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From The Heart

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It's taken a long time to adjust to splitting up with Stevie. She was so intense and such a wonderfully free lover that it left a huge hole in my heart. I still miss her madly, especially the little things she would do and say.  Having her come up behind me, put her arms around my waist and whisper “Im wet.” in my ear used to make my knees buckle! It was amazing! Sometimes, she and I would be making out, and she might say something like “I'm 13”. This would lead to some fabulous role play. Sometimes, though, she would hug me in the same way, from behind and say “you fucking cunt”. There would then follow verbal and sometimes physical,abuse that drove meinsane with lust.  Anyway, I find I’m hetting back to myself a bit more now. Im enjoying far more frequent masturbation, and im getting back to it being more intense. 


As I drove home from the surgery last night, I felt that familiar wetness in my panties. I've briefly mentioned my new dental nurse who is drop-dead gorgeous (no, i darent....too close to home...but a girl can dream) and that day she had worn a skirt to the office for the first time. Dental Surgery Assistants can wear scrubs if they wish, but they dont have to. There are tabbards form them as an alternative. 

As she had squatted to get me a new pack of sutures from the cupboard I got a flash of her panties. They were purple, and clearly wet! I creamed up in an instant! I managed to keep my mind on the job long enough to place three sutures in my patient’s mouth, but then had to flee to the bathroom.

I didn't masturbate then, but a million thoughts whizzed through my mind. Was she horny? Had she been fucked this morning and that was her boyfiend leaking out of her? Did she, like me, adore wetting herself? It all led to a very antsy afternoon. 

I though, the moment i got home, i would just flop down in a chair and rub a few out, but to my surprise, i didnt. I felt like doing far more, and taking longer over it. 

Sometimes, i masturbate for a whole evening and may use many different scenarios for each orgasm. This was one of those. That wet spot just wouldnt leave my mind. 

Scenario 1

This was to be an imagined conversation between me and Jo.

”hi Jo. Listen, theres something I have to tell you...from today in the surgery. I could see that, well, umm.....ok....when you squatted down, I could see that you were very wet.”

”Oh fuck! Im so sorry....its just that me and my boyfriend this morning before work we....well he fucked me. I didnt have time to clean up properly and he is someone who cums a lot.”

”hey no worries...i just thought i should let you know....in case a patient saw.”


”was it good?”

”Fuck yes! Thats why I cant resists it when he wants sex. He always give me multiple orgasms. But the result can sometimes be....” she opens her legs and I see the wet spot has grown. 

I dont say another word. i kneel between her legs pushing her knees further outward. “Umm...im not....that is...ive never....not with another girl”

”dont worry. Its not you im after. Its been a long time since i tasted sperm, thats all.”

I pull her panties aside and beging to lick at the milky discharge from her vagina. Oh its mostly sperm of course, but some is undoubtedly her.

as I think this, in the real world im masturbating...but i dont allow myself to cum...yet. Just as Im about to tip over, i take my hand away.

She wriggles. “Ohh...that felt nice.” I notice she hasnt tried to close her legs. “Im glad you liked it. He tastes wonderful....your boyfriend. So do you.”

she looks embarrassed. Her panty crotch is now back in place. “Thank you...but he does make a mess, doesnt he. It looks like ive wet myself.” 

I take the bait, if bait it is. “Have you ever? You know, wet yourself....on purpose.” 

She blushes deeply. “No...well...not on purpose but...”

”Yes? But?”

”But there was this one time i was at a nightclub and the queue was so long. I went into the car park but the cool air didnt help.i just had to pee. I didnt quite get my panties down in time. Thing is, it felt kinda nice.”

she leaves the thought hanging there.

”It is. You should really try it. I do it a lot. If im in the right mood, i can cum just be peeing my panties.” (In the real world I am masturbating again now) 


”Oh yes! Really”

”er.....show me?”

I take her hand and lead her into my yard. Its huge, and being outdoors always adds something for me. I lift my skirt and squat down. She giggles. “You look like a naughty teenager like that!” To her surprise, i stand up immediately. “Wait there.”

I leave her to her thoughts as I walk back into the house. It only takes me minutes to change, and when I emmerge, im wearing my old school shirt, a tie and my plaid school skirt. I squat again. “Fuck! Now you REALLY look like a teenager.” I smile. “Lets pretend we are both 15.” 

