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Fun on the Beach

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Fun on the Beach
My wife and I are pretty open sexually. We masturbate together often and we have dabbled with public sex. We have been caught twice by unsuspecting people fooling around. Once on a beach and once in our car. The event I'm about to describe happened when I was alone.
We were camping at a state park on the Atlantic coast. The beaches there are nice and not very crowded, but there are plenty of other camper enjoying the sun, surf and fishing. My wife was off shopping that day, so I was on the beach alone. I got to thinking about the time we were caught screwing by a couple of young boys on the same beach the summer before. There was no one nearby, so I jacked off and had a nice, satisfying orgasm.
Later, I fell asleep on my blanket and was awakened by voices. The beach was still deserted, except for two teenaged girls sitting near me. It was their chatter and laughing that woke me up. As came out of the sleep haze, I realized that I had a hard on that was tenting up the front of my gym shorts. I thought 'oops' and rolled over on my stomach to hide my boner.
On my stomach, I could glance left and see the girls. And they were glancing my way every few seconds. I didn't mind at all, they were both drop dead pretty. They were petite, cheerleader types. Their bikinis were small. Even though they were sitting down, I could see that their suits were as small as my wife's. My boner did not go away looking at these two babes, and I realized that they must have seen my cock tenting my shorts while I was asleep. That thought made me hard all over again.
I almost didn't respond when one of them said, 'Oh look, porpoises.' I had to squirm sideways to see and still keep my crotch to the blanket. That is when I made eye contact with the one who had large titties spilling out of a too small top. There was something in her look that was flirtatious and bold. She smiled at me and gave me a little wave of her hand. Subtle, but definite.
Bing. A twitch in my cock. I realized that they had been looking at my nylon covered hard on. Again, I just got harder. I thought, 'what the hell, should I?' I checked up and down the beach, there was no one else near. So.... I turned onto my side facing the girls.
The smaller girl looked away, the bigger one locked her gaze right onto my crotch. Then our eyes met again and I reacted instinctively. Before I knew it, I was asking them to come closer. They conferred and it was obvious the smaller girl didn't want to, but her friend dragged her over to the edge of my blanket. We talked for a few minutes, but I don't remember much of it until I asked the leader if she wanted to see my cock. She did. Her friend didn't say anything, but she didn't object either.
I did it. I sat up and took my shorts off. Then stretched back on my side with my hard, 6' dick pointing right at them. Their eyes were big and it was one of the most erotic moments of my life when I started to gently stroke my cock.
I took my time and made a good show of it. They just watched. No words, just some heavy breathing. When I was ready to cum, I rolled onto my back and let loose a huge load all over my chest, stomach and hand. There was a gasp from the smaller girl. They both looked dazed.
I kept stroking and had a small, second orgasm. Then pulled my shorts back on and walked down to the water to clean up. When I turned around, the girls were walking back down the beach.



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