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Go for It

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Puberty, boys, (and girls), all the stuff you read and hear on TV, it all adds up to making an already confusing and uncertain time MORE uncertain.


I went to an all-girls boarding school in the UK. There were SO many rumours. None of us knew a thing about sex when we started there but that changed as we entered senior school. The first was a rumour that at 13 you had a medical where they pushed something inside you to break your hymen. Utter rubbish of course, but as that yearly medical got closer you started to worry.

Then there were rumours about the lesbian and bi girls in the upper 6th. How they would pick a younger girl and initiate her into having girl girl sex. (OK that one turned out to be true.) Then there were the men who worked in the school and over whom, most of us masturbated at one time or another.

Masturbation in dormitories that sleep six girls is a strange affair. No-one admits to it and then you hear sighing and a little heavy breathing one night and suddenly you know the girl in the bed opposite is rubbing one off. (We were all 13 at that time.) As the year went on, sometimes the little sighs and moans would take on a more urgent, and more explosive nature until one night, Anna who had the bed opposite me and was the first girl I knew for a fact was jilling suddenly, in the pitch dark started to cry out 'Ohh...Ohhhhh...OHHhhh Fuuuuuuucckkk.' And we knew that one of us had finally had her first orgasm. From then on for about three weeks, we used to jill in time with whoever else was jilling. SOmetimes two girls would cum simultaneously. Then, in the Summer term, we got daring and would kick our covers off and watch each other too. It was at this time that I first held, and then smelled and licked another girl's knickers. I wasn't really interested that much, but it felt kinky as hell.

So, then came the long, LONG summer holiday. I was by that time a very proficient jiller and could make myself cum in a variety of ways, but now I was at home in our large country house miles from fucking anywhere and parents who did not entertain much.

I guess that during the year I had been away, I had started to grow and develop, because I noticed our gardener was watching me more intently than usual, especially when I wasn't wearing very much. So I put it to the test and padded around in a t shirt and knickers. I could see the hard on in his trousers. It was totally disgusting, but also a turn on in a way.

I phoned Anna and told her that our old gardener had a hard cock for me and she suggested leaving a pair of damp knickers where he could find them. So that's what I did. I changed into a bikini and 'accidentally' let my knickers fall out of my rolled up towel near his little shed.

When I looked over a short time later, they were gone! All that afternoon I kept sneaking glances back there and there was nothing until around 5:00pm when I suddenly noticed them back on the lawn. I walked over and picked them up. They were grubby with soil and smelled funny. Then I realised he had cummed in them. I stood there with a dirty old man's sperm in my knickers creaming myself like I was peeing. I had to jill so I went to the changing cabin and rubbed his sperm all over my face as I jilled off to an orgasm that knocked me off my feet.

Of course the rest of the summer hols I left my knickers around the place and not just for the head gardener, but also for some of the younger part time men.

Back at school though in my final year, Anna and I hooked up physically. She had found someone who was fucking her. (In the chapel organ loft, of all places) One night she snuck back into our room. (We shared by then) and told me what they had been up to. She got ready for bed and I saw his sperm on her thighs and leaking from her. I walked over and put my hand there and said 'I miss my taste of spunk.' Then, oh I don't know how, we were kissing and I was fingering her. I guess she was cummed out that time because I couldn't get her over, but holy SHIT she jilled me off pretty good. So from then on she used to share her boyfriends spunk with me. Anna (I used to call her Andrew) was the dominant person and she would 'fuck' me, leaving her sperm on my tits, or my face or on my pussy.

AH well, lovely memories from a school that to this day believes that the girls leave there virgo intacta. Well, let me tell you, there may be one or two, but most of them have lost their cherry's to a prick or a finger WAY before their final year.



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