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Fun in the Pool

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This time I did more than just watch.


After our last encounter I didn't see my neighbour for a couple of days and I was worried she was avoiding me cos she was embarrassed about what happened. Then I was outside hanging out my washing when she came out and started talking to me like everything was fine so I was relieved about that and for the following days we just spoke and chatted like we had before, nothing had changed. I didn't want to bring up what had happened in case I made her uncomfortable.

On Saturday morning my boyfriend and I decided to have a barbecue due to the lovely weather and decided that as it would be a hot sunny day it was about time we uncovered the pool for the summer. I rang our best friends and invited them round and set about filling up the pool while my boyfriend went out to get stocked up on food and drink. As I was sorting the pool she came out and asked what I was doing. I told her I was sorting the pool out for the summer and that we were having a barbecue. I told her that if later on the music was too loud or we were too loud to come and tell us and we would turn the volume down. She said that her friend was away for the week and she wouldn't be bothered by the noise. I asked her if she wanted to join us as seen as she would be alone and she said she had to pop out but would see how she felt when she got home and with that she headed out.

Later on the barbecue was in full swing and we were all having a good time when she appeared at the fence and said we all looked like we were having a good time and asked if the invitation was still open. We said it was and she said "well I best get changed then" and nodded at our attire. We all had swimwear on due to the hot weather and going in the pool and she said she would be back. About 10 minutes later she came back and hopped over the fence. She had on the bikini she had been wearing the other day and immediately I felt myself becoming wet as I thought what she had done whilst wearing it. She went and grabbed and a drink and joined in the fun.

The barbecue went off great and we all had a great time and about 7 o'clock my friends decided to head home as they had their daughter with them and she was starting to get tired. We asked if they wanted to stay over but they said they were fine and they headed off. After they had gone my sister got out of the pool and laid on the sun bed. She then said "oh now the child (she used her name but I'm not saying it here) has gone I can do this" and untied her bikini top and let it fall off. When she did this my neighbour said good idea and did the same with hers. I followed suit and we all laid there topless. I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful boobs and sexy pink nipples which were now stiff and pointy in the sun. I was getting wetter the more I stared at them and wanted to lean over and stroke them softly. I needed to cool down and went and got in the pool. My sister and neighbour came too and soon we were all in the pool, chatting and laughing and drinking, just enjoying the lovely evening.

An hour or so later my sister and her boyfriend said they were heading in to watch tv, but judging by the look on their faces I figured they were doing anything but. They headed in and my boyfriend said he was getting out and was going to get changed and start tidying up. He hopped out and headed inside leaving just me and her, topless in the pool. The situation dawned on me and my pussy twitched and throbbed. I didn't know what to say but then she broke the silence. "you know, you have really nice boobs". I giggled and told her she did too. She then told me how much me watching her the other day had turned her on and said that she had cum so many times since thinking about it. Hearing this made my pussy leak love juice into my bikini and suddenly my inhibitions disappeared.

I slowly swam over to her and told her watching her masturbate was so sexy and I would love to watch her again. She giggled shyly and said "maybe one day you will". I kissed her softly and said "not one day, I want to watch you right now". She looked at me wide eyed and I said "I want you to play with yourself". She looked at me shocked and I was worried I had gone too far but then she smiled and slid her hands down and into her bikini bottoms and started to rub her pussy. I watched as she rubbed herself, her eyes staring at me and looking at my boobs. I asked if I could touch her boobs and she nodded and said "oh please do". I leant down and gently ran my finger over her nipples. She shuddered and moaned and I repeated the motion over and over. She told me it felt so good and her rubbing sped up. I gently pushed my lips against her nipple and sucked whilst my fingers played with her other one. She let out a whimper and told me to suck harder. I sucked and bit her nipples making her moan with pleasure. By now my pussy was dripping with juice and was begging to be loved. I moved round and leant on the pool side next to her. My hand found its way into my bikini and rubbed up and down my lips. I let out a moan as a surge of pleasure rushed through me. I spread my lips open to reveal my clit and rubbed my fingers against it. I turned my head and found her looking at me as her fingers worked their magic inside her bikini.

As I looked in her eyes I could see the pleasure burning in them and this turned me on immensely. Listening to her moan beside me was making my orgasm build inside me and I knew I was heading towards an orgasm. Judging by her heightened breathing and her sexy moans and gasps I figured she was close too. She gasped and her eyes widened and she said "oh god I'm gonna cum....I'm going to cum". I leaned over and whispered in her ear "so am I, I want you to cum for me.....cum for me baby". Suddenly she moaned out loud and her body started shaking gently. She shouted "oh fuck me, I'm cumming". Hearing this sent me over the edge and my pussy exploded and sent waves of orgasmic bliss thundering through me. I closed my eyes and let the feeling take over me. Suddenly I felt an arm wrap round me and she whispered "that was wonderful" in my ear. I opened my eye and I couldn't help myself. I pulled her close and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for a while as our bodies came down from their orgasmic high.

