put our hands together in a sibling pact. We'd really be doing this.

That next day Kimmie surprised the hell out me when she showed up in my room stark naked. It was the first time I'd ever seen her like that. And she was wicked cute, slight, budding breasts that were nearly all nipple, and a sparse growth of fine hair around her otherwise smooth lips. She made no attempt to hide herself from me as she slid into bed next to me, just as she had done countless times before, only on every previous occasion, with both of us fully clothed.

I was not only naked but sporting a big erection. At 15 I was fully grown, and my seven incher was painfully prominent under the bed clothes.

'Time to get out of bed, sleepy head!' Kimmie said, shaking me playfully, her lithe little body rubbing against my side.

'Er,' I said, 'there's one little problem. Remember what Dad said about some of us might have to work about being too excited? Well, that's me right now.' I smiled a sheepish grin.

'I don't care, silly!' Kimmie replied. 'Dad said there was nothing wrong with that.'

With that Kimmie started to pull the sheets aside, slowly revealing my 15-year-old body to her 13-year-old gaze. It occurred to me then that Kimmie had probably been looking forward to this all night.

As the covers got to my by-now supercharged cock, they hung up. Kimmie gave a last little pull and, voila, it sprung into view.

Her eyes went wide. 'Wow, you weren't kidding, Danny. You must be really excited.' Se continued staring and then looked back at me. 'How does it go back down?'

'Kimmieee....' I pleaded.

'I know about jerking off, Danny. I'm not stupid. What I meant was . . . she trailed off. 'Oh, never mind, let's go wake up CiCi.'

Before I could object, she grabbed my arm and dragged me out the door, across the hall and into Cici's room. (She was and is a notoriously sound sleeper.)

She was also, we discovered, a notoriously naked sleeper too! There she was, on top of the covers, her gorgeous little bunny ass, all white from her tan lines, pointed up in the air toward us as we approached the bed, her plump, lightly golden blond haired pussy lips on prominent display.

She started to awake as we sat on the bed, and it took her a few moments to make sense of it all, me, naked, Kimmie, naked, herself, buck naked! She smiled and without a word, gave me and Kimmie enthusiastic hugs.

'Let's go downstairs,' CiCi said, starting to get up and on her way.

'Not so fast,' said Kimmie, a big smile on her face. 'Danny has a bit of an excitement problem.'

CiCi cast her gaze down to my lap and saw it. 'Oh my,' she said with a chuckle, 'he really does!'

I was just figuring out that despite the fact she was the youngest, Kimmie was the ringleader here.

'Danny,' she said solemnly, 'I think you should take care of that before we go downstairs.'

With that, she grabbed me by the shoulders and forcibly pushed me back into CiCi's bed.

'How do you do it,' she asked.

I was so turned on by this point that I abandoned any notion of getting out of it. I wanted to do this. I just didn't necessarily want then to know I wanted to.

'I usually use some lotion. It's right next to my bed. I'll go ...'

Kimmie cut me off, 'I'll get it,' she quickly said, apparently afraid that I wouldn't come back.

She ran out of the room and was back in 10 seconds with the bottle in hand. She then proceeded to open the cap and pour some, not onto my throbbing cock but into her own hand! And then into CiCi's!

Kimmie started things, taking my cock in hand and spreading the lotion up and down its length.

It was the most heavenly thing I'd ever felt.

This was eclipsed a moment later when CiCi joined in, both of them stroking me with their perfectly lubed hands and doing it very well, a fact that didn't strike me at the time.

I lasted all of two minutes, which I now realize was amazing, given the circumstances. I was ready to blow and told them so.

The announcement only heightened their resolve. They stroked, two little hands as one, tight and hard and amazingly, as I started to come, big streams all over their stroking hands and all over myself.

When I was done, Kimmie, supremely satisfied by the way things went, announced, 'All better. Now let's get you cleaned up and go get some breakfast.'

We spent the next few hours naked, and the transition to the nudist camp worked wonders.

Those two weeks were the most erotic of my life, and much more transpired, most, not all of it suitable for these pages.

And I have to thank Kimmie for it all.



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