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Fun For Both

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I have always been fascinated in watching my wife climax. It took her a few years after we were married just to reach the point where she could climax. After a few tries with battery powered vibrators, I sent away for a Prelude vibrator. That was the start of a long affair of vibrator enjoyment for her. In the beginning, she would use it on her own. Eventually, she would bring it out when we had sex together, and would always enjoy at least one nice orgasm.

Eventually, I convinced her how much I enjoyed seeing her orgasm. It took a while, but in time she began to indulge me, and would sit with her virbrator and masturbate to several orgasms while we watched TV in the evening. The whole time I would be on the verge of cumming in my shorts. Eventually, we would then proceed to have sex, and she would climax at least once or twice more. I've seen her have at least ten or twelve orgasms in a single evening, so she has a great capacity. Interestingly, even after intercourse, and even if she's had several orgasms, she almost always grabs her vibrator and says 'just one more' while she stands next to me and proceeds to have the strongest climax (or sometimes climaxes) of the evening. I must note that she climaxes most easily while standing. It did at one time bother me a bit that she always needed more after sex, but now I simply understand that it is the time when she can let go the most.

Anyway, as the years went by, she became more comfortable masturbating in front of me. For some reason, I became quite interested in seeing if she could climax in a public setting. When the early strap-on type clitoral vibrators became available, I tried several of them for her. Unfortunately, none were nearly powerful enough to induce her to climax. The plug-in Prelude was the only thing that would do the job! Further, she just wasn't sure that this was something she wanted to do in public.

I was determined, however, and with the advent of superior technology in the sex business, the battery operated toys began to improve. While the original idea was that the vibrator would be discreet, thus I was buying the types that could be worn beneath clothing, ads and reviews for the Pocket Rocket were indicating that this little buzzer packed a punch. So off I went to the local toy store for a Pocket Rocket.

One evening after I had made my purchase, I asked her to wear a skirt and gartered hose when we went out for dinner that night. This was not a totally unusual request for me to make, and I'm sure she was just thinking that we would make love later. We went to a small Mexican place that had a walk-up counter and a dining room that was around the corner from the counter. Fortunately, that evening the place was basically empty. We sat in the back and, after we finished eating, I said to my wife, 'I'd like you to try something' and discreetly slipped her the vibrator. She looked at the vibrator for a minute before she figured out what it was, and then at me and said, 'here?'

I said why not, it's empty, the TV playing is noisy, and you're facing the back. No one will see or hear, and I'll keep a lookout on the room. She kind of rolled her eyes at me but smiled, then looked over her shoulder to check out the room. I told her how to turn the thing on, and she twisted it to life. Turning back, she reached down under the table and slid her hand, and the vibrator, up under her skirt. She was sharp, sliding up the wall side where it would not be so obvious that she had her hand under her skirt! When she touched her clit, she gave a quiet 'whoa', and shifted in her seat.

How's that feel?' I asked.

'Pretty good', she replied, then became quiet. Her eyes always give away her arousal, and they were becoming glazed as she continued to press the small vine aginst her clit under the table, trying to look nonchalant while looking up at the TV set. Soon, she began to move around a bit, her hips pumping slightly as her arousal grew. It was apparent to me that, while she was looking at the TV, she certainly was not watching it! She was having a difficult time trying to keep her eyes open and focused. Then it happened! With a low groan, she stiffened up, closed her eyes, and came! Right there in the restaurant.

'Was that what I thought it was?' I asked.

'MmmmHmmm,' was all she could answer. Not more than 15 seconds later, she stiffened and, with a low moan, came again! This time, I came just after she did, not really on purpose, but from the enormous excitement of the event.

'Wow, that must be a powerful little bugger,' I said.

She replied that it was, and that it also vibrated at the 'right speed'. After one more climax on her part, she had had her thrill, and I mine!

