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Friday Night

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It's Friday night and I'm driving to pick my lover up from the station. The traffic is bad and I fear I'm going to be late. I glance at myself in the rear view mirror. Not bad. I'm looking forward to tonight but I feel semi-paralyzed with nerves.

His train was early and I see him. He's standing next to the newsstand reading a paper. I feel painfully shy suddenly. I hide behind a group of kids larking about and manage to get myself behind him without him seeing me. I put my hands over his eyes. He's not startled. He takes my hands and brings them down to his lips. I move in closer and whisper a hello in his ear. He turns round slowly. My heart is beating wildly. We look at each other; our eyes can't quite meet. It's been a while. We hug and I breath him in. I let go and go to pick up his bag but he gestures no, gently, and picks it up himself.

'Where are we going?'

I explain my car's outside but we have to dash for it or I'll get a ticket.

We don't say too much driving along in my car. Outside, the city is frantic with noise and revellers cranking up for the weekend. Inside, the atmosphere is quiet but thick with a slow burning heat. I'm aware of him taking me in as I drive; little glances at my lap, looking at the necklace round my neck, watching the soft folds of my skirt ride up over my thighs as I work the pedals, observing the way my hand moves gently over the gear stick ('caress the gear stick' my driving instructor used to say) noticing the way my hair falls over my eyes when I turn around to check my blind spot. I can feel him drinking it all in. I smile at him. Driving a car is sexy. And being with him again makes me feel alive.

We arrive at my flat and park outside. It's a dark, narrow street with old gas lamps. I've moved since the last time I saw my lover and I now live above the 'Charles Dickens' pub. The doorway to my flat is on the side of the pub down an alley. We move into the shadows and stand outside my door. I fumble around for my key in my bag. I'm suddenly overcome with nerves again. I put the key into the lock. He is standing inches behind me and I feel his hand suddenly on my left hip and his breath in my ear. All the hairs on the nape of my neck stand up. I pause; he takes his hand away. I turn the key and open the door. He follows me inside. The light in the hallway doesn't work, I say, which means we have to make our way up the spiral staircase with only a thin ribbon of watery moonlight coming through the smeared window. I go first, slowly, up the stairs with him close behind me and just as I get to the curve of the staircase I feel his hand on my leg. I stop and hold onto the rail. His bag drops on the floor falling down a few steps. His hand travels swiftly and softly up my leg, brushing my inner thigh while his other hand is lifting up my skirt. His fingers find my pussy and he strokes me there, gently. My cunt feels like it's on fire at his touch and I want to cry out. I move my legs further apart as he strokes me softly. I am so wet. He suddenly lifts my entire skirt up baring my upper thighs and ass to his face. He lets out a little mmmm at the sight of my thighs above my stockings and the curve of my bottom through the lace of my underwear. His head is level with my ass and he leans in and buries his face between my legs under my skirt holding my hips in his hands. He does something I can't mention and I gasp and fall over forwards holding on to the next step so I'm kneeling doggystyle. He squeezes my hips and his nose pushes into my slit. 'Oh god' I say and he starts to stroke me again whilst kissing my ass and thighs. I feel so horny I think I'm going to faint. I swivel round and lie back on the stairs holding onto the railing and the wall.

'You are so sexy and beautiful I can't help myself' he says kneeling over me. I see his erection straining through this trousers. I prop myself up with one leg against the stair railing and with my hands undo his belt. I run my hand over his bulge and he groans. I start massaging his cock through his trousers and gently squeeze his balls and he moans louder. 'Oh fuck'. I unzip his jeans and reach in pulling out his hard cock. The moonlight catches it glistening slightly; it's smooth, sweet and perfect looking. I want him in my mouth so badly but I can't get to it with the way I'm lying on the stairs so I start to stroke it instead with my hand. There's so much precum that it makes a slipping noise. We're looking at each other now, eye to eye. Deep contact. He suddenly reaches down saying 'Hold onto me' and scoops me up in his arms and carries me over to the wall. I curl myself right round him as he presses against me. His mouth finds mine; I feel delirious. We stay like that for a few minutes kissing, tongues entwined until I say between kisses...

'I really hope Mrs O'Grady doesn't decide it's time to put her milk bottle out...'

'Seriously? Shall I carry you up? How many stairs are there?'

'Four flights. I'm at the top'

'Oh Jesus'

I laugh. 'I'm not that heavy am I?'



'It's good to see you Maddie. It's been too long.' he said, stroking my hair.

'Yes. It has' is all I can manage back.

He carried me up four the flights of stairs, uninterrupted by Mrs O'Grady but ... the story has to stop there with my front door shutting as ... well, it's all about masturbation isn't it ... ? on solo touch....? Thanks for reading! M.A.



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