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Fun With My Friend ....

Posted by: Age: 23 Posted on: 6 comments
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I have the best friend in the entire world ... he always knows what to do.


Since I've been on this site, I've masturbated more than I ever have, but I still miss having sex. The only problem is, I'm not seeing anyone and having sex with a stranger isn't something I'm used to. I don't mind playing, mutually masturbating, or even grinding someone I just met, but having sex is different. But my friend Carter is someone I can call anytime. He and I have grown up together. It doesn't matter what he's doing, he'll drop it to come to me.

Just after I'd been on this site a few days, I was horny even after having orgasms all day. It was a good feeling, but within an hour, I'd feel the urge to do it again. I wasn't satisfied. It was kind of late, and I was almost asleep, but while I was drifting off, I was humping a pillow that I'd tossed at the end of the bed, and hadn't even realized it was there. I was wet, and my pussy was throbbing.

I reached over for my phone and text Carter. I told him if he was awake, to come over. I needed him. He asked me was I okay. I told him no. I needed him to come and use his magic on me. He was here within 15 minutes.
I was in my bra and panties, and lying on top of my bed, nothing covering me. He's looked so good. He's very nice looking, and his boyish grin looked mischievous as he walked over to my bed. He has a key, so he'd let himself in ... he knew I was waiting on him. He took his clothes off, and I noticed how great he looked without his clothes. He works out, he's always been athletic, and I've always appreciated his body.

He sat on the edge of the bed, then bent his head down, and started licking my pussy. His tongue made circular motions, and my legs began to tremble. It felt so good. He pulled back, kissed my pussy, my ass, my thighs, and moved up to my belly. He slowly licked and kissed his way all the way up to my nipples. He sucked and lightly bit them. I let out a sigh and he knew I was enjoying myself. He continued to suck my nipples, and he inserted his finger inside my pussy, and went deep inside ... he knew exactly what to do.

He began slowly touching the spot that needed it most. I was so close to coming, it was almost hurting. Then he stopped. He was torturing me. He knew that it was more intense that way. But at the moment, it was painful. He lay beside me, his head down by my pussy, and his rock hard dick was close to my face. I began rubbing it, stroking it, and then as he began licking my pussy again, I put his dick inside my mouth and did amazing things with my tongue to make him feel as good as he was making me feel.

He had been so arrogant, knowing he was torturing me, but this was more than he could take. I'd known him so long, I knew his weakness. I have a special touch with him, and it makes him wild. He was breathing heavily. He took his finger and inserted in back inside me, deeply where I like it, and started moaning, saying not to stop. I didn't, but I slowed down a little. I knew it was killing him. His moans became more erratic, and he inserted two fingers inside me where he knew I'd come quickly. I let out a whimper, and then began moaning," ohhhh please oohhh please don't stop" Then I put my put his dick in my mouth, and did the tongue trick he loves, and his body began to slowly achieve the feeling he'd needed all along.

His body began to react, and his breathing became more like a panting sound, and he was moaning, and panting and his fingers hit just that spot I needed, and we were both doing what we do best to each other, and I let out a loud moan, while the orgasm rushed over my body, and just when I thought it was about to stop, he shifted his fingers, and another wave hit me, and I was thrashing around, loudly making inaudible words, and he finally let out a long howling sound that was so sexy that I loved hearing it. I knew it meant he'd achieved a more than satisfying orgasm, and shot his load into my mouth, as I cried out very loudly then came harder, but then squirted, which was so intense that my body was trembling.

Squirting was something I had only done once before I met Carter, and he's the only one who can make me do it now. My entire body was having aftershocks from this, while he was was slowly relaxing and we held on to each other until the feeling subsided. He's always impressed when I squirt, and he's always telling me I'm the only one who can make him come like that with my mouth. We lay together, completely content, and feeling exhausted, and very sexually satisfied.



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