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Ohhhh! Free at last! Free from living in a place that views sex, and females for that matter as something taboo! LOTS of time to make up!


Since solo wanking in bed at night is all I've had for fucking months, I needed to get out and DO something! Do something anywhere I felt like WITH anyone I felt like! So far, I haven't get laid yet, but I have had some fun. 

Just walking out of the hotel in just a bikini made me wet! Seeing people check me out made me wetter still! So, Manly Beach! A lovely long sandy beach just outside Sydney. I've rented a flat there, since I want to put down roots here and hotels are not to my liking really. 

Black bikini, as small as I could get away with, and more importantly, as thin a material as I could find. I plonked my towel down on the beach, and started to apply the essential sun cream. Even so, you can't spend a huge amount of time exposed. 

Naturally, I checked out others. Nice hunky looking guy over there.....fuck...he's with a girl....ohh....nice guy there! Nice bulge too! As I was looking around, I noticed a girl checking me out. She was on her own, but every time I looked away, even partially, she was looking at me. I decided to slip my hand into my bikini top and make it look sexual. That got her! Her mouth actually opened. Interested, then. 

"Mind if I sit next to you?" She said, having walked over to me, "too many guys here being pains in the ass" fuck, I'd forgotten how sexy an Ozzy accent is. Her name I learned, was Karen and she works for a local food company" it's as boring as fuck" but it pays ok." Then she asked me what I do, and for about 20 minutes I got the usual "ohh wow! It must be wonderful to be a pilot....." chat. 

Then came the moment I thought would come when she asked me to apply suncream to her back. Nice firm muscles, and no objection when I slid my oily fingertips perhaps a little too far around her sides and felt the muscular flesh begin the softer breast. 

I didn't try to go further. 

Then the talk....girls are great at getting down and dirty fairly quickly. boyfriend? No. Periods? Yuck...pain in the ass....yadda  yadda yadda. Then she asked me what I did about my sexual needs. Of course I told her masturbate....a lot. I also told her that people aren't really that observant and that rubbing one out on a beach like this is easy. I left that thought hanging for a second before she said  " prove it!" So I sat up, reached under my hips, slipped a finger into my bikini and diddled my clit. 

"See? No one could possibly see what I'm doing. Right now, I'm on my clit, and I'm really wet......I just punched a finger tip from my left hand in my hole to help. I like stretching myself a little when I do it like this........ohh....I'm close.....I'm gonna do it in my bikini......ohhh fuuuuuuuuuuck." And as she watched me, I came hard into my bikini bottoms, 

Her eyes were like saucers, and she said "holy fuck that was horny! I'd do that, but when I cum......it's.....er....messy." I asked if that meant she squirted, but she said "mostly, but sometimes I piss too.....just can't seem to help it." I realised I hadn't asked her if she was gay, straight, or bi? She said "hmm. I think I'm bi. I haven't, you know, done anything yet, but I get turned on thinking about it. I mean, watching you has made me ever so randy." So I said, "well look. You're on a beach, who cares if you squirt or even pee? What's a wet bathing costume on a beach? 

Then she asked if she could do it facing me. (No problem there!) she sat opposite me, her legs outside of mine and her crotch almost between my feet. She hooked her hands under her thighs and slipped one finger from each hand into her crotch. As her fingers moved, so did the gusset of her bikini, and I saw a light covering of hair and one pussy lip appear. Me? I was wetting up again at the sight of it, especially when I saw a finger sink deep inside her. 

She smiled at me.....almost in a singing voice she said "I'm gonna cu-um." And I saw a flood of wetness! It stained her bikini bottom, and ran down the outside! Oh fuck! I so wanted to lap that up! 

After she'd finished, she stayed where she was. To all intents and purposes it just looked like two girls, sitting upright, facing each other and talking, 

I couldn't resist any longer. I didn't even ask, I just reached forward and hooked a finger under her bikini briefs, and pushed deep inside her. Fuck, she was wet though! Really wet. She blushed..."it's been a while......" I slid another finger in her and began to finger fuck her. "Listen" she said, and for a moment I thought she was going to stop me "even though I've just cum, if I cum again, I'm likely to squirt again. It might (deep breath) it might be pee" My response was to curl my fingers forward to her g spot which made her moan. Looking right into her eyes I said "you can squirt onto my hand. You can piss onto my hand. I'll still lick it off aftwerwards."

Oh, I can't explain how glorious it was to finger another girl after so long. I enjoyed every movement of my fingers inside her, and every contraction of her cunt as she came.....and squirted.....into my palm. Ok, I had cheated. I had moved the gusset right to one side so I could see her cunt as well. I left my fingers in her, responding to each post orgasmic twitch with a movement of my fingers until they died away altogether. Then, I pulled my fingers out, raised them to my face and slowly licked them. Again, those wide, saucer-like eyes!

Taste.? Mostly girl cum, but definitely pee as well. Yummy! 

She reached a hand forward slightly and said "er....can I....?" I just shuffled my bum closer to her and she returned the favour by giving me a sweet little (and it was only little) cum of my own. She also licked her fingers. "First time I've tasted another girl."

Well, it had to be, didn't it? One invitation later, and we were back at my flat. That first time for a girl is a delicate moment. Whether she is going to have a cock or another cunt, it needs gentleness and the right to stop. I just asked her what she wanted. At first, she asked to be fingered again, but I suspected there was more. "Ok. What I'd really like is to be sucked off....but I'm scared I'll pee." So many girls are frightened of this. So, I'll say it again. 



To make your lover lose control is a fucking huge compliment. I don't know of a single bi or lesbian girl who objects to it. 

So, I gently stripped her and lay her on my bed. It was clear that at one point she had shaved her cunt, so now she had a light covering of re growing pubes. Very sexy. I licked around her lips before focusing on her clit and gently introducing two fingers again. This time though, I used one finger from my left hand to press against her arse. Her orgasm, when it came was immense. Yes, she squirted, and yes, it tasted amazing. 

When she went down on me, she was actually shaking with nerves. She licked around my cunt and then, to my delight, she licked lower still. Pausing for a moment she said "I don't know why, but I want to lick your asshole." Well, as if I'm going to say no! 

I felt her tongue around the soft puckered flesh and then I felt it stiffen and poke inside. Meanwhile her fingers were in me, and she returned her attention to my cunt, by now, I felt it building deep in my gut. I warned her that I may well squirt too....and when I came, I made sure I did. 

We spent the rest of the day in my flat doing unspeakable things to each other. Karen LOVED her bum being fingered, and it turns out that she also likes water sports. Apparently, her boyfriend (ex) used to pee on her clit which would make her cum. 

When she left, I felt better than I have for months. My whole bedroom smelled of sex, and so did I! I deliberately put off showering as late as possible, because I wanted her scent on me.....ok.....I wanted to rub a few more out with her scent as well. 

Next stop? Well......if I'm being really honest....I want a threesome. Two men and me...  .and if I'm being really REALLY honest, I want one in my cunt and one in my arse at the same time. 

Meanwhile, I want to Skype with Claire and tell her what's been happening! Who knows, maybe it will make her masturbate online! Hehehehe. Evil bitch or what? 



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