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Fun With Friend

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When i was young i remember i used to watch porn all the time and get hard ons and not know what to do with them. Also when i was little i had a girl friend that was 2 years older then me that i used to play doctor and stuff with so i had seen a naked girl before. I moved when i was around 11 into a big neighborhood were i made some friends, one guy friend in particular my best friend who was 2 years younger then me. Well for 2 years i tried many ways to orgasm but none ever worked until i finally figured out how to jack off. Well one day when i was 13 my friend was 11 I was with my friend at the pool and we were the only ones there as i joke he flashed me revealing his dick i then returned the favor. We both had small ones about 4 inches long, i however had some hair around mine he was bald. After that we went back to my house and decided to look at porn on my computer, we then asked each other if we had jacked off. We both said yes and with noone being at my house decided to so we both got naked and began to jack off to the porn however the whole time we were both sneaking looks at the other ones dick. Well we ended up doing this many times as well as having many skinny dipping experiences until one night we went a lil farther. We decided to touch each other and then for the rest of that night jacked each other off many times. We both enjoyed it alot and then unfortunatly i had to move away. Well we talked on the internet a lot and then i came back to visit and we ended up having a lot more fun. We started out as soon as i got there by comparing, we had both grown i we were about 5.5 inches each he was 14 and i was 16. Well after comparing we began to jack each other off, then we went and hung out for a lil while, however late that night we got into it more. Once everyone went to bed we got naked again and started touching each other, we had talked about sucking before but were unsure if we should do it. Finally we decided we were, we got in the 69 position and first kissed each others dicks then licked then started sucking, we didnt like that position very much so we decided to get up and take turns we both sucked the other until they started to cum in the others mouth, both of us accidently swallowing, we then finished by jacking off in front of each other and then going to bed. We still talk on the internet a lot and are still friends.



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