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Formative Sexual Experiences

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my sexual development from childhood to early adulthood


I've been reading Solo for a while now, and masturbate regularly to stories on the site. I am particularly aroused by the female-female contributions, and have surprised myself by how much the male-male stories also turn me on . I am straight, and in a relationship with a woman, but I do fantasize about sexual experiences with men, and wonder what it would be like to masturbate another man to orgasm, taking him into my mouth, gently sucking on his penis and feeling him cum in my mouth.
Reading others' contributions about sexual development has also proved arousing, and I felt it was time to set some of my own experiences down - for my own benefit as much as anyone else's. In fact, even thinking about this piece has made me hard, and I'm finding it difficult keeping my hands off my cock long enough in order to type!
My first sexual memories are as a small child, playing 'doctors and nurses' with childhood friends, both girls and boys. Between the ages of 5 and 7, we would expose our sexual organs to each other, the way all small children do, sometimes touching and licking. I remember being particularly fascinated with the younger sister of a friend of mine, and becoming erect as we would examine her vagina. With another friend, we quickly realised it was pleasurable to suck each other's penises, and we would disappear behind a shed at the bottom of the garden in order to indulge in this. I specifically remember one occasion in his bedroom, taking it in turns to place our penises in each other's ass - it was fun, but there was no question of orgasms at this stage.
My realisation of that soon followed, though: when I was 8, I shared a bedroom with my cousin, who introduced me to porn magazines. This was an incredible experience, and my first exposure to the full beauty of the female body, and sexual vocabulary like 'cunt' and 'clit'. Reading the stories and looking at the pictures made my small penis very hard, and I remember stroking myself on one occasion and achieving an intensely pleasurable, hitherto unknown sensation. It would be a while before I began to masturbate regularly, but my growing awareness of sexual pleasure had begun.
Between these early experiences and puberty I would occasionally stroke my penis, and would also indulge in 'games' with a certain friend. When we stayed the night at each other's houses, we would sometimes strip naked and get into bed with each other, kissing on the mouth and taking it in turns to lie on top of each other, essentially dry-humping and becoming erect in the process. The last of these 'games' I can remember is when we were about 11, when we climbed into bed together and began to french kiss deeply, rubbing each other's penises. I think we had both, independently, realised the illicit pleasure of these encounters, and stopped before things went too far.
Over the coming years, I began to masturbate more regularly, discovering the joys of self-pleasure as a means of relief and relaxation. My first sexual experiences with girls also occurred in these early teen years, at home and on holiday. I remember going round to one girlfriend's house when I was about 14, lying down on her bed with her, and kissing deeply, hands fumbling with each other's clothing until I was sucking on her pert breasts, and our fingers were exploring each other's groins. Here young vagina felt incredible, and I remember her moaning and her pussy becoming wet as I inexpertly fingered her. There were several similar encounters with other girls, although it was not until the age of 16 that I discovered the joys of the shared orgasm.
This was with my first sexual partner, with whom I shared a fairy-tale romance. We were both virgins when we met, and were able to explore the world of sex together, in complete comfort. We were together for two years, and in that time did practically everything we then thought possible. I remember particularly enjoying sex outdoors, 69s and mutual masturbation. My girlfriend would strip naked, lie back on my bed and begin to play with herself, putting on a show for me while I watched from a nearby chair. She would begin with her breasts, cupping them in her hands, squeezing her nipples, while she arched her back, head thrown back, eyes closed, moaning gently. She would then slide her hands further and further down her stomach towards her unshaven pussy, while I began to strip, taking my hard cock in my hand and jerking slowly as I watched her slide a hand down between her legs. Before long she would be rubbing her clit firmly, increasing in speed as she slipped a finger or two between her the wet lips of her pussy. Depending on my self-control, I would remain in the chair for a while, watching her and masturbating, until I could bear it no longer and would join her on the bed, where we would fuck passionately. It felt amazing to watch her, both of us enjoying our arousal separately, and then to join her in bed, sliding my cock deep into her where her fingers had just been. Masturbation played a big part in our relationship, and we sometimes experimented with inserted a small battle into her pussy. She enjoyed the cold, hard sensation of the glass, and would rub her clit while I slid it in and out of her, moaning with pleasure until she orgasmed for me.
This was a fantastic way to begin my adult sex life, and I realise that not everyone is lucky enough to share these intimate experiences with such a special partner at such a young age. We were together for two years, and since then my sex life, both alone and with my various girlfriends over the years, has only improved. I look forward to continuing the story in further posts, with descriptions of other sex games with different partners, and my current masturbation techniques and experiences.
In the meantime, my current girlfriend and I would love to hear from anyone, male or female, who related to or was aroused by my account. We are both 22 and have recently discovered the internet as an exciting, exhilarating sex aid, and love role playing with other couples or singles over the net. I am keen to pursue my male fantasies in this way, and I know she can't wait to watch.
Happy masturbation!



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