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Glorious Ginger at The Pool- Part 1

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It is a story from my past about my fixation with a much older woman who has had a lasting impact on my sexual fetishes.


Back in the 80's I had a thing for the neighbor lady. I was fourteen and she was this sexy middle aged goddess that used to make my motor run. I didn't understand it back them but she was a MILF, long before that word existed. She was divorced, well to do and a bank manager in our little town. She owned a large home with an in ground swimming pool. She had a wooden privacy fence around her place that had narrow slats in between the boards. I would spend hours at those slats staring at her tanned, slim, sexy body as she relaxed by the pool.

As I reflect on it I am pretty sure she knew. She would slink around, stretch and luxuriate in a fashion that was designed to do one thing, make a young man cum in his shorts.

I think before I go any further I should describe Ginger to you. She was about five feet six inches tall, she had shoulder length, white blonde hair that was always impeccably styled, and hair sprayed into place. She had perfect, gravity defying breasts that were just the right size, not too big and not too small but just naturally perfect. I always remember her being professionally dressed (working at a bank I guess she had to be). I remember that she almost always wore some kind of silk-satin blouse and she favored long leather or pencil skirts, stockings and high, sexy heels. She was such a fixation for me at an early age that I now have a fetish for women dressed as vamps.

It was the summer of 1983 and I was sixteen years old. I am embarrassed to say that I had spent two years creeping around her privacy fence. It was a bright June afternoon and Ginger had come home to enjoy her pool. I was waiting at my usual station behind her fence and in a bush, out of sight. My heart would always skip a beat when I heard the familiar sound of her Mustang as it came up our road. I knew the routine, she would drive up, pull into her garage and emerge from her house, walk across the patio (usually with a drink). She would walk around the pool, her heels clicking on the cement. She would put down her drink, run her hands along her blouse, brush her breasts, and run them over her skirt and down her silky legs. She would do this sexy, stretch and settle into one of the deck chairs. My purple headed cock would be out and beating feverishly at this point. She would relax and put her hair over the back of the chair and push her satin covered breasts upward and then I would blow a load of cum between the slats of her fence.

After a bit she would rise and go into the pool house and after, what seemed like a very long time, she would emerge in a bikini. I loved to watch her as she jumped into the pool. It was never really a jump, which was something my friends and I did in the lake. No she had an elegant way of slicing into the water and vanishing beneath the surface while hardly rippling the surface. She would swim a lap or two and then lift herself out of the water, delicately towel off, and stretch out in a chaise lounge chair and begin rubbing suntan lotion all over tanned body. It was at that time that I usually blew a second load between the slats of her fence.



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