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Friend Tied Up

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I tie up a curious friend


"Come on mate, it is just a bit of a laugh that is all. Besides the girlfriend wants me to try it on her and I wanted to know what it felt like, and you have done it before. Don't make me beg mate"

Gavin stood wearing just his boxers as he looked at me after dropping bundles of rope on the floor beside me.
I was regretting telling Dave I had been tied up by a bloke as he had told all our other mates and suddenly it was like I was the bondage expert. That and the fact that Gavin's girlfriend had been reading a certain well known book which had triggered her desire to be tied up.

"I have only been tied up a few times" I replied

"How many?"

"Three times"

"Three times more than me mate, come on geezer"

"OK OK, so what do you want me to do exactly?"

"Just tie me up, blindfold me you know. Just so I can get a feel for what it is like"

I sorted out a length of rope that was about 1 metre in length

"OK, where do you want to do this?"

Gavin looked around

"Well what about if I pull out the sofa bed?"


Gavin lay on his back on the mattress and placed the blindfold on before I used the 1 metre piece of rope to wrap around his wrists three times. Then I threaded each end around a few times between his wrists creating a rope cuff that I finished with a double knot.
I used a separate piece of rope to loop around the wrist cuff and connected that to the head of the wooden frame securing his hands from moving.

I used a similar rope cuff configuration on each ankle to either side of the wooden frame to spread his legs apart and as I looked up his thigh I could see he was getting aroused from the restriction.

There was movement beneath the thin loose fitting cotton as his cock began to expand creating a silhouette against the fabric.

"If you begin to get any numbness or pins and needles in your extremities let me know"

"Feels good at the moment" Gavin replied as I watched the fabric of his boxers pull taught against his now erect penis

"What is the stop word?" Gavin asked

"You what?"

"I thought you are supposed to give me a stop word. That is how it works right?"

"Chocolate" I replied with a smirk

"So unless I say that word you wont stop?"


I wrapped rope around his upper thighs and purposefully brushed my fingers close to the opening of the leg of his boxer shorts and gauged the reaction. His cock throbbed rapidly at the close contact and I smiled to myself as I wondered how far Gavin would go.
Of all my mates Gavin was one I had never masturbated with and my intrigue was building as I continued to slide my fingers up the leg of his boxer shorts without any objection or stop word from him.

I tied off the rope that was around each thigh and asked
"How does that feel?"

"Surprisingly comfortable and restrictive, not sure I could stop you do anything you wanted right now"

I grinned at his comment and felt myself getting aroused by the sense of control I had over him

"Yes anything" I replied letting the palm of my hand travel up his inner thigh until the tips of my fingers slipped just under the leg of his boxer shorts.

I felt his thigh quivering and just before my finger tip touched his cock I withdrew my hand

"I will be right back"

"Where you going?" Gavin asked sounding a little panicked

I returned moments later with a small bowl of olive oil that I had heated up a little.

His cock was still pushing against the restriction of his boxers and I dipped my fingers in the oil before applying it to his inner thigh.
I felt Gavin react to the warmth and his cock pulsated making the fabric tent. My oiled fingers slid up under the leg of his boxers and made contact with the shaft of his firm swollen penis.

I heard Gavin gasp as my fingers travelled up under the fabric brushing along the length of his shaft tenderly. I felt the thick girth throb and could feel the protruding veins that pumped blood into his member.

Gavin groaned as he rotated his hips as much as he could with the rope restricting his movement and I let my palm rest against his erection as he pressed against it.

I dipped the fingers of my other hand in the oil and then gently lowered them against his right nipple until I made contact tenderly. Then I made small little circles with my index finger and watched as his mouth opened wide and felt his cock react to the sensation.

"Oh fuck!" Gavin whimpered arching his back and pulling his wrists against the rope as I continued to circle his nipple, moving between the left and the right and occasionally adding oil to my fingers.

I let the oil sink in to his skin and begin to dry a little before my one hand grasped the shaft of his penis and the thumb and finger of my other hand began to pinch his right nipple. His cock throbbed rapidly as he pushed it into my grip and groaned deeply.

I lowered my head and began to lick and gently bite his left nipple and felt Gavin try and struggle

"Oh fuck no, no, please no!" Gavin whimpered loudly as my grip tightened around his pulsating penis and my teeth clamped down on his nipple pulling it as I pulled away.

I could smell the fresh musky odour of perspiration from his arm pit as my mouth worked his nipple. I felt my own cock throb at the strong masculine scent.

He had not used the stop word and his cock was as stiff as an iron rod so I continued. I alternated between licking and biting on one nipple and caressing and pinching on the other nipple as I felt his cock pushing in and out of my freshly oiled clenching fist.

"Oh fuck please stop!" Gavin cried as he quivered

I released my grip on his cock momentarily only so I could pull his cock free from the open fly of his boxers. I marvelled at the stiffness of his prick as it leaked a steady stream of pre cum and then I clenched it in my tight fist again and watched as he ground his hips in to my vice like grip.

"No please, fuck no!" Gavin repeated again and again like a mantra through laboured gasping breaths

I felt his foreskin pull back and marvelled at the swollen helmet head that glistened and oozed pre cum, like a silken thread that hung down connecting to his stomach.

"No please, you are going to make me cum!" Gavin cried and pleaded

"A gay lad going to make you bust your load is he?" I responded with a vindictive tone to my voice

Gavin whimpered louder, his groans sounding pathetic as he struggled and pulled against the rope restraints all the while his body shaking and quivering.

I watched his body tense and his fists clench. His mouth opened wide as he gasped and his back arched until elevated away from the mattress

"Come on straight boy fucking shoot!"

"No!" he cried one last time before I felt his cock pulsate hard against my grip and a thick stream of spunk sprayed up over his torso. I bit down on his nipple and another load sprayed out hitting me across the cheek.

"Ah, ah, ah hah!" Gavin cried out as I watched the last few drops of spunk dribble out and I released my bite on his nipple

Gavin's body collapsed down as he panted and I could feel a wet patch of pre cum that had built up in my underwear.



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