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Girl Friend's Navy One-Piece Swimsuit

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Based on a wonderful dream I recently had.


Melody and I had been friends since kindergarten. We lived a few houses away from each other throughout our childhood and early teens. We would always go over to each other's houses and play with toys, or just run around in the backyard. When I was 13 and she was 12, a small pool was built at Melody's house. I was extremely jealous of her since I loved to swim and had always wanted a pool at my house. When the pool had been built, Melody invited me to swim with her in the pool one Saturday afternoon. I took my towel and black speedos over to her house. I didn't mind wearing speedos in front of Melody, but I was way too shy to wear them to the local swimming pool or the beach. 

I was greeted by Melody at her front door. She had a very slim figure, long blonde hair that flowed beautifully down to her chest and sparkling blue eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt and blue short shorts. Up to this point I had never thought of her in a romantic way - she was more of a sister to me since we had known each other for pretty much our whole lives. Standing with Melody at her front door, with her cute clothes, made me admire how stunningly beautiful she was, even at that young age. Before I could stare too long though, she led me through her house, out her back door and into the backyard. I immediately got excited as I spotted her pool. It wasn't big at all - maybe 5m by 3m - but the blue water looked amazing as the afternoon sun bounced off it.

Out of the corner of my eye, Melody had begun to strip off her clothes to reveal a tight navy blue Speedo one-piece swimsuit. She had owned the swimsuit for a few years, so the material was starting to get worn out. The breast part of the suit showed off Melody's growing nipples, though she was still flat-chested at that age. The crotch of her suit was slightly faded - just enough for me to make out her vagina slit. Unfortunately the dark colour of her swimsuit meant that the view wasn't as good as I hoped! I took of my shirt, and wrapped my towel around my waist so I could change into my black speedos. 

We splashed around in the pool for what seemed like hours. It was just so fun! Melody's parents came out of the house to chat to us from time to time. Eventually, it was time to get out of the pool. Melody and I sat at the edge of the pool to dry off and we started to chat. Because her swimsuit was now damp, it clung more tightly to Melody's body and I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous body. I must have been staring too long because she suddenly asked, ''Hey, what are you staring at?'' in an aggresive tone. I looked away from her and mumbled shyly, ''Just you...you...you look nice''. When I turned back towards her, she had a smile on her face and I realised that she was joking with her previous comment.

Melody then asked me to come inside and upstairs into her room. I obliged and soon we sitting on her carpeted bedroom floor in our swimsuits. ''I'm going to have a shower,'' she said. ''Do you want to join me?'' she added. ''Yes,'' I blurted out, a little too quickly. She looked at me with a weird expression and said, ''Uh, I was just joking''. I looked down in embarrassment, ''Oh, sorry''. Melody told me not to worry about it and started to glance down at my speedos. She noted how big my penis looked in them and asked if she could see it. Being extremely self-concious about my body, I told her ''no'' and backed away slightly. She kept persisting and finally I said, ''You can't see it, but I'll let you touch it for a bit''. 

Melody seemed happy with the compromise, and gingerly used both her hands to slowly move across my black speedos. I had a semi-erection at that point and her soft, sensual touching increased it to a full erection. Just as I was starting to really get into it, she stopped. She had only felt my penis for a minute. She began to walk back towards the door when I said, ''Hey! I should get to touch you since you touched me''. Melody turned around to look at me, her blue eyes looked slightly nervous. ''Yeah, OK,'' she said and asked what I wanted to do.

I laid back on her bed with her pillow propping up my head. I instructed her to stand over me so that her feet were on either side of my face and I was looking directly at her crotch, covered by a thin layer of navy blue fabric. We were looking directly at each other. I began to move my hands towards her feet. My left hand touched Melody's right foot and my right hand touched her left foot. Slowly and carefully, I moved my hands across her toes, over her feet and up her ankles. I proceeded to slowly move them up her smooth, hairless legs, admiring how soft her skin was. My hands moved over her knees and to her thighs, the whole time our glance at each other's eyes never waivered. 

My arms were just long enough to reach Melody's crotch from my sleeping position. Before I touched her vagina, I paused for a while, hardly believing what I was about to do to a girl I had known for years. When I couldn't hold back any longer, both my hands touched the crotch of her swimsuit, and I felt a wave of joy run through me. For about a minute or two, I moved my hands across her vagina and the underside of her crotch and butt. Then, I decided to go for it and reached into her swimsuit and feel her tiny slit, completely smooth and completely hairless. I was in love with how it felt!

Melody seemed a bit shocked that I had done this, but she didn't say anything so she didn't seem to mind.I ran the fingers of my right hand across her slit, marvelling how soft and bouncy it was. I could hear Melody start to moan so I decided to up the ante, pushing my fingers inside her slit and moving them around vigorously. I was surprised at how wet and squishy the inside of her vagina was. As soon as my fingers were inside and swirling, Melody moaned louder and her breathing increased, becoming more heavy. I felt my fingers run across a pea-sized object - her clit! At the touch of her clit, I felt the walls of vagina tightened against my fingers. It really was tight! I could feel Melody's vagina pulsing as liquid began to flow out and stain the inside of her navy blue swimsuit.

But it wasn't over yet! Apparently she was so turned on that she expelled quite a bit clear pee as well. The first few drops stayed inside her swimsuit, but soon it became a steady stream, dripping from the crotch of her swimsuit onto my face. The stream lasted for about 20 minutes before Melody collasped onto the bed. Her knees fell on either side of my face and her wet swimsuit fell with a squish against my chest. I could see Melody was embarrassed, as her face was red and she seemed sad as well, her sparkling blue eyes had begun to water. Before I could ask her if she was alright, she hopped off me and ran towards her bathroom, slamming the door behind her. I was left heavily breathing on her bed, wet and sticky.



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