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Fun at YMCA Camp

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Anybody else have stories about experiences at summer camp? If so post them on this site.


I have been reading stories on this site for several years now and finally decided to add one of my own from early adolescence. It is still, almost twenty years later, a memory that I recall during daily masturbation.

I was attending a Y.M.C.A. day camp. It consisted of boys and girls ages 11 to 14. I was either 13 or 14 at the time (I cannot remember but I do know that I was going to be entering my first year of high school...9th grade).

We would do all the usual stuff you do at summer camp: swimming, nature hikes, horseback riding, etc...

Well, one day we got to go skiing at a lake. While I was there I met up with a girl named 'Mack' (I assume that was a nickname probably based on a derivative of her real name)

I considered her to be rather bratty, though she was probably one of the best looking girls at the camp. She was about 11 or 12 yrs old, blonde hair, fair skin, freckle faced, pretty smile and, even at her age, a nice body.

She was wearing a two-piece swimsuit which showed off her assets quite nicely leaving little to the imagination, at least in the mind of an adolescent boy like myself at the time.

She had tiny perky tits that were just starting to develop, a tight ass and nice toned legs. She looked older than her age and I was soon to discover that she had knowledge about sex well beyond her years as well.

The day at the lake ended and we all piled into the van for the trek back to the YMCA campgrounds. I ended up sitting next to Mack, I and a chubby kid named Bobby. We were in the last row of the van and were relaxing.

I was fiddling with my cooler that I had brought my lunch in...not paying attention to Mack or Bobby. When all off a sudden I heard Mack say to Bobby, 'Did you see it?'

'Yes' Bobby replied.

'You didn't see all of it, did you?' Mack inquired.

'Well, pretty much' Bobby said.

I turned around to face Mack and said 'What are talking about?'

'Oh...I was just asking if Bobby saw my pussy' Mack replied boldly.

I'm sure my jaw dropped. She was still wearing her two-piece suit but Mack had wrapped a towel around her waist. I assume she had removed or loosened her bottoms and accidentally the towel must have slipped off at one point.

'Well,' I said 'If Bobby got to see it I should get to see it too.'

'Sure, why not' she said.

With that she moved the towel she was wearing and moved her loosened bottoms to the side and there it was. Her soft little pussy with a small tuft of black hair around it. I was awe struck. I had never seen a girl my age naked before. I couldn't believe she was doing this in front of both me and Bobby.

As we continued our ride back to the campgrounds, several miles away, I continually urged Mack to show me more and more of her pussy, which she did with no hesitation.

Finally she said, 'You haven't seen it down there...it's really good down there'

She was obviously talking about the lips of her pussy, of course, but I didn't know that at the time.

'Then show it to me down there.' I said.

Mack began to hesitate at this point. She would pull her bottoms halfway to the side then stop. The she would pull them a little further and then again stop. She was being a brat and teasing me, giggling the entire time.

I had had enough of this!

'Show it to me' I demanded.

She bit her lower lip, and then removed her bottoms revealing her entire pussy to my gaze. It was beautiful.

Her labia was amazing, it consisted of clearly visible lips surround on both sides by a patch of black pubic hair. Mack gave a moment or two to soak in the sight before me, before replacing the towel around her waist.

'Now, you can't say I have nothing down there.\,' she replied proudly.

Then she said 'Now I need to feel it down there'

Did I hear her right? Was she talking about masturbating? At 14, I didn't know girls did that.

I had to know if this was a common occurrence for her. 'How often do you do this?' I asked her.

'Every day.' she said boldly.

'Every day?'

'That's what I said'


Mack looked me straight in the eye in said in a voice, that showed she was extremely horny, 'Because if I don't I go crazy and I fuck anything I see!'

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

She covered her waist with the towel and her hands went underneath and went to work. Even though Bobby and I couldn't see what she was doing it was very clear to both of us what she was up to.

I drifted out of the moment thinking about Mack and trying to conceal my rising erection with my cooler in my lap, when I was jolted back into reality when Mack spoke.

'Think of being naked' she said.

'Ok' Bobby replied.

'With me' Mack responded with a giggle.

'Oh my god...you're showing me...' Bobby stuttered.

'Mack what are you showing him now?' I inquired.

'My tits...so he'll get a hardon faster'

This girl was hornier than anyone I had ever known.

I peered over and got an excellent side view of her tiny titties with large protruding nipples.

By this time the straps holding the bottom of suit had been undone and she was going-to-town on her bare pussy even though it was shielded from view by her towel.

As she continued to masturbate underneath that towel, her breathing began to increase and she was determined, as was evident from her face, to come. Her breathing began to get raspy and ragged.

Her demeanor changed from a bratty, giggling girl to an anxious, horny female focused on her impending orgasm.

'I just need to see the lump' she cried out

And with that she reached over and pulled Bobby's hands away from his swim trunks to reveal the tent in his shorts...he quickly replaced his hands hiding it from view.

Then she looked over at me.

There was fire in her eyes. A look of anguish. A look of fear. A look which said 'you're going to show me your hardon...now!'

And with that she reached over, and with incredible strength and determination, pulled the cooler off my lap revealing my huge hardon. I had never been so hard in my life. The material in my trunks was being strained to the absolute extreme due to my erection. In fact, I was sure my cock was going to rip through my shorts right then and there. In fact, and every line and crease in my cock was clearly visible.

Mack's eyes got as big as saucers. I quickly replaced the cooler against my raging hardon. But she had seen it and that was obviously what she needed to bring her over the top.

Her eyes closed tight, her head went back, her entire body began to convulse and shake, and she let out a number of high-pitched little shrieks. There was no mistaking, she was coming... hard!

No one else in the van knew what was happening, but Bobby and I knew what had just taken place. She had had a powerful G-spot orgasm! I don't know if this was her first time coming in that manner, but it certainly was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen.

Eventually Mack's breathing returned to normal and she slumped in her seat totally satisfied and exhausted. We didn't say anything with each other for the rest of the ride until we got back to camp.

When we got back, she met up with her girlfriends, which were in another van, and started telling them a story in a hushed tone. I don't know if she was talking about what she had just experienced. However, their eyes got big and wide, and they would glance over at Bobby and me on the sidelines throughout her story.

I still masturbate to this memory years later as it stands out as my favorite childhood and young teen experience.

Maybe I'll post more stories about that summer of exploration in the future...

Hope you guys and girls liked it.

Happy Jacking!



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