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Flashing the Maid

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I travel a lot for business, and it never fails that I get incredibly horny while staying in a hotel by myself. I have on a very few occasions actually met a lady and taken her back to my room for some steamy fun. (I'll never forget meeting 'C' in Jacksonville, Fla.!) But even though I am quite fit and good looking, I usually end up taking care of business myself, usually after watching some porn on the pay TV.
One fantasy that I have often had is 'performing' for one of the hotel maids. On one recent trip I was able to live out that fantasy - at least partially. I had a day off and had slept in late. Laying in bed, I heard the maid knock on the door next to mine and call out 'housekeeping.' As I always sleep in the nude, my favorite fantasy quickly came to mind.
I quickly got up and turned on the TV to the pay movie channel. After selecting a movie with some hot group sex action, I turned the sound all the way off so the maid would think the room was empty. Next, I got the lotion from the bathroom and poured a generous amount into my hand. Then, I got back into bed. The bed was around a corner from the entry way to the room, so she would not be able to see that I was still in the bed until she entered the room far enough to see around that corner. From that vantage point she would be able to see both the sex action on the TV and me naked on the bed. I decided to get under the covers so that my legs would not be visible. That way she would not realize I was in the bed until the first thing she saw was my naked member. As I lay there thinking about her walking in and seeing my naked hard cock, and then seeing the girl on TV fucking one guy and sucking another, it didn't take me long to grow to my full 6.5 inches. I lay there stroking my slippery cock for what seemed like forever waiting for my trap to be set.
Finally, I heard the knock on the door and the familiar call of 'housekeeping.' I lay there silent. I started to get cold feet, and quickly decided that I would feign sleep instead of trying to make her catch me in the act. I heard her open the door, so I closed my eyes and left my right hand right next to my hard cock. I couldn't see her face with my eyes closed, but she must have walked in far enough to see my hard-on and stopped dead in her tracks. She made no sound for what seemed like a minute. I decided to risk a little bit more and moved my hand over my engorged member. Rather than blatantly stroking away, I started to rub the head of my cock with an open hand. I rubbed only a few times and then moaned softly, at which point I decided to open my eyes. What a mistake! All I could see was her back as she turned to leave and said 'Sorry, I thought the room was empty' and hurried out the door. Damn! I knew there was no way I could get her to come back and watch me cum now. But I was still incredibly turned on by the thought of her staring at my hard, slippery cock, and then watching me rub it with my lotion covered hand, if only for a few seconds. So I started stroking faster and came in less than a minute, shooting three jets of hot cum all the way up to my neck. I moaned louder than usual, hoping that she would hear me and know how much she turned me on.
I decided to clean off quickly and walk down the hall to get a drink from the vending machine. I was hoping to see whether she would say anything or perhaps let me know that she saw me stroking my hard cock. She was in a room a couple doors down, and I couldn't see her. So I got my drink and started to wander back to my room when she emerged from the room she was in to get something from the cart in the hall. I smiled at her and said 'I'm through in here now, and I'll be leaving in a few minutes if you want to clean my room.' She was a bit overweight, but younger than me and not bad looking. Her eyes got wide as silver dollars and she turned beet red as she stood there and watched me enter my room. I thought about trying to set my trap again, but she kept working her way down the hall and must have come back to my room much later. I hope she didn't mind disposing of the cum stained tissues that I left on the counter for her.



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