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Getting Off With My College Girlfriend

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Masturbating with my first college girlfriend was always a memorable experience...


At the beginning of my junior year in college, I started dating for the first time since leaving high school. The girl was Hannah, a very intelligent and energetic psych major with striking green eyes, long legs, a full bust, and shimmering, chestnut-colored hair. We shared similar interests, and we hit it off rather quickly, frequently grabbing lunch together after class and generally enjoying each others company. After a month or so of this, she took the plunge and asked me out to dinner.

Long story short, we were soon a couple, and Hannah would go on to become the girl to whom I'd soon lose my virginity. We had decided to work our way up to that, however, with a series of masturbation sessions, fueled by conversations about our fantasies, fetishes, and desires. She was remarkably open about her sexuality, which was a big turn-on, and she enjoyed hearing about the things that really got me going.

One particular night, after dinner and a movie, we went back to my room to conclude the night with some masturbation. We stripped in front of each other. Aware of my mild foot fetish, Hannah made a particular show of stepping out of her sandals and then sliding her panties down her legs and off her bare feet, something that had my cock rock-hard before I was even fully undressed.

As Hannah let the last of her clothes fall to the floor, she took a few steps backwards towards my bed and sat down on the edge of it. Her eyes never leaving mine, she swung her legs up onto the bed and let herself fall back onto the pillows. Then her hand started to delicately explore the folds of her pussy.

She asked, "Planning on joining me at some point"?

With a smile, I went around to the other side of the bed and climbed on, positioning myself right next to her. Our thighs were touching as I watched her rub herself, and my cock was aching in that really pleasurable way it does when its demanding attention. So, I closed my fist over the shaft and started to stroke. Just as my eyes were fixated on her snatch, so were hers focused on my proud length as I really wasted no time in getting after it.

I watched as she drew her hand away from her pussy and up to her mouth, where she gently dabbed the pads of her fingers on her tongue, drawing away some moisture to apply to her clit. Then she started really going to town, alternating between rubbing her clit in hard, tight circles and rubbing up-and-down the entire length of her slit. Soft, incredibly sexy moans started to come from her.

"Feel good"?

She glanced at me with a smile.

"Absolutely", she said. "You"?

"Oh, yeah. I'm close already", I said.

"How close"?

"Close", I replied.

She giggled, and then lightly brushed the sole of one of her bare feet back-and-forth over the top of my own a few times, and that was it. I started to cum. It was a huge load, with thick bursts pulsing out of my cockhead over and over. My cum splattered my stomach, covering it. The orgasm kept rolling through me long after my load was spent, and towards the end of it I was briefly reminded of the sensations of the dry orgasms I'd had in my early days of masturbating. It felt great to have the intense contractions of an orgasm without the ejaculation. The pleasure faded away, my hand began to slow to a stop, and I released the breath I had been holding with a very contented sigh.

Hannah - having watched me cum with a look on her face that suggested she was really turned on by it - took her hand away from her pussy and lightly dropped a finger into some of the cum on my stomach; her eyes met mine, and with a very naughty grin, she scooped up as much of my big load onto her fingers as she could. Her hand returned to her snatch and she smeared my cum onto her clit. Then she started to frig herself as fast and hard as she could, using my load for an extra bit of lube to help herself along.

I could barely believe what I was seeing, for it never occurred to me that she might be interested in playing with my cum. I had told her that masturbating with my own cum from a previous session was a fetish of mine, and she was clearly using that knowledge against me here. Had I not orgasmed mere seconds before, the sight of her using my load like that would almost certainly have been enough to get me hard again.

Her breathing sped up rapidly, and her hand made an incredibly erotic wet sound as it moved over her button in a frantic blur. She whimpered and then gasped as her mouth dropped open and her eyes slammed shut. Her toes curled as she drew her feet together and pushed her knees even further apart. Her muscles tensed and a breathless "Oh, yes..." escaped from her lips as she came hard. I remember being amazed by how beautiful she looked at that moment, flushed and glowing, with her body shaking as she savored her obviously fantastic orgasm.

After riding out her pleasure, she drew her hand away from her pussy and finally opened her eyes again to meet my gaze. A huge smile spread across her face, and she leaned over to kiss me. It was a brief, sweet kiss, and she playfully rubbed her nose against mine before pulling away.

"Looks like you enjoyed yourself", I said.

"Absolutely I did! Thanks", she replied, before bringing her hand up to her mouth to give her fingers a quick, teasing lick.

"We taste good together", she said.

My jaw dropped in shock at her kinkiness, but soon we were both laughing as we waited until we were both ready for another round.



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