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'Flasher in a Bar'

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This happened to me two nights ago when a night out and a few drinks after work in Central London provide alot more entertainment than planned.


Entering the pub we realised that seats were few and far between, the pub was heaving with the after work crowd, mostly young people out for an after work drink and seeing a table near the door, my mate and I made way to the table, grabbed a couple of remaining chairs as my mate went to the bar and ordered us some beer. I was sat with my back to the wall facing the bar at a 45% angle as my mate brought the beers and sat opposite me.

We had been sat sriking for about an hour when the door just to my right opened and two girls walked in. Both were good looking, half my age about maybe 23 or 24 years old, blonds and looking around for a seat realised that the only place to sit was on two high stools at the bar. I didnít pay much attention as they walked to the bar and grabbed the stools until the one facing me took off her coat. As she did so I was confronted by a pair of the longest, most perfectly shaped pair of legs I have seen in a while and as she took off her coat and revealed an extremely short, tight black dress that reached as far as the top of her thighs and the fact she was stunning, she instantly caught my attention. As she turned to pull back her stool she saw me looking, held my eye for a fleeting second as if to acknowledge the fact I was watching and then in a very slow calculated way put one high shoe on the cross bar of the stool and hauled herself onto the stool in such a manner that at the angle I was sat and the fact that the stool was so high I was rewarded with a fleeting glimpse of tiny light blue knickers

She smiled at her friend, leant forward laughing and then glancing at me it was clear that she knew I had seen right up her shirt as she momentarily held my gaze. Realising I wasnít paying the slightest bit of attention, my mate looked around to see what I was so distracted with just as she crossed her legs exposing the full length of her legs and thighs. My mate is actually gay but even her seemed to enjoy the view before turning round and telling me I had no chance, except in my dreams. ĎToo rightí I replied before resuming out conversation. Minutes passed and then I just had the feeling of being stared at and looked up to find she was looking at me. Im under no illusion, I maybe over 6ft tall, fit, muscular and in shape but Im 53 years old and Im not delusional enough to believe that a girl half my age would seriously be interested in me, especially in a pub of twenty and thirty year old fit guys. However, looking straight at me she then crossed her legs the other way but did it in such a way that I clearly saw up her skirt and there was no mistake this time, her knickers were pulled so tight or so small that her pussy lips wrapped themselves around her lips in such a way she looked like she wasnít wearing any! I couldnít believe it and still telling myself I was dreaming she then waited a couple of minutes, waited until I looked over and recrossed her legs the other way only this time even slower. I felt my cock rise and looking around I wanted to see if I was alone in watching this. I then realised that because her friend was sitting in front of her, there were people standing to her side and the fact I was sat lower and at a 455 angle to her stool that in fact I was almost definitely the only one would be able to see this. This made my cock harden fully and after some minutes I watched her again and feeling decidedly uncomfortable with a raging erection and tight jeans I put my hand under the table and pulled my cock aside to make myself more comfortable.

As I did so I looked up and she was now staring at my cotch and realsing that she must equally be able to see me I waited until she looked up again and then stroked my cock through my jeans. There was no doubt, she definitely could see this as in response she crossed her legs again and then started to slowly run her hand up and down her thigh. To any one casually watching she didnít look like she was doing anything other than absently stroking her thigh but as she did so she held my gaze even longer as I then gripped my cock clearly showing her my erection and slowly ran my hand along my length several times as she stared at my cock before turning back and talking to her friend. I was not desperate and could feel my breathing deepen and found it increasingly difficult to talk to my mate who kept glasncing round and complaining I was listening. Thankfully it was at this point her decided he wanted to make a call and left to go outside. As soon as he laft she then placed one of her hands between her thighs and I was sure I saw her thigh muscles contract as if she was squeezing her thighs together. By now I actually felt really hot and realised just how much effect she was having on me as I felt a wetness in my jeans and realised that I was probably leaking precum. For some mintues our game continued and then she ramped up the fun as she parted her thigh and I could clearly see her pussy lips. I looked around quickly but no one else seemed to hasve noticed or even cared and looking back she parted her thighs about six inches before placing her hands together, palms  pressed tight as if in prayer and slid them between her thighs before clamping her thighs tight around her hands. Fuck this was hot. Then she seemed to bring her hands backwards and lean forwards at the same time as if to lean into her friend and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind her hands were now pressed firmly against her pussy lips. I felt my cock throb and stroking it as discreetly as I could under the table I felt my cock pulse and was left in doubt that a large drop of precum had just soaked into my boxers.

I looked up again and she was now kind of rocking forward, her movement undoubtedly making her hands slide slowly along her pussy as she did so and watched as her lips parted, her cheeks blushed and glancing my way she looked at my groin and seemed to bite her lip. By now I was desperate, wanted to take out my cock and show her but with the bar so busy all I could do was sit and be tormented. I may have been sat not more than ten yards from her but even in the light of the bar I could see her cheeks redden before she suddenly spoke to her friend and started to climb from the stool. Without looking at me she straightened her dress and walked in my direction before looking me hard in the eyes, turning left and walking away from me towards the ladies.

With that my mate came back, asked if I was alright and having a quick drink I tried to recover my composure as he sat typing out a text or something on his phone. Several minutes later she came back, a small glance to make sure I was watching and then she clambered up on to her stool and looking straight up her skirt there was no more sight of light blue, just her enflamed lips and a small faint strip of pubic hair as she paused just long enough to make sure I registered she had removed her knickers. I donít normally feel like Im going to ejaculate prematurely but this made my cock throb so much I gripped it under the table and felt that the wet patch in my boxers had grown and was certain that I must be leaking even more precum than normal. Glancing over at me, she looked back at her friend, seemed to ask for her coat and then draped it over her lap. For a second I was really disappointed, thinking the fun had ended but then using her coat as cover she opened her thighs wider than before. To anyone else this would have hidden her thighs let alone anything else but not from me. I looked at my mate but he was so preoccupied he didnít even notice me trying to get his attention as I was now confronted with a totally unobscured view right up her thighs. I sat breathing heavily as I could clearly see her soft downy stripe of pubic hair and her beautiful pussy lips as she made it look like she was fumbling around and straightening her dress and jacket. In reality she was using her coat to shield her hand which she slid deliciously along her pussy lips, her finger poised over her pussy. I couldnít contain myself, held my hard cock through my jeans and pulled it hard so that it stood proud, clearly visible to anyone looking.  For a second I thought she was going to finger herself as she nearly entered her wetness, all the while looking at me before she removed her hand, spoke to her friend and without even glancing at me got up, straightened her dress, put on her coat, said something to her friend before they started walking in my direction to the door.

Right up until she was half way through the door did she finally pause momentarily, glance at me and give me the faintest smile before walking out of the door.  I was totally gobsmacked, my cock was literally aching. I looked at my mate but it was all lost on him as he sat looking at his phone, clearly not even noticing what was going on. Several drinks later we left, crossed the road to the hotel and as soon as I got to my room I stripped of and stroked my cock reliving every moment. However, the drink had taken its toll and after a long day I had a fitful nights sleep and then feeling somewhat refreshed I got up in the morning, took some shower gel and proceeded to stroke myself off until I shot my load about six feet across the floor!!





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