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Fun Time(s) With My 2 Sisters

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I have just read some of the postings on here about brother & sister masturbation. Thought i'd share a few fun times -that i had with my sisters.
A lil fam history 1st - my oldest sis is now 32, i am 28 & the younger 1 is 21. When we were kids - our parents were very open about sex, masturbation and all.. even nudity (around the house mainly tho). here goes with the tales;
- we lived in a decent size 2 story house (parents still live there today). After the parents renovated & added on over the garage (which became their room), my oldest sis, Alicia, moved into their old room and Ashley (yngr sis) stayed in the room she had been sharing with Alicia.
Alicia's new room (right beside mine) had a washroom off of it (and don't ask y, but dad had a door put in it off my room). But - seeing that i used to always sneek peeks at the girls in their room (from out in my tree-house) or while they were in the washroom (being as open as we were raised -- no 1 ever closed doors. I did not mind one bit about the door. When i was 13 (started jerkin it when i was 11), i was in my room and i heard moans & noices comin from Alicia's room. So i opened the washroom door ,walked in & pretended to use it(the sliding door into her room was open) and i saw her for the first time -- using a life- sized vibrator and was going to town on her pussy. Oh my god - i thought to myself -- 'I am watching my 17 yr old sister masturbating!' Well - when i saw her back arch and her body shake - i slipped back to my room. I jumped onto my bed and was sitting there reading a mag (when i thought od watching Alicia and i pulled my dick out and stroked it a few times. For 11 - i was just starting to develop & my erection was guess normal size 4-5 inches or so. I let my dick go and just let it stick up, i heard Alicia's door open and saw her walkin
down the hall. She stops at my door and says; 'my my - lil bro, sprout seems to be very big - think you should take care of it' and walked off. So - i did, i grabbed it and stroked it some, but b4 i could finish - my mom yelled up and said dinner was ready. I put my cock away and went down. The next day - mom & dad had gone to work & both Alicia & Ashley had invited some friends over for the day. most of my pals were away or at camp (it was July). With all the girls in the house - i was pretty bored and horny & hard 2, but knew jerking it was not possible. So - i decided to grab some stuff (drinks, etc) and head out to my spying pad....'the tree house'. Well - i climbed up and was sittin there listening to a tape on my walkman - when i saw Alicia & her 5 friends walk into her room (her blinds were open). I grabbed my dad's binocular's and focused on her window. Thats when i saw it..............All 6 of them began to remove there clothes. At 1st i thought they were changing to go swimming (we had a pool) - but once they were naked, they started dancing around and 1 by 1 they began to touch themselves (tits, pussies), then masturbated, then did it to each other. By then - my cock was so hard - it hurt - and i pushed off my shorts and sat there watching them & jerked off. Thank god for Alicia & her pals -- That was a great time and i had a lil clear liquid ooze out of my cock!
I thought the fun was over -- but it wasn't. I saw all the girls stand up and walk out of her room. A few minutes later - the sliding door opened and all of them came out (swimsuits in hand), they tossed them onto the deck railing and jumped into the pool. After they had sawm around some - they got out and layed around the pool tanning for a better part of the day!
It wasn't til a few months later - when Alicia and i were in the basement - that she said; 'hey, so - did u enjoy spying on me & my friends that one day?' I played stupid and said i didn't know what she was talkin about. She said; 'ya, u do - the day me & sara, sam, becky, tara and jen masturbated in my room and all!' Then i said; 'OH, that day - yes i did...i jerked off 3 times that day!' Then i asked how she knew i was spying - she said she saw the sun reflection off the lenses of the binoc's. Anyway - we started a game of.... 'if u show me yours, i'l show you mine' and we masturbated together for the 1st time. We did it alot after that and a couple times, when i was 16 & she was 20 (while she was home from college) we had sex!
Well - let's just say i jerked off to thoughts of Alicia & the fun we had alot! UH, even though i missed her - i had plenty of chances to stay with spying & eventual playing.... cuz there was still Ashley! When i 1st knew she was 'rubbin the kitty' (as Alicia used to call it - well, when she had that sister chat of masturbation with her)... she was bout 11 yrs old. I was 18 then (my mom had another kid between me & ash, but he passed away from phenomia at 3 months) - that is why there is a huge gap!