I slowly pee my panties as she looks on with eyes as wide as saucers. A small orgasm ripples through me. “wow! Did you cum? I mean, really cum?” I nod “Only a small one, but sometimes, i can make it huge.

again the suggestion, the unspoken and unanswered question hangs between us until finally i verbalise it. “you want to try?”

she lifts her skirt, but doesnt squat. I kneel in front of her, my hands on the back of her thighs. The material of her panties bulges out, and then a stream hits the ground between my knees. She is breathing fast and hard. I can tell she is almost but not quite there, so l lean in and kiss her through her soaking panties right over her clit. She cums with a long drawn out sigh. 

In reality, i have edged several times by now. If someone rang the doorbell id cum.

finally, i decide to indulge in a fantasy ive been having lately. In it, im a hermaphrodite. I have a vagina, and a penis. 

Back to the fantasy...

we stand in my yard, both with soaking panties, giggling like two naughty schoolgirls, but then the giggling stops and she leans in and kisses me deeply. Her hand finds my bare breast under my shirt and she cups my boob. I return the favour. She is only slightly bigger than me, but has very long nipples. Like me, she isnt wearing a bra. 

Her hand starts to move down, but I have to stop her. “Listen...theres something you should know.” I explain my condition, and again, her eyes widen. “Wow! Cool!”

the scene shifts, and we are naked, lying on my lawn. She has her legs wide apart and im just about to enter her. “Can you...i mean when.....when you cum, do you ejaculate?” The question makes me giggle. “Oh, sweetie! Most hermaphoridtes who can cum, do so prolifically. I shoot gallons! Youll see.”

i slip inside her and she wraps her legs eagerly over my back. “Fuck me! Fuck me with your cunt dick.” 

Of course, in reality, I have no idea what it feels like to push my “dick” inside a girl...ive only ever done it with a strapon and you dont get much sensation from that...still...i have a good imagination...

I fuck her on the lawn until she has had three good orgasms that made her claw at my ass.  I warn her “Im going to cum now,” the orgasm is deep, strong and powerful. I feel it jetting down my shaft and out of her so I decide to pull out.

i shoot the rest over her face, boobs and tummy. She writhes on the grass and rubs it into her skin. 

Back in reality i have cum hard. I didnt pee myself in the real world, but you wouldnt know it to see my panties. They are soaked from mound to ass as ive had one of the biggest orgasms ive had in months.

i feel deliciousl slutty tonight. I, and the whole room smells of sex. 

And I know im not done yet. I want another cum before sleep.

i slowly strip in my lounge. I look back at the armchair, there is a patch of girl cum on the cushion. Fuck it. I will enjoy seeing someone sit there one day. 

Naked, i stroll into my bathroom and dump the clothes into the hamper. The smell of cunt...my cunt follows me. I feel like a whore tonight. 

So I do something ive not done before. I find a webcam site and sit in front of my computer showing my boobs. 

Its not long before I get into  webchat. (My God there are some perverts out there!) 

I click around until a teenage boy finds me and wants to play. I decide a little white lie might spice things up, so I tell him im 16. He tells me he is too, although I suspect he isnt. 

We watch each other masturbate, and when I tell him I want him to “fuck me....push your dick in my cunt” i notice he is smelling something. I ask what it is. He stops masturbating and asks me if I wont run away if he tells me. I assure him I wont. “Its a pair of panties.” I ask if they're his girlfriends. He types “No.”

”They're my sisters.” He assures me he doesnt fancy his sister....its just pussy scent that he likes....yeah, right! I ask his sisters name. He tells me. For the rest of the session (which doesnt take long) i pretend to be his sister for him. He treats me to the most wonderful cumshot. Sperm everywhere...all over his sisters panties. I cum too, and let him see me squirt. 

After, i ask him if anything has happened....he thpes “No” then hurredly closes the connection. He says no, but at the very least, i suspect he wishes it would. Actually, i wouldnt be surprised if he had goofed around with her.

The incest idea give me some me fuel for my last orgasm which I have in bed. It reminds me of me and my brother, and ai havent masturbated over that for a long time.

When finally i close my eyes, my brother has made love to me vaginally, and ‘raped’ me anally.

its been a good evening!



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