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Football Games

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Friendly competition for football is pleasurable.


Today I saw a young girl in the mall. She had a bare midriff, and tight pants. I'm sure she thought she was hot, but honestly, does anyone think fat hanging over pant tops is attractive? Don't girls look in the mirror? YUCK! Anyway, it reminded me of a VERY sexy chick I met and whose bare midriff did look good!

I was recently divorced (22) from a girl I should never have married in the first place. But the whole process left me kinda bummed anyway, so I was a little depressed. I met TJ who was just out of high school (18 years old) and had just moved from her home in Colorado. She sold advertising for a newspaper (i.e. phone bank kind of a job). Anyway, she was petite, very slender, small tits, did not need (or did she wear) a bra. Very outgoing, and glad to be away from home and on her own.

We visited at work, went to lunch together, and discovered we both liked to run. After work, we'd meet at a park and would run four or five miles together. She wore great outfits to run in. Her midriff was bare, flat and she looked GREAT! No fat hanging over her tight-waisted jogging pants. (So you fat chicks, get a clue. Exercise!)

She was young, and sooooo hot. Almost at once, she took pity on me for being recently divorced, and broke. After I paid off the attorney, I had zilch! The ex got the house (and payments) and I let her keep all the furniture. The first thing I got for my apartment was a water bed, the second was a TV. I also got a nice comfy rug so I could lie on the living room floor and watch football.

It turned out that TJ, being from Colorado, had developed a keen interest in NFL football. YES! We started dating and since she had more furniture than I did, we usually wound up at her place. We'd make out, and she would let me play with her nice firm tits, and eventually she let me explore her pussy and get her to orgasm. She absolutely loved to make me come, and she was always so intense watching me shoot. Usually she was able to get me to come twice in an evening, but it wore me out. She, on the other hand (ha ha both my hands) liked to orgasm multiple times.

One thing she was keen about was shaving. She shaved her legs and pussy several times a week. She was sooo smooth, and very nice to touch and explore. I had never shaved my cock and balls before, but before long, she had me smooth also. It's one thing that she got me hooked on. To this day I prefer to be smooth and like my current girlfriend to be smooth also. TJ also liked shaving me, and that was a major turn-on!

One Monday I mentioned to her I was going home to order a pizza and watch football. We were 'early' in our relationship, and she'd really never spent much time at my place, but she showed up just before kickoff. All I had was a comfy rug, some pillows, and the TV. We just laid down together and began to watch the game. About a minute into the game, TJ said, 'I'll bet you Denver wins.' I teased her that they'd not even get the first touchdown, and she said: 'What will you give me if they do?' Being playful, I said: 'An orgasm.' She said: 'Deal, and if Kansas gets the first score, you get the orgasm.'

As we watched, we felt each other up and got all hot, waiting to see who would 'score.' Kansas scored, and she began to undo my pants to make good on our bet. She gently, but firmly, stroked me to orgasm, and probably enjoyed it as much as I did. We cleaned up, and she stripped, saying it wasn't fair for me to be naked all by myself. We continued to watch the game and ate some pizza. She said that if Denver scored next, it would be her turn. And Denver did.

By then I was hard again, but she surprised me. She told me to lie completly still. Still facing the TV and watching the game, she sat on my stomach and began to masturbate. It was quite a feeling when she came, it was something else. After she came, she just bent forward, and then crawled off me (still hard). My team scored again, and she took her time to get me to cum (this was the second time and I was pretty drained from the first time) and it took a while. After that, I brought her off several more times, but told her I was done! (I was completly drained-and sore!)

That became our Monday night date-football, and masturbating each other. I have to say my love for football was sure intense that season. We never missed a Monday night game. TJ was a football fan's delight. She never wanted me to have regular sex (yet) saying she didn't want to get pregnant. But sitting on me was kind of risky anyway, so later she did go on the pill and then our sex lives really heated up. But that's another story for another day.

I can say that TJ was sure fun to watch football with, to go jogging with, and to bathe with after we got all sweaty (with either activity)....



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