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Girls Night Out Follow Up

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Several of you asked for more details about my relationship with Beth and especially her over sized clitoris. When I went home after our evening together I could not stop thinking about Beth or her extremely sexy clit. My fantasies propelled me to use a mirror to examine my own vulva and clitoris and what I found was that if I pulled at the hood that covered my own clitoris, the tip popped into view, but just the very tip. When I touched and probed myself my clit, like Beth's, continued like a little hard ribbon of tendons up into my own hood and that it was very sensitive. Using various lotions I spent hours with the mirror for a few weeks looking an touching and probing the full length of it and almost every time that I did I became aroused and made myself climax.

After just a few weeks I couldn't stand it anymore so I took a few hours off work and scheduled a session with Beth at the spa where she works. As Beth gently massaged my legs and my arms I told her what I had been doing and how arousing the sight of her her clit had been to me. Beth laughed and told me that when she was a young girl it had been a burden and an embarrassment. In middle school gym class several of the girls made fun of her and teased her about it calling her a hermaphrodite.

Beth massaged my shoulders as she continued her story. When the teasing didn't stop Beth asked her mother about it and finally her parents took her to see their family physician. Even though the doctor reassured her that she as 100% female and that she simply had a very large clitoris, Beth was still uncomfortable with herself.

One positive result of the doctors visit when the physician careful touched and measured Beth was that for the first time a touch had sent chills of sexual tension through Beth. Prior to that time she had rubbed herself against pillows and enjoyed a vague feeling of sexual arousal but she had never had an orgasm. She was only 14 at the time.

Beth told me that she went home form the doctor's office and like me carefully inspected her own clitoris for the first time. She was much skinnier then and at her young age she said that almost a half inch of her clitoris was permanently protruding from her clitoral hood. When she touched herself in the bathtub that day she was able to squeeze and make more than an inch of it extend and as she did so the feelings that she suddenly experienced were very powerful. That was the first time that she ever had a climax and it happened as she was alternatively pushing her clit out of its hood and letting it retract.

Beth told me that she was not very successful with boys in high school but that in College where she had a softball scholarship she began to from sexual relationships with other girls. She had one long term relationship but it had ended over jealousies because of Beth's work as a masseuse.

By the time she had finished describing her sexual history I was incredibly aroused and as she had on my first visit, Beth asked if she could relieve my tensions, which I quickly agreed to. When I had finished she kissed me on the cheek and told me that she would be counting the days until our next girls night out.

I asked if I could help to relieve her as she had done me but she was reluctant. Taking a risk, however, I placed my hand against her tummy and let my fingers drift down. As I did she met my pressure with her hips and then I found my hand pressing through her pants and against the heat of her special place. I pressed and she squeezed against my hand putting pressure on herself and rocking into me. I could feel her swollen clitoris through the fabric of her pants as she rocked and her breath became irregular. Beth suddenly came in a gasp of short breaths.

'God,' she said, 'I shouldn't do that here at work. But you are so sexy,' she added. That massage was even better than my first visit with Beth.



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