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Girls Night Out

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Follow up story from March


On my birthday a few months ago my girlfriends at work arranged for me to visit a spa where I received a massage that ended in my having a powerful sexual experience. When I returned to work the next day there were giggles and winks all morning. Finally at lunch they asked me to tell them what had happened with all of the details. They laughed when I told them and admitted that they both had had the same kinds of experiences with the particular masseuse that they sent me to, but that for them it did not happen on a first visit. It took four or five sessions before their favorite therapist, Beth, had helped them to have orgasms.

When I asked if they were still going to the spa they told me that they had a better plan and told me that I was welcome to join. Their new plan was called girls night out which they celebrated once a month on a Friday after work. I asked for details but was told that I would just have to join them to find out.

Weeks later I told my family that I was going to a special event after work and that I would be home late, and then I followed them after work. The after work party was arranged at a hotel room in a downtown place just a few blocks from our office. We began by meeting at the hotel lounge and having a drinks and then Trish excused herself to take the elevator upstairs to a room. The girls had ordered a bottle of white wine and a huge plate of snacks and had it delivered to the room. A few minutes after Trish went upstairs, Judy and I followed her.

I was so excited with anticipation that I was trembling when I got to the room. And then in the room I saw Beth, the massuese from the spa who was apparerntly a regular part of the girls party on friday evenings. Beth and Trish had taken showers and were drinking wine when we showed up. Drinking wine and kissing.

'Welcome to the party room,' Beth whispered. 'I have been thinking about you since your session,' she added. Judy and I took showers and I changed into towels. The other three had brought clean panties in their purses. I was so excited by the situation that even before any of my friends touched me I was soaking wet with anticipation.

After a few glasses of wine the four of us split off into two couples with Judy and Trish in one of the two beds in the room and Beth and I in the other. 'This is what I really wanted to do at the spa,' Beth whispered as she began kissing me and touching my face with her tongue.

As we listend to the breathing of Judy and Trish Beth and I french kissed for more than a half hour, and just as I was feeling so aroused that I thought that I might climax just from the kissing, Beth's fingers found their way under the towel that I had covered myself with and into the folds of my vagina. With the expert touch of a massage therapist she squeezed my clitoris between her thumb and first finger and gently traced its length while pressing. Any thought that I had of holding on for a longer time evaporated when Judy let out a shuddering moan in the next bed and began convulsing. My climax followed hers, and Trish came soon after in a noisy gasp.

Beth was the last to cum. She sat up in bed, and used my fingers to tweak her own clitoris which was huge, by comparison to mine. It was swollen from her long arousal but even at that it was bigger that anything that I could imagine. She was slippery wet and as she helped place my index finger against her clit I could feel how hard it was. Beth used my index finger to run back and forth the length of her clit which popped out of its protective hood as I traced its length. And when my finger, guided by hers, probed the parts of her clitoris that were previously protected inside the flesh of her hood, she gasped and spasmed.

Beth's arousal lasted several minutes as she and I rubbed her clitoral shaft together. As we continued, both Judy and Trish moved closer so that they could watch. When she came her entire body contorted and twisted and she made a long gutteral gasp.

When it was over we had another drink, finished the snacks, hugged each other and went home. We also made a date for the next month.



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