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Gloryhole Confessions

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After reading about gloryholes, I was curious to see one for myself.


Years ago, after I had visited video arcades in adult book stores a couple of times, I read about gloryholes on the internet.  I basically learned that they are holes between booths into which men insert their cocks for an anonymous blowjob or hand job (or sometimes more) by the person in the next booth.  I had never seen one, but was curious and interested because I secretly fantasized about playing with another man's cock (and wanted to try it!) and thought I would be more comfortable stroking an anonymous cock if I didn't have to see the man's face.  Over time, I have seen gloryholes on a few occasions in different places.

One time while traveling I stopped at a video store with an arcade.  After walking around looking at porn video boxes and magazines, I went into one of the booths, not knowing where it would lead.  The booth, as it turned out, had one of the mysterious gloryholes.  A man I had seen out in the store came into the next booth.  I heard him come into the booth and saw movement through the gloryhole, so took a look into his booth.  He could see that I was watching him as he took out his dick and began stroking a nice hardon.  He obviously liked being watched because he pointed his cock straight toward the hole.

Then, to my surprise, he inserted his hard cock partway into the gloryhole as he stroked it.  He was far enough into his jacking that I thought (and hoped) he was going to shoot his load into my booth or at least stick his cock in all the way in to allow me to provide a helping hand until he rewarded my efforts with spurts of hot semen.  However, before I could reach out and touch a man's cock for the first time he backed away (I had once briefly touched/stroked a friend's exposed erect dick when I was a young teen; see my story Boys Club, but I was too naïve/shy to jerk him off).  If I was more daring at the time, I should have just told him what I wanted which was for him to jerk off and ejaculate for me or to let me give him a handjob.

Anyway, still nervous and apprehensive about even thinking about or wanting to engage in sexual play with a man, I left right after that without releasing my built-up load, but at least I had learned a little more about how a gloryhole works.  On the way out of the store, I purchased a few smutty magazines including two featuring naked men with big dicks (I think they were Inches Magazine and Mandate).  This was the first time I had purchased magazines featuring just men, so my heart was really racing as I paid for them at the front desk.

Later at my hotel, to help alleviate my strong desire to go back to the adult book store to look for men/cocks to play with, I stripped naked and urgently jacked off while browsing the pictures in the magazines and fantasizing about the men and what I would do if I got my hands on their big hard penises.  With the magazines spread on the bed, I stood up and milked a big load from my cock, pumping my ropes of cum onto one of the big-dicked centerfold models looking up at me from the pages of the magazine.  I totally ignored the girlie magazines that I had also purchased because that night was all about cock.

Another time (a few years later) I visited an adult book store and saw a fairly young man dressed in a suit go into one of the booths.  After a little while, I went into the adjacent booth and saw that there was a gloryhole at waist level.  I kneeled down to see what the young man was doing with himself.  Sure enough, he had dick out through his fly and was stroking it.  Although his cock was semi-hard, he seemed to be having trouble getting a full erection.  Seeing what he was doing was causing my own cock to rise (I had by this time become more comfortable being aroused by men), so I took it out and began to jack off while watching him.

When I get aroused, my inhibitions melt away as I enter my fantasy zone.  I had read that inserting a finger through the gloryhole was a signal for the man in the next booth to stick his cock in.  I really liked the look of this well dressed young man's cock and wanted to see and feel it fully erect, so before I could think about it too much, I boldly (for me) decided to stick a finger through to encourage him to insert that nice cock into the gloryhole.  I was hoping that I could provide a helping hand for him to get an erection and then jerk him off, which would be a big turn-on for me and would satisfy one of my secret carnal desires.  He did not stick his cock through, so I just continued to pleasure myself, with an occasional glance at his cock through the gloryhole, until I came in my hand.

I confess that I am not comfortable sticking my cock in a gloryhole either and my main interest in them is having a cock come through that I can play with and jerk off or to use the gloryhole as a voyeur to see other men's hard cocks and maybe watch them jerk off.  After having had a handful of experiences (not many), if the situation if right, I am OK without the physical separation and would enjoy direct mutual cock play where we can get at each other's cocks more easily and see the pleasure on each other's faces (I did this once in a porn theater, standing face to face with another man while we played with each other's cocks, and really liked it) and another time I had an intense orgasm after engaging in mutual cock play with another man (he did not cum), but I still want to do it where we both make each other cum or I at least feel his cock throb, jerk and twitch in my hand until he cums, even if I don’t.

I have a fantasy involving a booth with many gloryholes.  I'm in the booth and my job is to "take care" of any cocks that are inserted into the gloryholes and I can only jackoff after all the men are satisfied.  I'll write more about this in another story …



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