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Getting Caught Doesn't Always Work

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Every year, my family rents a cabin in Maine with our neighbors. They have two daughters: one is a year older than me, the other was just about to turn 21-a year younger than my brother. So, at this cabin is me, my brother, parents, the two girls, their parents, the girls' aunt and grandmother. We kids all share a room.

This happened last summer between me and the older girl whom I will refer to as N.

So, one day, everybody decides to go shopping in town, but N, her grandmother and I stayed home. I was feeling really horny that day, since we'd been there a few days and I hadn't really had a chance for some relief, so I decided I wanted N to catch me going at it. I got on my bunk, turned on my iPod (for plausible deniability, that I didn't know she was coming), and pulled down my shorts.

I was lying there, idly stroking my hardening penis, not in any hurry to get going. I think it's worth mentioning that this was the very first and only time I've ever felt completely at ease when masturbating. Every single other time there's always a little bit of anxiousness that someone will catch me when I don't want them too. This time however, there were only two people in the house besides me, and I knew the grandmother wouldn't come upstairs. I also knew that I would hear everyone else as soon as they got home. That left N, and I wanted her to catch me.

After about half an hour or so, I was lying on the bed, trying to edge, which is normally not something I'm good at. This time though, I managed to keep myself going for quite a while. All the while, I'm waiting for N to come upstairs, I hadn't expected her to stay downstairs for so long. Eventually, I became too horny and got tired of waiting, so I just went for it. Within a minute, I came, with quite a good amount flowing down my penis. I lay there for a little while longer and then turn off my iPod, when what do I hear? Footsteps coming down the hall. I thought to myself, 'Dangit! I wanted her to catch me in the act, not simply naked and messy!' (I think I should explain that I don't like cum. I don't like how it feels, how it looks, and it makes such a horrible mess, so I didn't want her to see me like that. Plus I wasn't horny anymore) I scrambled to pull up my shorts, but I had purposefully worn a pair that would be difficult to pull up, and I still had my shoes on which got stuck momentarily on the bottom hem of my shorts. In the end, I had only been able to get the shorts just past my knees before she walked in, but it was enough that I could bend my legs to conceal my package, unfortunately my ass was still visible, of course.

N walks in, and stops. I cover my face in shame, I realize there's really nothing to be ashamed of, but I can't help it. She just says, 'Umm,,, ya.' and walks out.

Afterward, nothing was mentioned about it until a couple of days later she mentioned that 'maybe I should make sure I close the door sometimes', and that was it.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if she had come in just a minute earlier....



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