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Fully Cothed and Watched

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Ordinary white cotton panties. Nothing special, not a thong, not lacy. Still, they can be highly sexy if used the right way. 


A lot of it. loke most sex I suppose, starts in the mind. All that was between me and her was that thin layer of white cotton, and it was driving us both wild.

But Iím getting ahead of myself. 

Iím studying now, and I mean seriously studying! Thereís been a change of direction and Iím now at Uni full time studying law. My chambers are being amazingly helpful on the days I donít have lectures, and so far, Iím doing really well. 

Still, there are some parts of the course that I truly loathe. I miss the thrill of the courtroom, and the dustier parts of Tort, well, itís enough to make a girl weep. 

So, Iím in the library, squirrelled away from everyone else with my books at a reading/work station. The library is warm and Iím in a skirt, panties, and a long sleeved top. No bra, as usual for me.

And God! Iím fucking bored! Each nugget of knowledge is sticking in my throat. It feels like trying to swallow cotton wool balls. My brain eventually rebelled and I needed a break. Soooo......quick wank? I looked around and saw only one other student, but she was sitting at the perfect angle for her to see if I did anything, or if I moved. Fuck! Still and all, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right? So since she was engrossed in whatever she was reading, I spread my knees and slipped a hand up between my legs. Mmmm....warm and wet.

I suppose it could be called flashing. I quite deliberately flashed my knickers at her, although I thought she wouldnít see me and wouldnít look up. I was wrong on both counts. She did see, and she did look up.

She leaned forward with her elbows on the desk and her chin cupped on both hands and mouthed a ďGo onĒ at me. 

I let her see my crotch. Ohh, that moment when all that is protecting me is a rapidly dampening piece of cotton! Is there anything more horny? I began to touch myself and she actually pouted at me as my hand obscured her view. Then, I tugged the material aside and let her see me. I fingered myself and alternated by rubbing my clit. I knew I was wet as all hell....itís been weeks since Iíve had a good fuck.....and as usual, I could smell my own arousal. I swivelled round slightly in my chair so that if I squirted it would go on the carpet. ďIfĒ...I was definitely going to squirt. I can feel like a hard, hot little knot in my quim when Iím going to squirt, and this was definitely going to happen.

She continued to stare at me as I finished. The orgasm rolled deep and long, and the squirt happened in three very satisfying jets. Having to keep quiet also enhances the cum for me. The girl concerned was fidgeting on her chair and I desperately hoped she would give me a return display, but she didnít. Instead, she moved across so she was out of my sight. All I could see of her was her ankles.

If I was asked, I would swear she rubbed one out. I kept seeing her come up onto the balls of her feet, and her feet were quite a way apart. I wish she had let me watch.

There is a lot of surreptitious sex on campus. Since the first videos of people masturbating in Uni libraries First hit the porn sites itís been getting worse. The Dean here has warned all students that filming it and attempting to send it through the Uni network will result in instant expulsion, as will any video in which the Uni is recognisable. I wonder who has the job of monitoring the porn sites for that?!

I sat there in my warm wet knickers and realised that I need a fuck.

Time to go and see what the sports studies guys are doing tonight I think! 




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