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Getting It on With Mike

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When I was 16 my best friend Mike and I were football freaks. We played in the school team and spent a lot of time together. Our other big passion was music. The story is from 1971 and I can remember it like it was yesterday. Mike had just bought the new T.Rex album Electric Warrior and had invited me on Sunday afternoon to hear it whilst his parents went to visit his grandmother. She was ill so he was being left to fend for himself for the day.

I arrived as his dad was leaving the house and he told me to go in. I met his mum coming down the stairs and upstairs I could hear the distinctive vocals of Marc Bolan blaring out. His Mum put her hands over her ears and rolled her eyes. I was about to go up when she asked me to lock the door to the garage and the back door also.....it would save her time. It was of course no problem. I'd done it in a few minutes and went upstairs to where the music was coming from......Mike's bedroom. The bedroom door was open and I stopped dead when I reached it. There was Mike lying naked on his bed, his cock in his hand, eyes closed and slowly covering and uncovering the big red head with his foreskin. I was shocked and felt my stomach turn with the thrill of what I was seeing.

Because of the loud music he had no idea I was standing there, and I could not decide what I should do. Make my presence felt by saying something or going back downstairs and shouting up like I was coming up for the first time. I could not believe what I was seeing......! His pubic hair was black like his hair (I'm blonde) and his penis looked so pale compared to mine which is quite dark in colour. As I was standing there with my mouth open drinking in what I was seeing, my cock had become rock hard. Then it happened, Mike opened his eyes briefly and closed them again before it hit him that I was there. A bit like a delayed reaction. He sat bolt upright and said 'Bill........shit!' He rolled onto his belly and put his head into his pillow. I thought he was crying, so I turned the music down and heard him say 'I can't believe this....I can't believe this.' I said 'Hey it's no problem' but he kept his face in the pillow. He had obviously forgotten he was still naked in his embarrassment. Back in the 70's we came home dirty from school after football and had a shower, so I'd never seen Mike naked before! It was a beautiful sight. He was just saying things like 'Oh no....this is not happening' when I had this impulsive idea.

I said 'Look ........does this help you?' When he looked I pulled down my tracksuits and underpants and revealed my hardest ever cock. Mike had a look on his face that was probably similar to the one I had when I was watching him. He looked stunned and confused. I then took off my pullover and t-shirt and there I was standing naked beside him. He hardly looked me in the eyes and when he spoke he said 'You have a lot of foreskin!' I pulled it back once to reveal my cock head and covered it again. 'Now we're equal' I said. Mike smiled and looked at me. I told him to move over on his bed and lay down beside him. I was not sure where I was going with this or what Mike's reaction would be, but he rolled onto his side, and I saw his big hard on all pale and veiny, with precum dripping from it. When I got onto the bed Mike opened his arms and pulled me to him. I arched my back so that my cock was not touching him....I had no idea what was going on now. It seemed very natural to put my arms around him and we just held each other. My head was under his and we just held each other in silence for a very long time.

Mike broke the silence by asking for T.Rex, so I got off the bed and put the needle back to the start of the album. I returned to my place on the bed and this time Mike pulled me really close and our cocks were touching. It was electric shocks shooting up and down my body. I could not believe the intensity of what I was feeling and started to stroke Mike's back. He did likewise and we lay for a full side of the album just stroking each others backs, buttocks and legs. Our cocks were throbbing and jumping pressing against each other and I knew it was really wet there with our precum. Again Mike asked me to play more T.Rex so I got up and flipped the album and returned to Mike. Before lying down I looked at his cock and he asked if he could see mine. So we lay sort of 69 position just looking at each others throbbing cocks. Mike commented again on my long foreskin and I said his was also quite long. I told him he could pull it back if he wanted. He took it between his fingers and thumb and massaged it. I squirmed with ecstasy and moaned long moan of pleasure as he really slowly pulled it back. I thought I was going to cum right there but I managed to hold it.

He said you can also touch mine. I touched his long cock and stroked his balls before pulling his foreskin back. His cock head seemed almost purple against the pale loose foreskin. He was moaning now and asked me to come back and lie beside him. I did and he put his had down and played with my cock, slowly pulling my foreskin back and over my cockhead. I did the same to him and we lay there loudly moaning, looking at each other and smiling like crazy. After about 10 minutes of pleasing each other Mike asked me to kneel opposite him. I did and he took both our cocks in one hand and started to wank. WOW! More electric shocks. Then Mike did something amazing.......he pulled back my foreskin, and put our cocks head to head and covered both our cockheads with my foreskin. Oh boy I thought I was going to die of pleasure. He started to wank With the amount of precum we were producing our cockheads were covered by sliding around inside my foreskin. I felt the pressure begin to build and started to pant and look at Mike. He was also looking at me and then I blew and howled and almost at the same time Mike did the same. I came and came like I'd never done before and heard the sound of squelching spunk as Mike slowed down.

He held our cocks together a little longer and they stayed connected, with spunk leaking out of our foreskins onto the cover of his bed. We hugged on our knees for a very long time before I pulled our softer cocks apart. Again we lay on the bed.....this time with no T.Rex, just hugging and holding each other. I'm sure we lay for at least an hour. We had another orgasm this time just watching each other wank.

Mike and I are both married with kids now, but we still manage about once a month to meet for our 'special time'. We were best friends then and best friends now and we feel very comfortable with each other. We never went further than masturbation......it's been the focus of what we do! On our second session we kissed for the first time and that has been the only addition. Mike is a great kisser. I love my wife more than anything and we also have a great sex life.....but I have to say the tongue of a man or maybe just Mike is much firmer and rougher a very different experience to that of my wife. The sex between my wife and Mike is so different, but both are done with love and sensitivity. I'm a very lucky guy to have this in my life. Every time I hear Get It On (Bang A Gong) by T.Rex I'm transported back to that day in 1971 and my cock springs to life. Sexy thoughts from a sexy sing that was the background music to one of the most wonderful days in my life!!!



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