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Freshman Year College

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uncut roommate.


Justin was my dorm mate freshman year of college. He was Asian-American, very outgoing and not very modest. I on the other hand I was raised by a single mother, was still a virgin, and had barely seen a another human being naked.

After his daily shower, Justin had this routine of coming back in to the room, dropping his towel, and applying lotion all over his body, all the while carrying on a very normal conversation with me. I was bit taken back at first, but after a week or two I got used to seeing him naked. It was during one of these times I noticed he was uncut. I had never seen an uncut dick before. It was new to me and intrigued me to no end.

One night while we were lying in bed shooting the shit and asking questions to each other, I brought up the fact that he was uncut and that I had never seen that before. In a flash Justin was out of bed, turning on the over head light and standing directly by the side of bed, right by my head.

He laughed and told me all of his friends asked the same question and it just seemed easier to show everyone how it works. He said all his friends have seen his dick. He then dropped his briefs and stood there, his semi hard dick inches from my face.

I freaked out, I had just gotten used to seeing another human naked and now I was looking at my first dick up close and personal.

He started talking like he always did, in a matter of fact way, showing me how the foreskin retracts back, how his penis head looks just like mine. He kept pulling his foreskin back and fourth, telling me how he doesn't need lube, and how sensitive his penis head because they left the skin on. Soon it was almost a full boner. He just kept pulling his foreskin back and fourth.

It was then my turn he said. He wanted to see mine. I was in a daze, confused, turned on, panicked, and also realized really really hard.

He threw my bed covers back and waited for me to drop my briefs. I was shaking I was so nervous. It felt like I was out of my body watching this as I my hands went down to my underwear. I lifted up my butt and slid my briefs down my legs. Justin just smiled and said nice, looks like we are the same size.

He then said it was time to take care of these and get some sleep. Next thing I knew the lights were off and Justin was back in his bed.

It was then I realized the sound I was hearing was him jerking off. I heard little gasps and skin sliding against skin. In the glow from the outside lights I could barely make him out, lying naked on his bed jerking his dick.

This whole thing was crazy to me. I was lying naked in the same room with another guy who was jerking off and I was hard as a rock. My right hand wandered down to my dick and I gave my head a little squeeze and started spreading the precum around. I heard Justin's breathing pick up and I knew he was getting close so I decided what the hell and started stroking mine. It was at the time the most erotic thing I had ever done. It was wrong but felt so good, all at the same time. I was soon lost in my world and felt one of the most intense orgasms ever building up. When I came I let out a little moan and shot one of the biggest loads of my life.

By the time I came down the room was quiet. It smelled of musk and cum, but all was quiet. I wondered how much noise I had made. I grabbed my briefs and wiped myself off and rolled over to get some sleep.

The next day Justin was up acting like everything was normal. From then on late night masturbation became the norm, that is until he showed me what docking was.



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