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Getting Caught at first

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Caught by my little sister and her best friend. I love to masturbate. Well into my 40s, I jerk off now as much as ever.
But nothing beats the fun I had as a kid, and all the friends I was able to play with.


It was summer. Much of our time was spent at the pool. Dad worked all day, and mom was often off playing tennis or hanging with the other moms at the local club.

My sister and her friends were at the pool, splashing and making noise. This was the perfect time to slip up to my room and jerk off. I started at the window, watching the girls in their bathing suits, but didn't want to be seen at the window. I'd keep the images in my spank bank, but wanted more.

I went to my dresser, and from below, pulled out a copy of Penthouse. I got on my knees with the centerfold in front of me, and started stroking my cock. But I wanted to take my time, so I rolled on my band started reading the letters in Forum. In my bliss, I lost track of the time.....

i never heard the noise outside stop. I never heard my door "click".

"He's jerking off", I heard my sister's friend Liz say. Liz and Traci were younger but had already started to develop. Liz was short, with long auburn hair and was an early bloomer.

And now she was standing in the entry to my bedroom. In a white bikini with a top too small for her boobs. Traci was behind her. A head taller, with long dark hair. She wasn't nearly a busty. Her mouth was open but no words came out.

I looked over, shocked. My hand was tight around my dick, and there was little doubt as to what I was doing. "Yeah" was all I could say. "Feels good".

Liz took a few cautious steps toward me. I squeezed my cock. Afraid to stroke. "Cool," she said. "I've read about it. I always wanted to see." She stopped and turned to Traci. "He rubs his cock until his cum shoots out"

"Gross" Traci said. But she moved closer, right next to Liz. "Do you do that a lot".

"Yes," I admitted. "A few times a day."
Liz came closer. She was reaching toward me, but was still too far away. "I want to see. Jerk it for us"

Traci smiled. She was breathing a little funny by now, and i knew she'd follow her friend's lead. My hand was moving ever so slowly, when "yes, I want to see" came out of her mouth. It was a hoarse and raspy breath, and it made me even harder.

Liz came right to the side of the bed. Her right hand was now on my leg and it was like an electric shock. We locked eyes for a few seconds. My stroking sped up as her hand moved close to my cock. I was in ecstasy. My eyes closed and my stroking continued. I think I went like this for about a minute. I realized there was a musky smell in the room that was not mine.

I opened my eyes, and it was clear that Liz was turned on. Her other hand was pressed against her pussy through her bikini bottoms and she was breathing hard. Feeling brave, I moved my hand from my cock and placed it on her belly. I made small circles for a bit, brushing against her hand and pushing it deeper into her. She shuddered and picked her hand up. I had hoped she would start stroking me, but instead she moved it inside her bikini bottoms. In seconds you could hear the squishing noises as she played with her wet pussy.

"Wow" said Traci. She was pressed up behind Liz for a better view of my cock. "It looks so hard. Does it hurt?"

"Not exactly, but it wants to be played with". I was begging. I was also into new territory as my hand was now at Liz's bikini top. I was underneath it and pushing the fabric aside. Both wonderful young breasts pooped out. They were swollen and puffy. The ends too big for the smaller meat they sat atop. I grabbed one. Perhaps a bit too hard. Liz gasped, but moved forward. She grunted and now was clearly distracted from whatever was going on in her bottoms.

As her breast came close to my mouth I thought about sucking it. My cock was twitching. Liz's free hand was now on my shoulder as she balanced herself. My tongue reached out and I licked her nipple. My first, and I'd learn later hers too.

"Oh yes" she whimpered. She leaned in hard to feed me her whole breast. She shifted her weight so she was now on top of my leg.. her hand in her panties. She was humping me. "Traci, I am gonna cum on your brother" she said. She was getting louder and her humping faster.

"God Lizzie, play with my dick" I begged. I wanted this so bad.

Liz was looking me right in the eyes, and fucking herself real good. "I wanna fuck. I wanna get fucked. Fuck Fuck Fuck" she said over and over. Fucking herself against me.

My cock was finally being stroked.

"Fuck, I wanna fucking cum. Fuck Fuck Fuck!" Liz was lost in it and getting us both off. I could hear her pussy. And now I felt something wonderful. Her juice was dripping on my leg. She was quietly whispering in my ear "fuck. fuck Im gonna cum with you. oh fuck"

Her body went rigid. She actually bit my shoulder. It was amazing. She bucked for twenty or thirty seconds. Biting, moaning. I could feel her juice on my leg, roll down my thigh.

And then it happened. My cock erupted. It felt like my balls exploded. The stroking never slowed, and rope after rope of cum shot from me. I could see some of it, over Liz's shoulder. It was all over her. Her back, her hair. I slid up from under her.. it was all over her ass too. Lots of it.

That's when I realized there was no way her hand could be down there. One had grabbed my shoulder. The other was still in her pussy. The hand around my cock, that first hand other than my own, belonged to my little sister Traci. She was looking down at Liz's ass. "You two are a mess" she said. "that stuff is everywhere!"

"Mmmm" said Liz. "its so hot. it feels good". A long pause. Liz rolled off me, she grabbed Traci's hand. It was covered in cum. "Let me taste it". She pulled Traci's hand to her face and licked it. "This is great! You should try some!"

Our play will continue, but Ill save that for later



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