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Friends Get Together after 13 Years

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This is a true story that happened a few months back


This happened a few months ago when I went to my native place, where I was born and brought up. It is exactly after 13 years I am going there.

Now I am married and have a five year old son and a six year old daughter. We decided to visit this place as it was beautiful and the climate was very pleasant and more over my wife and children had never been here.

To my surprise I met a school mate of mine there and he and his family had also checked into the same hotel. They had also come there to spend their vacation. He is also married and has a daughter five year old. We were more than happy to meet each other and very soon our wife's and children also became good friends. It was almost evening when we landed there, so we had dinner together and decided to visit some places the next day. My wife came up with the idea that we could travel together in a vehicle so that everyone will have good company. Our kids were very happy about this decision. we had dinner together and went to our respective rooms saying good night.

The next day morning as planned we all got ready, had breakfast and left for sight seeing. We went to a beautiful valley where there was a small river and a beautiful garden near by. There weren't many visitors and the water in the river was crystal clear, so we decided to take a bath in the river. The kids were very excited on this idea. My wife said we neither had any other dress nor a swim suit to change. All we had was a towel and nothing else. Then my friend said we could swim with our clothes and then sit in the sun for some time and the clothes would dry.

We all jumped into the river, the kids alone stripped but we all were with our clothes on. Once we were wet, I noticed that my friends wife's white shirt became very transparent and it was as good as she was wearing just a bra. I tried not to stare at her but still could not resist the temptations at times. I should say that she is very beautiful and sexy. Her C cup boobs were very attractive as well. I had an instant erection the moment I saw this. Then I noticed that my friend was staring at my wife as her shirt stuck to her body as she was wet and her curves were visible.

After swimming and throwing water on each other for almost two hours we decided to get to the shore. We all lay down there and our clothes dried partially only. It was pretty cold then and we went back to the hotel.

In the evening Sree and I met again and had a couple of drinks and we were talking about the good times we had as kids and all the naughty things we did etc. It was then a sexy waitress came in and topped my glass of beer. I said Wow she is gorgeous. Then my friend said 'Tom you have a beautiful wife, why are you staring at that waitress?' Then I answered back 'Sree you too have a beautiful wife and still stared at my wife in the river.' We had a good laugh and went to my room. Our families were not there they were at my friends room.

My friend told me 'Tom I saw you had a hard on at the river watching my wife.' I said I was sorry and I tried my best not to look at her but she is so very attractive, her breasts were huge and tempting I just could not resist my temptation. I also told him that he was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. He said it was ok cool and just natural. I asked him what size were her breasts. He said they were 38 D cup but he liked my wife who had smaller boobs. I told him they were 33 C cup. After a minute of silence he said 'Tom you are big what is your size?' I told him that I never measured but must be around seven inches. I asked him how big was he? He said he was small and was just about four inches when fully erect. I was curious and asked him if I could see. He agreed but in turn wanted to see mine, so we both opened our trousers and pulled out our cocks. We just touched each other and very soon both of us had a boner.

I confessed to him that I had to masturbate as I could not have sex with my wife because the children were sleeping with us in the same room. He was also in the same situation. Then I said we would put the kids together in one room and each one of us could have sex in the other room. He agreed and confessed he was very horny too. So we called the other room and asked our wife's to come up leaving the kids there.

They came and we told them about our idea and they both laughed and teased us telling we were very horny. Then I said the reason for us to become horny was them only. Then we had to explain what happened at the river. Again I caught my friend staring at my wife. I announced it in front of everyone and he was feeling bad. We all laughed out. Then I found him just looking down not anywhere else, I said 'Sree you can look at her I don't mind. He lifted his head and said 'Will you mind if I masturbated looking at your wife?' we three were silent and I broke the silence saying 'I don't mind if the others agree'. His wife then said 'I don't mind.'Then my wife said 'If you all don't mind why should I bother go ahead Sree. 'He had a boner and slowly started stroking but still had his trousers on. I was very horny seeing him stroke slowly, I also started touching myself. Then his wife said 'Guys I am totally wet why don't we all strip and do it?' My wife supported her saying 'I am also in the same boat Sue, I am dripping, my panties are soaked.'

Immediately we all stripped, sat around on the bed and pleasured our selves. We touched each other's wives. They touched us also. Sree came first then me, then my wife and at last my friends wife.

This was the best masturbation session I ever had. I treasure some photos that I took that day when we were naughty.



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