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Fun Together Before Meeting our Friends

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enjoying each other as we travel to meet up with friends


I was really looking forward to meeting Marc and El again, they were coming to the end of their holiday in Britain and heading in the general direction of Dover. We had arranged to meet up in Brighton as Kyle had a friend at uni there who had said we could use his room in the shared student house he had kept on over the summer holidays. It was quite close to the beach and the room had a double bed and was opposite one of the 2 full bathrooms, we insisted on giving his friend £40 and using our own sheets etc. so everyone was happy.

We had both been working as much as possible to make up for the break and I had managed to get four 12 hour shifts on Monday-Thursday. We hadn't seen each other since the Monday tea-time when Kyle had text me at work and said he really needed a student-happy-meal from McDonalds and could he pick me up at my break. Let me say that this has no connection with their children's meal offer......... its a couple using the drive-thru then parking up and enjoying the food and each other, conveniently there is a McDonalds very near the supermarket where I worked and I was quite happy to forgo a sandwich and can of coke in the staff canteen.

Stacking shelves and manning a till is not the most inspiring work but it helped me budget for student life, when I received Kyle's text I suddenly had something to look forward to other than the end of shift. I had 40 minutes before I needed to be back, there was no real queue at McDonalds and I think we both got the same Big Mac meal which I balanced on my knees as Kyle drove to the far end of the big car park that served the retail area. Since his text I had been thinking  of a McDonalds and now its smell in the car had made me really hungry so I told Kyle he would have to wait, he laughed and said okay.

With the short amount of time available to us this was only ever going to be a quick fun wank and that in itself adds a thrill. Kyle finished his burger first then looked across as he undid his zip and got his dick out, I kissed his cheek and started to slowly stroke him, his face and breathing told me everything. We had masturbated each other enough times to usually get it right and the McDonalds serviette was ready when his cum spurted out as I didn't want to risk getting splashes on my work uniform. There was not a great amount so it was no surprise when he told me that he had jerked off in his morning shower and also as he texted me a couple of hours earlier....I didn't ask if he had been thinking of me both times but I hoped he had.

For the next three days days Kyle had sent me rude pictures of himself jerking off but I had been too tired to properly enjoy them until Thursday night when I had finished work at 9pm as usual. I was quite horny and looking forward to the weekend and had slowly masturbated in a hot bath, in itself that was fine but my vag really wanted some attention from Kyle.

When the Friday finally arrived Kyle's mother dropped us off at the station in plenty of time for the 10.15am service. The trains on the London-Brighton route are designed for rush hour commuting, this mid-morning one was not very busy and it was easy for us to get one of the many empty double seats by the window. We had discovered many months ago that when we are both horny and sitting next to each other its best for me to be on Kyle's right as we are both naturally right handed. The weekend was set for nice sunny weather, I was wearing a tshirt and summer skirt and Kyle had on a tshirt and baggy shorts, if I had been travelling alone I would have also been wearing shorts but a skirt was more practical when Kyle was around..........

I really like Kyle's parents but I was always just a little concerned that they might "judge" me as Kyle and I were having a full sexual relationship. Why I felt that way I cannot logically explain, we were officially adults and they were always friendly and welcoming but the result was I always made sure that my skirts were not too short and that my boobs behaved. On that morning I had purposely worn a sports bra which did its job when I hugged his mum and dad but was now redundant as Kyle told me once the train set off.

No one else was around when Kyle kissed me and slid his hands under my tshirt and tried to undo it but being a sports bra it had 3 hook fasteners and we both ended up giggling as he struggled with them for what seemed like ages......his zip was much easier. I was by the window and we both turned towards each other so that Kyle's body was giving us some privacy, his hand disappeared up my skirt and pushed my panties aside. As we kissed I squeezed his fingers with my vag muscles....it felt so good and much better than my own up there....not enough to induce an orgasm but enough to make me happy.

His dick was happy too and after just a couple of minutes play Kyle whispered that he was about to shoot, to prevent a mess on our clothes I had to squeeze him so cum oozed rather than spurted out and as it ran down onto my fingers he gave a deep sigh. (He has told me in the past that he still gets a good orgasm if I do this but we both obviously miss the visual stimuli of seeing a normal cumshot.) If anyone had walked through the carriage a couple of minutes later they would probably have thought we had been eating something like a ripe pear as we both sat back licking our fingers.

The train was due to arrive in Brighton in the next ten minutes so we both used that time to visit the toilet and get things sorted as it was just a few minutes walk to the house. Kyle wanted me to take my panties off before we left the train so I would just be wearing my shirt and skirt, I know he gets a kick knowing I am not wearing underclothes in public but I didn't want to risk any embarrassment if we bumped into his friend at the house. I was probably just as horny as him but said he would have to wait till we were alone in the room, he kissed me and said okay.

The house was easy to find, nobody was at home but Kyle already had a key and knew which was our room. It was perfect for what we wanted, it had originally been the house's downstairs living room so even with the double bed there was enough floor space for Marc and El's mattress and there was a bathroom with toilet and shower just opposite.

For me oral sex is way more intimate, personal and sensual than handjobs or fucking and forms part of a serious relationship rather than casual fun, the number of tongues that have explored my vag is much fewer than the number of fingers....even when that latter number is divided by two or three (ouch!). Kyle was my second "proper" boyfriend and the one I had willingly lost my virginity with and in earlier stories I have talked about how my sexual knowledge and curiosity had been developed with his help. We knew each other pretty well.

It was no surprise when he quickly closed the curtains, pulled his tshirt off and asked me why I still had my clothes on, I reminded him that we needed to change the bedding and it was funny seeing him, now naked, getting the sheets out of his rucksack with his hard dick waving about. By the time he had the bottom sheet tucked in, my shirt and skirt were folded on the chair (his clothes were just dropped on the floor) and I was stepping out of my panties........his phone rang.

Marc was letting us know that they were about an hour away, as Kyle was speaking I cuddled him from the back and started to play with his dick, he was trying not to laugh and jokingly pushing me away but I caught his free hand and placed it between my legs.

Kyle finished by telling Marc we would meet them at Brighton station and not to rush as the hour gave us time to have sex, I burst out laughing and squeezed his dick. He dropped his phone onto the pillows then turned to face me without moving his fingers from my vag, as we shuffled back onto the bed he kissed me before running his tongue over my boobs and tummy till it found my clit. I wondered what Marc had thought and if he and El had fucked today.......then nothing at all mattered as the orgasm shot through me.

Kyle knelt up and kissed my belly button which really tickled, his dick was brushing against my thigh and easy to reach and guide into my mouth. I sucked it for maybe just a few seconds then hugged  him closely and asked where he wanted to cum, his answer was to kiss me again then lift up his ass and slide into me. I gripped him tight and watched his face, we never spoke till he whispered "now" when his cum pumped deep inside me and we both relaxed.

We met Marc and El and spent the next 48 hours together before they returned to France....I will tell you about that next time......



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