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Getting Caught by Mom and Step-dad

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Hello, again. I wanted to tell about the times I got caught masturbating myself and my now ex boyfriend.

It was last halloween and my step-dad and mom had taken my little brother out trick or treating. I stayed home to hand out candy. Actually it was cause I never had any alone time to masturbate. Also, my then boyfriend might be coming by, knowing I would be alone. Well, he did and we went in my parents bedroon and were fooling around. He got me naked and then I stripped him and we laid on the bed. It turned me on to be on their bed and doing this stuff behind their back!

Anyway, he laid down and I knelt on my hands and knees over him and started stroking his dick. It wasn't big or long, but it was there lol. He was moaning and wriggling around and I loved that I could do that for a guy. He knew I wouldn't have sex or oral, but I think he hoped. I didn't want to do that so I just got real close like I might and stroked him faster. Bummer was that he came real soon. He groaned and came all over my face. That is something I always love, having a guy cum on my face!

After, he rolled me over and kissed me a while. I was getting really horny. He rubbed and pinched my nipples for awhile, then drawled down between my legs and started rubbing my wet pussy. He would hit my clit and make me jerk my hips up, then he would blow his warm breath on me. OMG! I loved that feeling. Finally he slid a finger in and fingered me until I came. I am really loud when I cum.

After that, he laid down and I sat on top of him so I could feel his growing dick against my pussy. I thought it was a treat for both of us, kind of like sex, but not. I was rocking back and forth and was about to cum when I looked through the window and saw my step-dad looking in at me!! OMFG! He could see me naked on top of my boyfriend! I'm sure he thought I was having sex. He just watched and it actually turned me on and I mean ALOT to watch him watching me. I came harder than I ever had with my boyfriend.

He pointed to the road and mouthed 'Mom'. I jumped up and told my boyfriend that my parents were coming and to go in the bathroom to clean up and dress. I went in, too and he got in the shower and washed off. I honestly don't know why I didn't think it through, but one of my biggest fantasies is to shower with a guy. Not sex in the shower, just to be naked and wet together, you know. I got in and got wet, then without thinking, I sank down and started stroking his hard dick. He was moaning and kinda jerking and it made me start fingering myself. I forgot everything but making him cum all over me!

I don't know how close he was, but I was going to cum any second, when the bathroom door slams open and my mom is standing there!! She yells at us and tells him to get dressed and get out. She yelled at me to get my clothes and get dressed in the livingroom. I grabbed my clothes and ran for it! He was dressing and heading for the door. I saw out the door my step-dad and little brother looking through his bag of candy. I don't think they saw me.

After, mom called me in their room and yelled for like ten minutes and said she couldn't trust me and I'd never be left alone again! I started crying. I was crushed! Of course it caused my boyfriend to break up with me.

That night, my step-dad came in my room and sat on my bed. He never did that. He told me he was sorry but he had tried to warn me. He asked why I had done that when I knew they were near? I had no answer. I had let the moment and feeling get me. Something that I still do today. It just hits me and I stop thinking about anything but getting off. Is that normal?

I still haven't had sex or even oral, but I masturbate evry single day. Is that normal? Now, though, I sometimes think of my step-dad watching me that time when I masturbate now. Is that sick? He still teases my mom about that horrible day. He asks her if the boy was as big as him, or did she like what she saw, or like that. It pisses me off that he jokes about my terrible experience like that. I want to hate him, but then I go and think of him at night!! It's confusing.

Well, that's my story of being caught.



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