Anyway - i got home from school early that particular day, and thought since i was alone - i'd have a lil jerk off fun. I went into the sunroom and flipped on the tv and jumped channels til i saw a porn flick. As i watched it, my cock grew and was pushing to get out, so i freed it and slowly started jerkin to the picture. I was so into it - that i didn't even hear Ashley come in and i almost jumped when she said; 'IC - thats what ya do, u spy on me all the time - then when no 1 is home u stroke yur dick!' Well - i said; 'ya, guess so - u just have to do that once in a while!' She then came over and sat on the coffee table wide-eyed and watched me. Then she said; 'ya - know today in health, teach talked to us about sexual stuff and masturbation. Can i ask ya somethin?' I said; ok.' She looked at me & said; 'what i don't get is why do people do it & i know what boys do - they just grab the dinks and slide their hands on them, what do girls do?' I sat there, strokin for a bit - then said; ' 1st - people do it, cuz it feels good and it helps them know what pleassures they like 4 when they start to have sex. 2nd - did neither Alicia in her chats with you or yur teach go over 'male & female masturbation'? But - ok, yes - a guy does just that - strokes his cock. 4 girls - it is just a matter of rubbing yur hands across yur crotch (pussy) until you feel a tingly sensation throughout yur body.' As of that - she raced off to her room and shut her door. I never knew if she had done it or not. But - there was one time, i was going to call a pal and when i picked up the phone - i overheard Ashley talkin to Alicia about it & Alicia gave her tips for doing it and even said; 'hey - i will be home in like 2 weeks for chritmas break - keep practicing til then......if u aren't gettin anywhere - when i get home - i'll show you how! (boy - could i not wait to see that, hehe)! Well - that day came and i watched them! A few wks later, I was in my room jerkin off and Ashley walked in and asked if she could join me (she said Alicia had put her up to it). I said ok - but strip first - so i can see you tho! She did and her lil pre-teen body was soooooooooooo hot. she had those lil perky beginning to bud - tits, a small bum, and a lil bare pussy. She climbed onto my bed and we sat feet - feet and while she watched me jerk off -- she started to rub her pussy. I asked her how long she had been doing it and she said; 'about a few months, but it wasn't Alicia had showed her the right way - that she really played with it!' The 2 of us shared many masturbation fun times after that. Jump ahead to the summer - Alicia went over to Europe with a group of friends from college 4 some 'studies' thing str8 from school and didn't get home til mid-July. Mom & dad decided to send Ashley to a camp that Alicia used to go to. Well - remember, Ashley was at the 'developing' stage when she left. Alicia finally arrived home and one night we were by the pool and were talking about our past school yrs and other stuff. Then i asked her if she remembered all the 'fun times' we used to have together. She admitted that she did and wished we could do it again. I said;'OK, i am game if u want to!' We did, but it was just masturbation fun - nothing else! About the 1st week of August - mom & dad left to drive to the camp to pick up Ashley. I started to wonder about her alot over that month - cuz one time when we got a letter from her - i read it 1st (seein that i was at home during the day).... she had told mom that her cabin-leader had told her to 'tell your mother to send u some bra's' and there was even a line where she asked mom for some ' girl products ' - started her . , so i was dying to see what she blossemed into. When i saw dad's Explorer pull up, Alicia and i ran outside. Mom & dad got out and dad started'to unload Ash's bags. Then we saw the rear door open and out stepped this hot young babe. Shit - at first i thought it was one of her friends, til she said; 'Alicia, and did her lil girly sceech/giggle thing - thats when i realixed the hot babe was Ashley.
Oh my god -- she went away as a yng pre-teen and came home as a hottie! I hugged her at the first chance i could and she grabbed my crotch and whispered; 'ooo, i missed seein this' and smiled as she walked away. Now - i mean she is my sis & all - but, damn...............i could have done her right then (when i saw her). she had grown taller, had long brown hair, was tanned, had nice 28b tits & her ass was a lil bigger 2 (but still very cute & grabable). That night - she sneeked into my room and tap me on the shoulder and asked if i like to see her - i turned on the light and she pulled her pj's off (to reveal her body) and 4 the 1st time i saw her pussy w/ a nice coming-in bush! I tossed back the covers and started to jerk off. She began to rub her pussy and feel her tits. Then she got on the bed with me and we did each other. Bout that time - my door opened and Alicia stood there and said; 'i knew it - can i join in?' We said sure!
We ended up playing all night long and after we all masturbated & came , they each sucked me off, then i did each of their pussies. We finally fell asleep in a tangled naked mass on the bed, just as the sun was coming up. We shared a few more fun times = then Alicia went back to school and our school yrs started (me in 1st yr at a local college) and Ashley went into gr.7! VERY FUN TIMES, hope u all enjoy it as mush as i did and still do (wink wink)!



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