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former employee

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I was the manager of a medical facility and she was half my age. I stuck to my propriety and HR rules for quite a while...as long as I could. She worked for me for two years and I do not remember when I began to think of her sexually. She has that tight college girl body, her ass smooth and round in her scrub pants. Breasts that tighten the front of her shirt and have that full round bulge to the sides...she is lovely. We flirted a little and made jokes but never anything serious, I figured that to her I was an "old guy" and the boss. That all changed with a suddenness that is still a bit unreal. One day she was helping me do inventory in a warehouse attached to the main facility. Pallets stacked high with boxes of supplies had to be counted and tagged. We worked and made small talk until at one point I had to squeeze past her and her ass brushed across the front of my pants. I thought nothing of it, but did start to get hard and tried to ignore it. A few minutes later, that row counted, I went back down the aisle. As I squeezed past her she slowly pushed back, pinning me against a stack of boxes and ground her ass against my cock for a few seconds when she laughed and said "oh excuse me" and gave me that twinkle over the shoulder look of innosense. I could not believe she was so bold, and could not resist kissing her. She turned around, and our bodies met like we had done it a hundred times before...her kiss was sweet, hot, wet and open, damn how sexy! My hands found her ass and pulled her against me, she made a long mmmmmmm sound and pressed herself against my now very hard cock. Wearing scrubs there is so little resistance as I raised her top and got a first look at those lovely breasts...full,soft and round, with tiny hard nipples peaking the smoothness of her sheer bra. I ran my thumbs over her nipples and she sucked in a quick breath. In no time she had her hand down my scrubs kneading and stroking my cock, "very nice" she whispered and moved her hand faster. When I moved to the front of her pants she stopped my hand and said "no, I have rules and today I want to do you, boss". What could I say? She took a half step back and slid my elastic waist pants to my knees and took my cock in both hands. She began to stroke me with firm longs strokes that felt so good. I continued to play with those gorgeous tits and she stopped to rub slippery precum around the head of my cock, again humming "mmmmmm so nice". She began to stroke faster and twist around the head and I knew I could not last long. She said "cum for me nick" and that was all it took, mmmmm I began to shoot streams of cum onto the concrete floor, cumming so hard I thought I was going to fall down. WOW I said and she gigled and said "yea, wow". We had to stop for that day, cleaned up the mess and went back to work. But that proved to be the icebreaker for many more fantastic times together.



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