Since that day, she's enjoyed masturabting to climax in public on many many occasions. We progressed to trying some of the remote control toys, but none were ever strong enough (I would love the chance to have the control!). One did come with a decent pair of panties, however, that had a pouch in the front that was designed to hold the remote vibrating unit, but was also well suited to most any bullet style vibrator.

I happened to find a bullet vibe known as the Ultra 7, which is an extremely powerful unit. The benefit here is two-fold; one, with the bullet in her panties and the wired remote control unit tucked in her pocket, she does not need to obviously hold anything on her clitoris. Secondly, she can control the level of stimulation, though on the high setting, this unit is the equivalent of her Prelude and invariably results in climax. With the new vibrator, the need for visual discretion is greatly reduced.

With the new freedom of being able to vibrate at any time 'hands free', she has experienced strong orgasms while sitting in a restaurant with people filling every table and booth in the place! Needless to say, her orgasms are not vocal, but as I mentioned, her eyes always give her away, and there usually are some movements which let me know she is in the middle of an orgasm. Occasionally, during a very strong climax, she can't help but let out a low moan, which makes me crazy when she does! Once, while in a Noodles restaurant, she was in the middle of some strong stimulation when a girl came out to clean tables. She never stopped, and at one point, not realizing the girl was right behind her, she stiffened visibly and actually smacked her hand down to grab the table edge as she was cumming so hard. I noticed the girl look over, but if she suspected anything, she didn't let on as my wife sat with her eyes closed, humping slightly with her hips as she orgasmed!

Another time, she had her vibe on and we stopped to look at some furniture after eating. She had at least four orgasms while walking through the store. I couldn't believe her at one point when I had stopped to look at something and she had continued on down the aisle. She was about 20 feet away from me, and near a salesman that was sitting at a computer with another couple. When I looked up, she was looking back at me with an unusual look on her face. I understood the look shortly when she grabbed the back of a chair to steady herself as she came. She did manage to keep her eyes open, but her knees also gave way a bit when the climax rippled through. When I walked up to her, we began walking further down the aisle when she grabbed my arm with an, 'Oh God' and came again. If the others had looked over at her, they would have wondered what her problem was I'm sure!

After a time, she asked why I didn't get something for myself to use during our outings. Another remote we tried had also come with a pair of briefs with a pocket for a vibrator. They were fine for some stimulation, but they hit the testies, which is not the right spot to spur my climax. I need some stimulation on the penis proper. One of the remote bullet vibes we had purchased came with a stretchy latex cock ring that can hold the bullet. After some trial and error, I found that if I put on a condom, slipped a bullet vibe into the cock ring, and put the ring near the head of my penis with the bullet on the underside, it did pretty much hit the right spot! The ring is small enough that it stays in place when flaccid, and stretches when I become engorged.

Now when we play in public, we both experience climax, though no one else knows what is occurring! Now I know why my wife seemed to take to this type of fun. It is quite exciting to sit in a room full of people and climax while trying to look like nothing is going on. The room kind of spins for a minute and then it seems as if you're in you own little world for a few beautiful seconds while the orgasm overtakes the senses.

Well, that's how my wife and I enjoy our mutual masturbation, often in a room full of strangers! If you like the thought of your wife climaxing in public while trying to maintain her composure, convince her to give it a try! I had to do plenty of talking to get her to try this originally. She was just too shy to do something like that. Then, in that empty little Mexican restaurant, it happened for this first time, and there's been no looking back. My wife climaxes more quickly and easily during our outings than at any other time, and she has even mentioned it to friends. She told one friend how, one night at a restaurant, the waiter noticed the small light on the bullet control unit shining through the material of her pocket and said 'you're glowing', probably thinking it was a pager or cell phone. Her response (don't forget now, the bullet is on if the light is on, so she's being stimulated quite nicely) was 'so I am, in more ways than one!' So for her it is a major turn on, and I certainly enjoy it as well. Your wife or girlfriend may have the same experience.



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