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Fun at the Beach

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One warm summers evening me and two friends, a male and a female, decided to go for a drive to the coast and maybe camp the night there depending on the weather. We went to a beach about an hour and a half away from our town. It was a large beach but it had lots of secluded spots because of the large sand dunes. There still a few people on the beach walking their dogs etc...We found ourselves a well enclosed area within the dunes, hidden from sight from outside of it. My male friend suggested we see if the water was still warm enough for a swim and so we went down to the ocean to check, it was still warm so all 3 of us went in for a swim. After about an hour the light was fading and the water was cooling so we headed back to our camp. When we got back we started a small fire to provide light and then got out some food and some beers. We spent the next couple of hours drinking quite a lot. We were all drunk but not properly drunk (if that makes sense) Unsurprisingly we started playing a game of dares and by spinning the beer bottle we decided to did the dare and who chose it. It started off with fairly harmless things like flashing our butts to each other and then it moved on to kissing which turned the heat up a bit (first and only time i have ever kissed a guy properly!) then it got even more interesting as the girl dared me to show my cock, my hard cock. i contemplated this for a minute but then finally said 'ok but only if you kiss it (to the girl) and you touch it (to the guy)' they both considered it and then agreed. so as i was only wearing my swim shorts i slowly removed them to reveal my hard dick with the foreskin rolled back to reveal my head. the two of them just stared at it before the guy was brave enough to move towards me and then gently wrap his hand around my shaft which felt nice. after a couple of seconds he removed his hand and it was time for the girl to kiss it so she moved closer to it and after what seemed like forever she gave it a quick kiss on the head. i then said to her 'is that the best you can do?' she replied with 'no' then moved back to me and licked my cock all over before taking it into her mouth and briefly sucking on it. it felt fantastic to have her do that to me. we continued to play the game of dares and it wasnt long before the other two were naked like me. the girl then dared me to give the other guy a proper handjob. both of us agreed to this quickly. he laid down on his back and i kneeled over him. i lightly touched his balls with my fingers and then gripped his shaft firmly and slowly started to jack off his throbbing hard cock. every now and again id stop pumping his dick and just play around with it. while i was giving the guy and handjob the girl had got turned on so she came over and askd me to masturbate her with my spare hand. so there i was wanking off my friends cock and fingering my other friends pussy. the girl said she wanted to be eaten so she went and sat her pussy on the guys face...he then proceeded to eat her while i continued to jack him after a while though the handjob turned into a blowjob as i couldnt resist sucking on his penis. i got him off and swallowed his cum at about the same time he licked her to orgasm. seeing as they had both cum and i hadnt they said it was only fair that i got to have my fun...so that night i got my dick in 5 holes...2 different mouths, 2 different asses and into 1 pussy. we often get each other off these days...the most daring one was when the girl successfully gave me a handjob while in our history class...people probably saw us at it but no one said anything...i mean they must have seen her go down and lick the cum off my cock (my male friend has also discovered a love for giving me head)



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