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Getting Wanked

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An account of my first male wank buddy that involves CMNM and Bondage


I met Trevor when I was about 19 and he was 38, he had started chatting to me whilst I was at a bus stop in the East End of London. He was rather plain and ordinary in appearance although smartly dressed, and yet he oozed charm and confidence which in and of itself was attractive. He had offered me a lift to my destination saying he was going in that direction and since my journey was a little convoluted by bus and involved changing buses two or three times I accepted his kind offer.

Trevor explained he just had to nip back to his place around the corner and quickly change first and invited me to wait in his living room. He put on the television to entertain me for a bit and immediately some porn came on the large TV screen, he laughed it off and said I could guess what he had been doing that morning. He left me watching the porn whilst he went to get changed and when he returned in jeans and a t shirt he sat down right next to me on the couch.

Yeah I admit it felt a bit weird, being in a strangers house watching a graphic hardcore porn video of some bird with huge knockers getting double penetrated by two big built blokes. Trevor commented on how he bet the video had got me horny and asked in a semi jokingly fashion if I wanted to quickly rub one out before we left, I must admit I wanted to say yes but declined the offer. But Trevor was not the kind of bloke to take no for an answer and next thing I know his hand was grabbing at my groin and I just froze, his hand began rubbing firmly at my stiff prick as he commented on hard I felt and how I should have some relief before we left.

I watched as he unzipped my fly and undone the button on my jeans, and I just sat a little stunned my hands by my side, not objecting or doing anything to stop his advances. I was nervous but curious, wondering where this was leading as he yanked my erection free of my underpants and began to stroke.

It felt amazing feeling someone else's hand doing what I had only ever done to myself before, and it was not long before it all got too much and my load shot up over my chest and over my shoulder. Trevor commented on how I clearly needed that given the quantity and fetched me a towel to mop up my mess.

Once Trevor dropped me off at home in the car he gave me a business card and said if I ever felt the need for a repeat performance to give him a bell... and of course I did.

After I had visited him about four times on what must have been four consecutive weeks he requested I strip off naked, I felt so self conscious with him being fully clothed and yet I was already fully boned with excitement before my underpants even come off. He sat next to me on the couch still dressed with a porn film playing and began to masturbate me as before, this time stopping each time my breathing and groans suggested I was close. It felt tantamount to torture as he brought me to the precipice again and again only not to follow through, each time the surge felt closer. It must have been an hour before he finally made me cum and I must have shouted the bloody place down, the longest I had ever lasted by myself when wanking alone was 10 to 15 minutes and I was amazed by the intensity of the orgasm that seemed to last longer than usual, not to mention the sheer volume of spunk that ejected out with such force.
I thought it could not get better than that, but was proved wrong...

On our next session I stripped naked upon arriving without him even asking me too, guess I was eager. Trevor retrieved a box full of lengths of rope and told me to place my hands behind my back, and without giving the situation much thought I followed his instruction, one length of rope binding my wrists whilst a second bound my upper arms pulling my elbows back. A third strand was bound around my ankles and a further one tied my thighs before Trevor oiled his hands and began to slowly stroke my rock hard dick with generous amounts of oil. I had already felt the sense of power tipped in his favour with me naked whilst he was clothed but the bondage added to that feeling and put him clearly in a position of control, but it felt really good.

There was no kissing or any other physical activity in our scenes and because of that I convinced myself it was not really sex, after all only one of us was naked and I had never even seen his cock. Yeah I know I was kidding myself right.

So that is how the sessions continued, with me naked and bound in multiple inventive positions before being drained slowly of my seed, sometimes two or three times in a single session. Then on another occasion he had blindfolded me and the sensation of him touching me was increased tenfold as my sense of sight was removed. I thought I felt a second pair of hands touching me but discounted it as my imagination until it was undoubtedly more than one person present, the brushing of fabric against my bare skin suggesting they were dressed too. I felt vulnerable and exposed, yet highly aroused and turned on, an intoxicating blend of emotions.

A third pair of hands began to touch me and suddenly my mind was unable to process just how many hands were fondling and fumbling, fiddling with me and feeling me up, touching and groping me all over, each taking turns to touch stroke and wank my stiff prick quickly making me ejaculate but continuing in their attentions.

A warm mouth wrapped itself around my soft flaccid knob and quickly brought it back to life whilst other hands touched my bottom nipples and thighs. My mind still could not tell how many people were present and I had no clue what they looked like, but there was a certain thrill about that, something that felt risky yet exciting in not knowing the mystery men taking advantage of my naked flesh and draining me of several loads.



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