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Getting Started

Posted by: Age: 44 Posted on: 2 comments
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The early years of discovering masturbation.

I stumbled across SoloTouch and...my goodness.  It's been an interesting few days.  As I read through stories I thought...what the hell.  So here I am.  Better start this journey from the beginning.  I don't exactly know how it started but I recall humping pillows first.  That lasted maybe a few years until one time at my father's (parents divorced) I was humpin' away when this rush came over my body.  A sensation in my groin and a pulse, surge; I'm not sure what you'd called it and realized I had released for the first time.  I was stunned.  While I remember that specifically, I don't recall what turned it into a regular thing. 

After I discovered self pleasure I once attempted to perform oral on myself.  I had a very thin build in my early years and to get part of myself to my mouth and with some hand help, I came.  I tasted my jizz.  I've though in recent episodes of trying to taste it again, but I end up exhausted and with no desire to taste me again.  I do recall my dad using code to tell me about porn stashes in his home.  One of which was in a box in my closet.  My closet was basically under the staircase that went to the upstairs.  It included a small crawl space, which above it was the entrance to his house.  I would regularly crawl under there and flip through the mags, getting hard instantly.  I don't recall if I cum tributed any of the magazines, but I do recall sneaking around looking for condoms to jerk into.  The first time I would try and wash and reuse it.  It worked for the most part but eventually I moved away from. 

He also had VHS videos on a shelf in his closet.  One time, my buddy and I rode our bikes over on summer afternoon and watched one.  We almost got caught!  We just watched.  We didn't experiment on each other.  We heard the door to the garage open and both freaked.  We both thought quick.  He hunts.  My buddy hunts.  So when dad called out from the entry,  How you guys doing, I said...Just watchin' Days of Thunder, dad.   That's when my buddy bolted up the stairs and asked to see my dad's archery equipment. I scurried to eject the tape and put everything back.  From there, it's just been a regular part of my life and something to get me over gaps in sex as I can never seem to get enough.



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