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Fraternity House Circle Jerk

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Fraternity House Circle Jerk by Dodd (Doddman2@yahoo.com)A number of the graphic design studios I took as an undergraduate were high stress classes that required a lot of work outside formal class times. It was common for students to be in studio late at night working on projects, especially as deadlines approached. We’d blast music, make fast-food runs, and curse the whooping and hollering students as they passed beneath our third floor windows on their way to the bars. (It wasn’t the noise they made that bothered us. We were just jealous of their free time.)Adam (not his real name) and I were in the same studio several semesters in a row and had gotten to be pretty good buds. We didn’t hang in the same social circles, but we often sat next to each other in classes and teamed up on group projects. That kind of thing.I’d quickly learned that Adam was a real horn-dog and conversation with him often turned to the topic of sex. He was surprisingly open about how he and his roommate watched porn all the time and usually circle jerked while doing it. We’d be driving down the road on the way to pick up some art supplies and he’d see a hottie walking down the street and stop mid-sentence to grab his crotch and say something like, “Dude! Check it out! I’m gonna have to rub one out!”I beat it as much as the next guy, but I’d never been that open about it and, early on, Adam’s talk would always catch me off guard; even make me a little uncomfortable. But as I got to know him better I soon got used to it and would often shit talk with him the same way. It wasn’t too long before I found the whole sex talk kinda kinky. Adam and I were both over-achievers and would often be in studio even when the rest of the class threw in the towel. It wasn’t unusual for us both to be there around mid-night designing and redesigning, fine tuning, et cetera. Of course, that much work and we had to blow off a little steam now and then. If it were just the two of us, we’d typically do this by jumping on the net and calling up porn sites. Sometimes, we’d make up stupid games like, “find the grossest porn image you can within 5 minutes!” The five minutes would turn into ten minutes, but we’d laugh our asses off at the images we’d find and get back to work. One night, though, we were totally burned out . . . our creative juices just weren’t flowing. We were slouched at our terminals next to each other and, without saying anything, Adam minimized his graphics software and jumped online. “Dodd, dude, check this out.” I looked at a site he had pulled up. It was all about shaved “barely legal” pussy. He was such a dog for shaved snatch. He’d always ask aloud whether I thought some chick was smooth or not. As he clicked through the images, I was getting majorly turned on. “Dude. Cut it out, “ I said, “ you’re giving me a chubby.” “Don’t worry,” he replied, “no one else is here. ‘Sides, I’m pitching a tent myself. I can’t remember the last time I blew my wad.” “Uh . . . I think that was yesterday?” I replied. He had just told me yesterday how he’d taken a little bathroom beat-off break after his pre-calc class.“Oh yeah.” He grinned slyly. “So I’m about due again.”“What are you gonna do? Just whip it out and start chokin’ it? Right here in studio?”His eyes left the screen and he looked over and gave me a big evil grin. He leaned back in his chair, un-buttoned and un-zipped his cargo shorts, spreading them at the fly and revealing the major tent that he was, indeed, pitching. Then he quickly pushed the elastic band of his boxer briefs down and hooked them under his heavy nut-sack.“Jesus . .. you’re insatiable.” I said. I tried to act non-chalant, but I felt me heart beating fast. I was unable to tear my eyes off his cock. He spread his muscular hairy legs and fondled his balls with his left had while he clicked through a couple more images using the mouse with his right. Apparently he found another hot image. “Dude! Check this one out . . . she is freakin’ HOT!” He scooched his chair over a smidge making room for me to move mine closer. I moved my chair over closer to him and felt my heart pounding and face reddening. I was hyper aware of his hard naked cock pointing up just inches away. I looked at the image. She was, indeed, HOT. I felt me cock jump a little. Satisfied with this image, Adam released the mouse and leaned back and gave his cock a couple of light strokes with his right hand, his elbow brushing against my arm as is moved up and down. “C’mon, dude” he urged softly, “whip it out. Let’s rub one out. Otherwise I’m not going to be able to concentrate all night.”My own cock was pointed down painfully in my shorts. “Okay” I managed to mumble. At this point, don’t think I could have NOT done it anyway. I unbuttoned my shorts and slowly unzipped them.“That’s it.” Adam said. He eyes had left the screen and were now focused on my crotch. I spread my legs and our bare knees touched, but Adam didn’t pull away. If anything, I felt his leg push back – reaffirming the contact. I felt the hairs on my legs tingle as they brushed against his. It was electric.My cock sprung out from the fly in my boxers. The air on it felt cool and unusual, making it even harder. I reached down and pulled it completely out of my fly and brought my balls out with it, exposing the dense nest of hair at the base of my shaft.“Sweet,” Adam mumbled and turned his attention back to the screen. He began to jack his dick slowly with this right hand and continued to fondle his nuts with his. I slowly followed suit.“Wish I had some lube” I said – kinda jokingly - and let out an awkward giggle.“Here” Adam said and, before I could do anything, spit in his hand, reached over and grabbed my cock . . . slathering his slick saliva up and down. I just about jumped out of my chair and cried out in surprise.“Feels good, don’t it?” He asked me, grinning evilly again.“Uh huh.” I had to agree. Shit. It felt like heaven!“Now you do me,” he ordered. I spit in my own palm and reached over to grab Adam’s dick. It felt hot, hard and smooth all at the same time; like warm velvet steel. I slicked it up and down. Adam bucked each time my fist slipped past the big mushroom head of his dick.“That’s it. Shit that feels good! The only thing better would be if your hand belonged to this chick!” He said, indicating the hottie on the screen.“Keep going dude. Don’t stop. Go on. Get me off. That’s it,” Adam urged softly, continuously and urgently. I stopped once to spit on my hand some more, but soon Adam’s own juices were flowing, his pre-cum making his dick even slicker than before. He’s stopped pumping my cock but held it firmly in his fist – squeezing every now and then in response to his own pleasure. I leaned over to him more and draped my left arm over his shoulder so I could get a better grip. He leaned his head back into my own shoulder his eyes now closed. His soft moaning directions continued ,”That’s it, just like that. Keep going. Fuck yeah. Get me off.”I increased the speed of my stroking. Adam released my cock and used his newly freed hand to reach up under his t-shirt and start pinching his nipples. It turned me on to see that. “So I’m not the only one who likes their tits played with.” I thought to myself.“Here it comes dude. I’m gonna blow.” Adam’s head began to roll back and forth on my shoulder. I could feel his hot breath against the side of my neck. I grasped more firmly . . . my arm was starting to cramp but I kept going. His cock was now a bright, angry red. If possible, it felt like it got even a little harder. Adam began to hold his breath and let it out in short intense bursts, like a weight-lifter getting ready to squat record weight. I could feel his body tense up and then, with a soft moan and a smooth exhale I felt hot liquid run over my fist and dribble down on my arms. Bursts of pearly white cum shot out the tip of his dick and dotted the hairs on his stomach, his pubes, and my arm. Adam’s body shook a few times involuntarily and he grabbed my right had to prevent me stroking any more. “Jeeeesus. Whew! That felt good.” He exclaimed, opening his eyes like waking up from a dream. “I needed that!” He started to mop up his spew with a tissue that he must have had in his pocket. He sat up a little, still breathing heavily. “Thanks, bro! That was awesome. You give a good hand-job. Now let’s see if I can’t return the favor.”I’ll have to share what happened next with you later.



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