We broke our kiss and both started giggling. She said that was wonderful, we NEED to do it again. She got out of the pool and said it was about time she headed home. I got out of the pool and grabbed her hand. My sexual desire overtook everything and I said "you aren't going anywhere, I haven't finished with you yet". She looked at me wide eyed and intrigued. I told her I wanted to taste her pussy so bad and she could only nod at me. I pushed her down onto the grass and laid down on top of her and slowly kissed down her body. I felt her shudder and moan as I kissed down over her tummy to her bikini. I put my head between her legs and I smelt her pussy through the material, it was a heavenly smell and I leant forward and buried my nose in it. She squealed in delight and I nuzzled her clit with my nose. I couldn't wait any longer and pulled her bikini to one side and saw her beautiful wet pussy before me. I slowly ran my tongue up her lips and planted a kiss on her clit. She moaned and kept saying more more more. I slowly licked her clit in circles, getting faster and faster. Her hips began to buck and she pushed her pussy into my face obviously wanting more. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it hard. She screamed out and said "yes yes yes keep doing that, oh god please....don't stop". I sucked and nibbled on her clit harder and harder and suddenly she screamed out and I felt my face get wet and sticky and realised she had just cum all over me. The feeling of her juice dripping down my cheeks as her legs shook either side of me had me almost cumming. I looked up at her and she said "oh my good god".

Before she could say anything else I plunged my tongue into her wetness and started licking out all her juice. She screamed and bucked like mad and I felt her hand on my head pushing me down. I loved the reaction I was getting and licked deeper and harder into her pussy. She was squirming round lost in the pleasure and I wanted to make her feel good. I pulled my tongue out and she screamed at me to keep going. I slid a finger inside and pushed it deep till I found her g-spot and gently started tickling my finger against it. Her back arched and her breathing got more and more erratic. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm and decided to try something. I wasn't sure how she would react but I went for it. As my fingers tickled her g-spot I brought my head down and softly flickered my tongue against her sexy little bum hole. I gently licked round the opening before sliding my tongue inside and began to tongue fuck her ass. Within seconds she was screaming and moaning and panting and said she was going to cum. Her entire body stiffened up and then juice began to pour out of her pussy and drip down to her bum hole. I used them to slide my tongue in and out of her ass as she writhed around in orgasmic ecstasy. Her body became still and I looked up at her panting. She looked at me and said "holy fucking wow, that was the best orgasm I have ever had, your tongue felt so good in my ass.....that's the first time I've ever had anything in my ass and it was so good". I giggled and suddenly she looked at me with the most serious face ever. I shakily said "what??". She said "your turn" and suddenly grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back.

I laid back and let her take me as she ran her tongue down my body. I was in heaven as I felt her tongue reach the top of my bikini bottoms and she slipped her fingers inside. She began licking my pussy and pleasure surged through me and I knew I wouldn't last long before I exploded in orgasm. Minutes later I was holding back from cumming to keep the feeling longer. Her tongue felt wonderful on my pussy and I wanted it there forever. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it in much longer and edged closer and closer to cumming. Suddenly I felt her finger gently stroking my bum hole and that tipped me. My pussy burst and I squirted all over her tongue. My body trembled and shook and I felt like I was going to burst open. I came down from the feeling and she began to gently suck on my clit and slowly finger my bum hole. I didn't have chance to speak before the pleasure took over my body once more. I could only moan and whimper as my body burned with desire and headed towards another orgasm. I heard a groan from behind me and opened my eyes to find my boyfriend sat on the chair open mouthed stroking his big hard cock. Seeing this was too much and my orgasm hit me like a train. The most unbearable intense feeling ripped through every single atom of my body and I began to go light headed. I felt like if it didn't subside soon I would pass out. Eventually it came down and I was dead. I couldn't move any part of my body. I could only lay there sighing happily as my pussy dripped and leaked juice everywhere.

I felt a hand running up my body and her face appeared in front of mine. She kissed me softly and said "I hope you enjoyed that" she looked at my boyfriend and said "I hope you enjoyed it too". She then said "now I best be off home, see you later" and with that she hopped over the fence and disappeared. I looked back at my boyfriend and noticed cum dripping down his legs. "That was fucking hot" he said and I giggled. Eventually I gathered the strength to move and stood up. I was going to go and get a shower but then I thought fuck it and went and jumped in the pool to cool off.

Maybe in the future we will have more fun, maybe not.....all I know she certainly knows how to make me feel good.



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