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Frightened and Hot

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My girlfriend was frightened to have sex in public...and it also brought on her biggest orgasms.


My girlfriend and I got together because we worked together, and we frequently went to projects in the field where we'd stay together for awhile. On the way, we'd usually take two cars, because we'd leave on different days. We'd be really horny to be with each other, and we'd stop on the way and play around, get totally hot, and keep driving. By the time we got to our destination, we were ready to rape each other!

Then, sometimes we couldn't wait, and we'd pull off onto a side road in the country and fuck like crazy, either in the car or on the ground somewhere. One day, we pulled off into a vineyard. We stood about two feet above the plants, with a wide view. She was actually shy, and kept leading me deeper into the field until she felt secure, then we stood and our tongues went wild in each other's mouths and ears. My hand was hotly exploring her breast when she noticed workers in the field. She froze, and told me to stop. She was hot, and they were a long way away, but she froze like a deer.

It made me wild. I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned her pants. She struggled a little to stop me, but gave in. I slipped her jeans down to her knees, and buried my face in her pussy. It smelled very strong already. She protested some more, but I slipped down her panties and began massaging her pussy with my hand. She grabbed me, and neither stopped nor helped, just held me, still frozen.

I wanted badly to make her cum. I maneuvered my face between her thighs, and began licking her pussy. She said, 'oh, stop, please stop,' but it was a feeble cry. Her pussy opened and welcomed my tongue. I became totally lost, my arms grabbing her thighs and ass, lost in the wet smells and curly hair of her pussy and the slippery hardness of her clit. I felt her legs grow stiff and strong, and then her hips began to pull back and thrust forward into my tongue. Her legs opened and pushed down into my face and I heard her stifled moan-she bit the back of her hand-as she slid into uncontrollable lust, an orgasm that lasted, it seemed, forever, huge muscular waves passing through her body, and finally ripples and twitches, and then quiet, soft and slow rocking back and forth.

When we finally made it back to the car, she told me how completely frightened and embarrassed she was. She knew she couldn't be seen, but the idea of being seen in 'public' filled her with a mixture of fear and lust. She said she'd never had such an orgasm before, and I can tell you that the following three days we were together were filled with lust and passion, a raging river that had jumped its banks...

A few weeks later, we were waiting to meet a friend in another town. We were going to stay at her apartment after meeting her at a shopping center, and were parked in her car with a view of the people coming and going to wait for her. We started fooling around a bit, and my hand went between her legs. I felt her stiffen again, like a deer frozen in headlights, and felt this deep surge of lust. In one movement, I pushed my hand between her thighs and pushed aside her panties. She struggled for a moment, then gave up, clutching the wheel and saying 'no, no...not again...' She was wet seconds after my finger parted her labia.

Her head was looking straight ahead, eyes wide, at all the people as they walked toward us coming out of the mall, before turning away to their cars. She pushed her legs apart and thrust her pussy hard against my hand, and in moments hand and pussy were grinding together in a single wet, thrusting, mess. Her hands, knuckles white, gripped the wheel as she began to moan again, her hips thrusting, legs apart, against my palm, while my finger tried desperately not to slide away from her swollen clit. Again she heaved and moaned for what seemed like forever, and then shivered and twitched and whimpered slightly.

Her girlfriend hopped into the car, late as usual, about fifteen minutes later, and immediately smelled sex-and said so! My girlfriend looked at her and said, 'I just had the biggest orgasm of my life!' Excitedly, we told her...and about the afternoon in the vineyard, too. I'm afraid the rest of the afternoon wasn't much fun for our friend...and she soon found herself in 's-exile' from at her own apartment.

Three weeks later, we'd gone out to a show, and stopped by our favorite ice cream place. It happened there was a parking place right in front. The place was a popular hang-out, and was brightly lit with a large window in front. We sat for a while in the car, watching everyone....We noticed a girl we knew that I thought was really sexy, as she came in and moved around the room. My girlfriend admitted she thought she was sexy, too, and said she had a reputation for seducing other girls. We talked about what a great bod she had, and flashing eyes and smile.....we started to play a little bit, and I felt her freeze again. 'I'm getting that feeling again, oh my god, not here! Everyone knows me!' and she gripped my hand and pushed it against her soft crotch.

It took just a moment for us to get her panties down, and when my finger slipped up inside her, she was already dripping wet. She spread her legs as far as they could go in the little car; my finger jiggled in and out of her fast and smoothly, and her hand came down and her finger found her clit and began pressing and making circles around it, but quickly started stroking it faster and faster, while her eyes widened and her eyelids lowered as she fell into a trance, staring at the window, like a frightened deer that can't run and can't stop.

She came again hard and long, still afraid to cry out, but unable to stifle her moans. She began to kiss me, and rub my hard cock through my pants. Her kisses were so hot, and I was so ready to cum, my cock soon got hard, my pelvis rose against her hand, her tongue pushed deep into my mouth, and my cock pumped and pumped inside my pants, filling my crotch with semen...

We relaxed, and in a few minutes went inside. The girl we'd noticed smiled and quickly we ended up at a table with her. We were oozing sex, and she began to glow and flirt and smile, her flashing eyes so sexy and inviting. My girlfriend was entranced, and began to flirt, and I was lost, dreamily watching these two sexy girls as they blushed and smiled and their bodies became soft and gentle and hot, and their hands brushed and legs began to touch under the table.

Suddenly, my girlfriend looked at me and said we needed to go. She winked at the girl and said, 'I'm so horny, I'm going to attack him.' We all talked, like 'great to see you' and stuff, and then the girl leaned over and gave my girlfriend a long, wet kiss, her tongue reaching deep into my girlfriend's warm mouth, suffocating her with her passion. Flustered, my girlfriend stood up and then they kissed again.

Then she grabbed me around the waist, and we went back to her place, peeled off each other's clothes, and made love for the rest of the night. Lying in bed, satisfied and sexy, we talked...and she told me she really wanted to make out with her, but got confused, it was scary for her, because she wanted so badly to have a threesome. Maybe sometime again, we decided, and made love one more time...



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