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Going Commando

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Every once in a while, the mood strikes me


Recently I had a day which deserves telling on Solo Touch.

Personally, I'm not really an exhibitionist, or really extroverted sexually, I'm actually a really shy girl, kind of keep to myself, but my sex drive is kind of.. up and down, every once in a while I'll wake up in a wild mood, and just feel like doing something crazy and erotic with my day.

One morning during the week, I woke up in such a mood. I'm a freshman in college and woke up at about nine, and found that both my roommates had already left early. For some reason it was such a crazy relief to be alone for a morning.

I could pretend I lived by myself for a moment.

I didn't have class for another hour so I just lay back in bed for a while, then went across the hall to the bathroom and got in the shower.

After peeling my clothes off the water was scalding compared to the ice cold hallway.

About two minutes into my shower I realized I deserved to touch myself, I hadn't really done so in a couple days. Just rubbing by clit in a slow circle while softly pinching my nipples brought me to a soft but strong orgasm in about a minute. I spent a couple more in the shower basking in the glow, then got out and went back to my room to get dressed.

Something about the mood that masturbating that morning had got me into made an idea enter my head. I went through my dresser searching through my jeans, until I found an old pair that I'd had for years. I was thinking that they may not fit because I was definitely bigger around the hips since I used to wear them. As I pulled them up, they met resistance as they hit my ass, but eventually I got them on. They were skin tight for sure, but not so tight to be uncomfortable. I looked at myself in a mirror, and thought 'damn girl, put that away!'

I had certainly gained weight during the last year, but I really just gain it in my ass, I hadn't gotten measured in a while, but my hips were probably about 40 or 41 inches now.

After getting the jeans on, I walked around my dorm a little to see how comfortable it was walking in them, and I almost gasped.

I had put the jeans on with no panties on, and the tight way they fit made the fabric rub against my pussy lips in just the slightest way.

It felt electric, yet it didn't feel so abrasive as to hurt.

I got a bra and shirt on, and got ready to go to class, with a fluttery feeling in my stomach, it would be so hot to just go about my day with no panties on.

I left our dorm and locked the door, and started the 15 minute or so walk to where my class was.

As I walked along, the way the inside of my jeans was rubbing my pussy lips and clit and was heavenly, I was getting increasingly wetter and wetter.

Walking along a concourse that headed to the center of campus, I'm sure that I had a rapt expression on my face, and when people passed I felt a rush of self-consciousness. Some people looked at me like they probably thought I was stoned or something, which was fine by me.

I was walking with a steady rhythm, my jeans slowly rubbing me into ecstasy. I couldn't believe that this was working so well, I just hadn't thought to try it before.

I soon got to a huge flight of stairs that is the only way from the dorms (which are on much lower ground) to the main campus and my class.

I as started to climb the stairs, I couldn't suppress a tiny moan of pleasure. Climbing the stairs made the jeans rub my clit much more directly and intensely. There were a few people on the stairs with me, but thankfully none seemed to notice me, they were all farther ahead. The stairs seemed to last forever, and by this point I could feel my juices running down my leg. I was approaching an orgasm, and had a huge urge to touch myself, but resisted, because people would probably see me.

As I got to the the last few steps, my pussy began to contract, and waves of my orgasm began to hit me hard. Thankfully, there was no one directly behind me, and no one approaching, it was a fairly quiet spot, deserted at the top of the staircase. I stepped off to the side of the stairs and turned off of the path, and quickly pressed on my mound, directly on my clit through my jeans. I opened my mouth wide so if people saw me they would think I was yawning, and came hard. During the rest of my walk to class I came two more times, I was able to handle myself and I think I kept it pretty inobvious, again, people probably just thought I was stoned or having a really really good day by the look on my face.

As I finally got to class I was feeling high as kite from my orgasms, I ran into my friend Brit in the hall. It was so hot talking to her, just having small talk, without her knowing I had just had three orgasms five minutes ago. She kind of had this look on her face like 'Geez, you're in a good mood, huh?'

I don't know if I'll do this a lot or regularly go commando to class, but if I wake up in the mood, it may happen again.



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