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Fun in the TV Room

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Fun in the TV Room by Thomas
Jessica walked down to the fraternity house to meet up with a friend of hers from English class. He said they were having a party and that she should come down. She hadn't really been exploring the partying side of college yet, but saw this as a golden opportunity. When she got there, he was waiting for her on the porch. Once inside, he took her jacket and said he would put it in a safe place. She was charmed from the beginning. There was dancing and drinking, everything that she had expected to see. But the one thing she saw that she had not expected to see was how sweet her friend from English class was. He kept offering her drinks, although she turned that down most of the time, kept asking her to dance, and even once held her hand. At one point in the night, a slow song came on. He looked at Jessica, and didn't have to say a word. About halfway into the dance, he told her how beautiful he thought she was. Within seconds, Jessica was enjoying the most passionate kiss of her life. She was reeling with pleasure. He then says to her, "lets go upstairs." She happily said yes. It was obvious that he had other intentions with the night from the beginning. When Jessica entered the TV room, she saw rose petals at her feet and across the room. Three candles were lit, giving off a strawberry scent, with no other light in the room. Without hesitation, they lie down on the couch. They lock in another passionate kiss, but this one lasts much longer, his tongue getting to know every part of her tongue. He moves down to start kissing on her neck, she puts up no fight, letting herself fall into the sensual joy. Jessica realizes that he is experienced, his hands knowing everywhere to touch, his mouth knowing everywhere to kiss. Jessica is a petite girl, 34B with legs long and firm. It was not long before the candlelight saw the skin of her breasts, milky white in color having never seen the sun, nipples hard with excitement, anticipation of what is to come. His tongue was a master, rolling her nipples through his mouth, she began to feel warm down below, something she was not used to. While he was licking around the areola, she could not help but notice that he had an erection. Without a word, she moved her hand down over his bulge and began to stroke overtop of his pants. He looked at her, smiled, and kissed her deeply. They both removed their pants and shirts, stripping themselves down to nothing. He took his first look at Jessica's pussy, and what a sweet pussy it was. Not shaven, but trimmed very nicely, lips sitting tightly together. He moved his mouth over her pussy, and she gasped initially, but the pleasure took over and she melted away in his mouth. He eased his tongue in and out of her tasty snatch continuously. Jessica pulled him up eventually and laid eyes on his bulging cock. She cupped his balls with her hand and began to take his shaft in and out of her mouth, periodically licking around the head and balls. With every movement of her mouth, he became more and more aroused, and began to float away in ecstasy. After about 10 minutes, she laid back and put her legs over her head. He looked at her in awe, knowing what he was being invited for. He took his cock and gently ran it across her lips, letting her feel what was coming. He then eased it inside of her, both of them entering into feelings they have never had before. The warmth of her pussy was unbelievable. With every lounge into her, she became wetter and hotter. While he was pumping in and out, she began to grind her hips into him, making it even more intense. She began to feel a trembling inside, but it did not stay there long. Her pussy was contracting uncontrollably, her juices flowing onto his cock, as she enjoyed her first true orgasm. Just as Jessica was climaxing, he could not take it anymore. He pulled out and she began to suck his cock again. After about a minute, he warned her, but she continued. He let his load out in her mouth with a loud moan of enjoyment, and Jessica swallowed every drop of his salty nectar. They kissed and fell asleep in the TV room, only to wake up the next morning to more of the same sensual fantasies to be fulfilled. Who says fraternity life isn't good?



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